2000-04-02-The Michael Bestowal

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Topic: The Michael Bestowal

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Andronason

TR: Bill K.



Andronason (Bill/Isaac): I am Andronason. Greetings to you all. We are pleased to see your perception of truth embracing all facets of the community of believers and the humanity of all peoples on this planet. Indeed is the Fifth Epochal Revelation given to all peoples and not confined to one religion. The goal for this planet will be the knowledge of God, which will sweep across all cultures, all languages, all barriers in the commonality of siblinghood and family bonds. This is inevitable and will mark the aspect of the culmination of planetary evolution.

Whenever people pray with wider boundaries of the limits of their own creeds, faiths, churches and even hearts, there is enhancement of the essential connectedness of all will-creatures. You are aware that the commonwealth of intelligence embraces many orders of beings other than mortal and in fact sweeps across the wide stretches of the vast universe of universes from the very highest source to the lowest evolutionary worlds. This is the cosmic family to which you all belong. I, as a Melchizedek, a local universe Son, find great joy in promulgating these truths, that even though I have never shared planetary existence I am still your brother, and together we are all children of one infinitely great and wonderful, loving, intelligent Source of all that is.


Jesus, Attainment

Tonight we desire to embrace a wider truth in the presentation of Michael's bestowal on Urantia because his bestowal was not limited to this sphere, but embraced his entire universe. In his oft-repeated prayers for unity he expressed this essential and important truth that I have alluded to--that we are all one cosmic family derived from the supreme parenthood of Paradise Deity. When you gather together each week to enjoy each other's company and exercise camaraderie, you also embrace not only each other here in this room, but a vast universe of brothers and sisters, of fellow will-creatures. One of the benefits that you obtain from this meeting is to enhance your awareness of the diversity and reality of that which your eyes cannot see, you ears cannot hear nor can you touch with your hands, and yet your hearts make contact with us celestials, we who are not in visible form.

Michael was very much aware of the presence of the spiritual realm. It was his source of strength. It was his ever-true compass. It was his great comfort, for among his brothers and sisters he did not have a peer with whom he could share his difficult decisions. Consequently he was in need of comfort, guidance and strength from the spiritual realm. His habit of frequent prayer and communion with his Father forever stands as that ideal for all men and women, even though they are not Paradise Creator Sons, for his life was lived in a dual role as the Son of Man and as the Son of God. He perfected his humanity by the complete reliance by his human mind on his Divine Adjuster. He made all his decisions from his human mind and although he was and is a Paradise Son he did not use those prerogatives to achieve his human perfection.

Consequently he stands for all of you mortals as an attainable ideal; i.e. his faith and his life are not out of reach of attainment. He desires that each of you be so unified in spirit with him and with your common Father/Mother that you also will attain to that ideal alignment of will-purpose with God so that you also can become perfect in your realm even as God is perfect in his realm.

Please understand that I am not expecting you to all attain the level of perfection that our Savior, Jesus, attained, but I am trying to tell you that it is not impossible or out of reach that you should reach this kind of unity with your indwelling Adjuster. On planets long advanced in light and life many, in fact over half of the population, are able to achieve this goal. My words have seemed like a very high level of challenge to some of you. I only ask that you give them serious consideration. We, on our side, desire to foster light and life, and, as you know, it is possible on an individual level. It is possible on a group level. We desire to see many flames surging upwards from many parts of the globe, the flames of spiritual passion and spiritual embrace. And as these fires burn in different places gradually the borders of those fires will enlarge and the coming together of these many lights, these many fires of spiritual passion, will embrace more and more people. Gradually this planet will move forward toward light and life.

To conclude my comments I wish to simply say that you need to be thinking about and occupied with higher things rather than lower things. While your culture relies upon sensationalism for its attention-getting purposes you need to be looking at a different kind of sensation—the sensation of powerful love which is being manifested more and more throughout the world. While so much attention is focused on the negative and the animalistic nature of cultures, occupy your minds with the higher thoughts, e.g. the evidence of altruism, of spiritual service and of love which crosses cultural boundaries, religions, languages, races and nations. These things are happening, and if you put your attention to them you will enhance the process of their awareness to others. I thank you for you serious attention to my words, and I now step aside. One moment please.

Daniel (Bill): Greetings, my friend, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your companion, and your admirer. It is always my pleasure to be present with you as you make your weekly meetings, as you come together as students in this Melchizedek classroom. It is also my pleasure to see you at work and at play, to be with you during the week, and sometimes to be able to whisper in your ears and catch your attention.

Time goes on, that great gift from God that enhances the evolutionary process and which allows the mercy-lag of justice. The time of year is fast approaching when Christianity celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ Michael; a time when many people find renewed strength. It is true that your habit of spiritual growth on the path you have chosen is very efficacious for you, very efficient, and it is understandable that some of your scaffolding from the past is less than desirable as you now live your lives from a more real and substantial level. At the same time remember that what you now remember as scaffolding was at one time your living truth and your heart's desire. As you remember where you have come from remember also and realize that many others have not reached your current placement and are truly gaining strength and value from the "lower level", as you now see it. Never look down upon others who are just beginning their spiritual walk up the mountain of truth. (I do not say this to fault you for it is not a problem that any of you have). It is simply an attitude of inappropriate competition that persists on this planet. Better that your attitude should be that you desire to help those a little behind you to climb up higher and to see the greater view that spreads out before you eyes.

