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Topic: Scribbles 156

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Prayer: Dear Michael, open my heart, soul and mind, and help me to walk in the way of truth, beauty, and goodness. Help me to let go of resentments and uproot anything that holds me back from my highest good, and all that stands between You and me. I need your help to unblock my reception channels. Thank You.


Dear child, it is through a daily walk with the Master that a greater consciousness shall arise in you. Again, focus on intent of thought, for it is the energy that sweeps everything before it.

It is where your attention is at any time: Focus on negativity and it shall increase in power. Focus on positive thoughts, and those shall increase in power.

Where your attention is, there you are, and there you grow. This is the power of choice.

See the wisdom of this, and increase your ability to rise above negative thoughts, so you can become truly strong in your resolve to grow, to be of service, and to fulfill your divine destiny.

Do not give in to chewing over past hurts. It is truly divine to forgive the thoughtlessness of others. There is never a need to get even, for all are learning their personal lessons.

Remember the Christ, Who came to set all spiritual captives free. A spirit-led life is a glorious life, and the only life worth living.

Consider this.