2000-02-23-Scribbles From Lytske


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Scribbles 188

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Prayer: Thank you Michael, for the message that I shall some day be in communion with my God within, to feel Her incredible joy, which will spill over as from a bottomless well in the most glorious rainbow spray to feed my soul, mind and body. This is so awesome, I can hardly wait. What blessings I receive in this life! Your message is so clear that it fills me with joyous anticipation. Thank you!

Dear precious one, there you have it, a true inclination of your willingness to spend time with your God-Spark within.

What a confirmation to help lighten the burdens of others. To become a way-shower after the manner of our beloved Michael!

How gracious it is, when he speaks to a listening soul!

Truly, the ascension scheme in creation is working. Connections are being made in the human mind, to the benefit of the totality of the personality.

How infinite is the Creator’s love towards his evolving creatures.

Joy in this thought. Praise God forever.