2000-01-02-Levels of Relationships

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Topic: Levels of Relationships

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I welcome you with heartfelt gratitude and joy. This time of looking forward and of looking backwards is healthy and very good for all humanity. Welcome this time of reflection into your lives even as you look forward with joyous anticipation of the new century.


Tonight our lesson will consider relationships and their many levels. As you develop friendships and understanding among each other, consider that your angels and your inner spirits are also relating together and communicating one to the other. There are times, and many of you have experienced this, when you feel compelled to relate an experience or an observation. Often times this is at the urging of the Thought Controllers or adjusters of both you and your companion. Yes, children, you have spoken the word of God. Did not the Master tell you, "Do not worry about saying the right thing at a critical time for your indwelling spirit will give you the words and you will act as a window into eternal wisdom". Do not underestimate this power and do not ignore it.

In this society, it is considered foolish to speak deeply, to speak of deep meaningful things to strangers. It is thought that you must speak of superficial pleasantries only so that you are limited to a very small number of people over your lifetime with whom you will feel comfortable enough to speak of the deeper meanings of life. This is folly. Trust yourselves to speak your deepest thoughts to those you barely know. As you do this, you will feel that increasing connection with your Thought Controller who will guide your speech and will give to each person that which is needed.

Go forth my children in love. Allow love to bathe your hearts so that you have perfect , composure with all people. If you love your brothers and sisters, then you fear no one, are intimidated by no one for there is only love in your heart. Even as Jesus was being humiliated, tortured, kicked and spat upon, he felt only love for these fearful children and he was not afraid. He was not afraid nor was he intimidated while being judged and sentenced to death. In his love, he told truth and sometimes there truths were hard, but, he was never intimidated to the point of not telling these truths.

When there is love in your heart for you brethren, you are not anxious nor are you worried for you know that you abide in truth and in love. You rejoice in carrying out what would be called righteousness. It gives you joy to do the right thing, to be honest, generous, hopeful, trusting, and unselfish.

When one abides with virtue, then there is no fear. It is only when one knows in one's heart that you are doing wrong, then there is fear. Remember, it is folly to allow fear to enter when it should not be there. And when you cling to righteousness and virtue, then you shall fear no one or nothing. Cast fear out of your hearts as you would cast away yesterday's garbage. Clean it away and keep the spaces open for love and for joy in doing good.

Ask yourselves, what does the Father ask of you? He asks for your love, he asks that you draw near to him, and he asks that you uphold goodness, truth, and beauty in your lives. There is not greater duty than this. Many of you allow the little anxieties of living to supercede the greater duties of life. But I say to you, uphold the great duties, uphold your duty to God and you will naturally carry out your duties to your fellows.

Remember my children, you are all the sons and daughters of the all-powerful and all- tender and loving Universal Father who loves each one of you with the strength of infinity. You have no greater upholder. Do not fear that you will trip and stub your toe or skin your knee in this life. Of course you will. But does not the wise Father allow his children the freedom to do these things? And is he not there to comfort you and to love you through all your mistakes, all your trials, all you follies?

Forgive yourselves, realize that you are just learning. Do not fear making a mistake and relish the freedom you have to do so. Forgive each other. As you develop you relationships with others, there will be much opportunity to develop tolerance and forgiveness. Look upon your friend as the Father looks upon him. Remember that he or she is also a child just learning and allow your greater self to override the impulses and quick reactions of your lower self so that you begin to manifest wisdom with those who are most important to you, your close earthly associates. Remember that the Father's love is bountiful, it is full and free and infinite and eternal and there is nothing standing between you and this love, nothing at all. This concludes our lesson.

There are many here this evening, so I may keep my answers somewhat brief. Questions?


Q: I am honored to be here with you tonight and thank you for the wonderful message. Is there a message for me and Alex here in our paths to enlightenment?

Ham: Certainly, my dear. You are asking for a joint message, but I would prefer to give you individual response.

Daughter, you have come through many a winding road to reach this evening. Rejoice in this for all experience is well and good. Do not feel any particular regrets or waste any time pining for what you should have or could have done. Instead, give thanks for all you have at this moment in time and know that all your previous experience has brought you to this place in time. Gather together the blessing you have and use these as you go forward into the new year with confidence and assurance. For the Father loves you and his angels sing in rejoicing over all that you are and will become.

Son, likewise you have followed a long and winding path and likewise do you feel that some things have passed by that you would wish to have back. But, remember, all of life is a training ground for greater things. All that you have experienced has given you what you need to go into tomorrow. Remember also to live each day as a whole not carrying too much of the past or planning too much for the future for all plans go astray and what you need for today is very light. Be at peace, for all is well.

Q: Ham do you have a personal message for me tonight please?

Ham: Certainly son. Your blessings are multiplying. You must know how to count them and how to appreciate each and every one. Remember what we have discussed. Live in love, radiate love, and you will draw to you that which you need. Do not worry if certain plans you make go by the wayside for the Father is preparing a way for you that you cannot prepare for yourself. Be at peace my son, for you do well.

Ham: Amalain, you are doing well my dear. You are experiencing life more fully and completely than ever before. You are even beginning to love yourself and find peace within. You have been very diligent and very hard working and heeding all of my lessons and all of my words to you. Say to yourself in the mirror this week, "You're wonderful and I love everything about you. There is nothing I do not love for all is lovable". Continue to open your heart to God and let him help you work through these exercises. You are doing very, very well.

Q: The last couple years have been pretty fast in my life and they are starting to slow down for me inside and a lot of questions that just . ... Am I doing it right, it's kind of scary?

Ham: My son, yes, you are doing it right. Do not worry so much about the little decisions that come about but focus instead on the big decisions. Make a decision to dedicate your life to God's love. This seems like a simple thing, but it is not. When the little decisions plague you, come back to that one and re-decide every day the big decisions then the little ones come into a new perspective. Also, do not fear failure for all of life is a series of triumphs and failures. They go together and are part of what it means to really live. You must have both. No success is gained without first finding failure. Be at ease, therefore, and do not fear for you do well.

Q: Ham, I want to say thank you for all the wisdom you have me in 1999 as you know it helped me very much. I am very excited about this year and do you have anything to help me start it out?

Ham: Of course, my dear. Remember that you can harness your enthusiasm and temper your zeal by remembering to find your balance. There will be highs and lows to every action. When you have a good balance within, you learn to expect these things and you can ride with them without feeling too much stress. You tend to be very good at not showing your stress, but never the less it is there and it is difficult to deal with. If you possibly can, take time out often, just a few moments to center, to pray, to ground yourself in the spirit and this will be very helpful. Have the courage to rest when you need to and be very sensitive to your body and how you are feeling inside. Remember that you don't have to take care of everybody and remember to take care of yourself Yes, this year holds much joy and success for you and you do very well my dear. Spiritually, you are growing very, very much, quickly.

Q: I'd like to thank you for the past year and beyond for the lessons, wisdom, and inspiration. I too wondered if you had any words for me in the new year and beyond.

Ham: Certainly, my son. Yes, I see many things coming together at one time and you must be prepared to handle the decisions and the work that will be required of you in this coming year. Balance, balance, balance. You must know that you are easily put off your center and so stillness is very important for you. Make a habit of coming back to this center every day stilling your mind and opening your heart to receive the Father's love. Remember that in his love lies your strength. Resist the temptation to lean upon your own understanding and turn always to him in times of joy as well as times of uncertainty. When you are truly balanced, you can view success and failure as equals.

Q: Ham do you have a message for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly my daughter. You are experiencing some inner cleansing, some periods of pain and also of increased sensitivity that are good for you. Do not fear your feelings. Embrace them and allow yourself to feel deeply without restraint. You have a lot of "should's" in your inner make up which come out making your feel pressured and inadequate. When you start feeling this way, release it. Let it go. Tell yourself it's ok and that you are loved just the way you are in this moment right now whether or not your list of "should's" has been completed or not. Allow that list to come into perspective and as we have spoken, focus on the big things, the big decisions, the greatest love and don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the little things.

Q: Ham, I'd also like to say thank you for all the insight you have given into how to get more about who I am as a person. If you have anything for me tonight, I would appreciate it.

Ham: Certainly. You have come far, my son, in self-awareness and also in self- forgiveness. This self-forgiveness must continue. Keep opening your heart and forgiving yourself. It is easier said than done, of course, but say it and it will help in the doing. When you look in the mirror, say "I forgive you, I love you, and you are wonderful just the way you are, now, and you always have been". And then repeat, "I forgive you". This is a cleansing exercise and is helpful in opening the heart to receiving greater awareness of God's presence. Go in peace my son for you do well.

Q: Ham, I too would like to thank you for another year of guidance in my life and would appreciate any thing you have for me tonight.

Ham: Certainly, my son. This is a time of peace and you do well as you search and find your inner sanctuary of peace. Likewise are you making some progress in loving and forgiving yourself, but there is still work to be done in these areas. Practice the mirror exercise as we have discussed. Open the doors of your heart and open them wide. The Father's love is waiting to enter and this love is a healing and transforming love. You are doing well my son, go in peace.

Q: I would appreciate any feedback you have for me tonight please.

Ham: Of course. Son, you do very well. You must remember to take time for the stillness and time for prayer. Pray for your friends and associates and your already good relations will improve. You are growing in love and are experiencing love's drawing power. You are growing in balance and in self-awareness. Know that you do very well and there is nothing you need to worry about. You have made much progress in casting out worry, but it still comes back now and then. Keep casting it out.

Q: Ham do you have a message for Esmirleda?

Ham: My dear you do well. You are growing in your understanding of others and in your ability to love. Keep open that door to love. Allow this love to heal your heart.

Q: Elena?

Q: Daughter, you are doing well and are finding new areas within yourself as you open your heart increasingly to the love of the Father. Remember the stillness. Be at peace, for you do well.

Q: For Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you are making progress and are beginning to be able to forgive yourself sooner in relation to blaming yourself. Soon you will find that you can release the need of blame to begin with. But for now, keep focusing on forgiveness and you do well.

Q: Jared?

Ham: Yes, son, you are also doing well. You are finding that love has no limits and are finding the joy in allowing your higher self to restrain and control you lower nature. Joy and happiness are increasingly found in the spaces between action, thought, or impulse. Rest in these spaces and do not drive yourself so hard.

Q: Charlie?

Ham: My son, this year holds many opportunities for joy and peace and tender love to be experienced. Rejoice in the love of your family, rejoice in the blessings that the Father showers upon you. Be at peace at the beginning of this new year. And most of all, remember to love yourself, to nurture yourself, rather than always driving and chastising yourself.


If that is all the questions, I will bid you all a wonderful week of peace and happiness. My prayers are with you until next week. Farewell.