I desire now to terminate the formality of this evening so that you may join in with your comments, questions, perhaps, and so forth. The floor is now yours.


Virginia: Teachers, this week I introduced Gandhi as the next hero from Asia. I have been trying to move around our planet in the classroom. I printed out 16 pages—(you probably know all this), of his beautiful quotes, and it was just as if I was reading from the teacher lessons or from the Urantia book. And I couldn't but be reminded of the sentence in the book that says there is someone now on your planet that has a very mature Thought Adjuster. I don't even remember the exact words, but he (Gandhi) just seems like an incredibly spiritual, inclusive person having lived such a long life that was very visible on this planet. And the effect he must have had to try to bring unity between the religions and the races, etc. I guess I am just asking for a comment.

Andronason (Bill): This is Andronason. Indeed was Gandhi an exceptional man who actually emulated our Master in his process of attunement with God. Consequently he transcended the barriers of culture and religion in his insights and in his God-consciousness. I am not permitted to comment on the statement in the Urantia Book as to whether Gandhi might have been that individual because that is not the point. The point is that other people in addition to Jesus have been able to follow the path that he followed in his humanity and achieve this kind of spiritual growth and insight. There have been many individuals who have not reached the prominence of one such as a Gandhi who have also emulated and followed closely in the path that Michael gave—the living way, the living truth, the living life. This is all that I will say at this time. Virginia, I hope that this is satisfactory.

Virginia: Of course. Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): Other comments?


Nancy (PamElla): Yes, please, I have actually a question, and it has to do with something I have been thinking about over the last two weeks. And that has to do with understanding and wondering about how understanding of others relates to understandings of ourselves, and wondering if one is prior to the other, or it they are concurrent, or if one or the other leads at different times.

Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel. My dear PamElla, you are one with an analytical mind and I love that aspect of you; and I enjoy your questions. Actually the answer lies in the fact that no understanding of another person is complete, for you are not that other person. However, the more that you understand your commonalties with another then the more accurate is your understanding of that other person. Therefore, the starting point is self-understanding.

The big lack on this planet at the present time is that aspect of the self, which we have been addressing for these many years, that humanity comprises both an animal nature and a divine nature. I have stressed for years the importance of understanding one's divine nature so that it can be the ascendant of the two natures in an individual's experience. As you understand the mind of your Adjuster, your divine nature, you therefor become more God-conscious, and as you become more God-conscious you become more self-forgiving, self-accepting and truly motivated by the highest of ideals and values. When you gradually ascend to this greater and greater understanding of yourself, with greater and greater acceptance and truer motivation, as you in your divine nature over-shadow your animal nature, this makes it more possible for you to understand others because you can let go of the tendency to be judgmental while retaining discernment. You can truly begin to love those who you regard as enemies or who regard you as an enemy. You can also understand how limited people are who view their range of choices only from the animal side of human existence and do not know of the spiritual aspects which are possible were they to connect with God-within. In a sense, even though the source is self-understanding as one recognizes their dual nature, yet, in experience, other people can become teachers to you, and you will gain new understand of yourself as you see it reflected in others. So there is this mutuality as well. Does this help you?

Nancy: That was an absolutely beautiful answer. Thank you. Yes, it does. And I wanted to make one comment, and that is (and this is probably one I should save for the TR for after.) but tonight I am seeing very clearly the personality of Andronason coming through and the personality of you, Daniel, come through, and it is really cool because I have missed experiencing you as you since Debbie's been gone. I am feeling you as you more discernible and I really like that. I know that has a lot to do with the experience that the TR is developing; and so what I am liking is to hear you Daniel, to experience you. But I am sure that the TR is pleased to hear that too.

Daniel (Bill/Isaac): Isaac is very happy to hear this, however he also recognizes me, Daniel, in a more intimate sense that he used to. Now we are becoming very close—as I was with Deborah, who by the way, sends her love and is rejoicing.

Thank you for your comforting words, PamElla, and know that I resist the temptation to terminate my career here with this group, (not that I have bee offered a higher-functioning one), but I am so in love with you all that for now this is a most blessed experience for me! Your world of the cross has an effect upon all of us teachers, especially those from more advanced planets. We truly yearn for your enlightenment, your progress, your triumph over the struggles that are so severe and difficult on a planet once in default and rebellion.

My friends this TR is desiring to complete our experience, but I will permit one more comment or question from someone else, if there is such a question. (None came forth.)

Very well. It is our custom these days to join in prayer to conclude our meeting. Let us all stand and join hands. I would request another TR, if they are willing to do this.

Daniel (Virginia): This is still Daniel.


Christ Michael, we come to you with grateful hearts and encouraged souls that the growth on this planet is one that pleases both you and the Paradise Father. We would ask that wherever there is truth being heard on this sphere each human being would respond so that truly the era of Light and Life will come. We would ask that the concept of unity, even diversity, might grow, and as you so stated so many years ago that one does not have to believe the same to be a child of God. May that message that you stated so long ago be heard and be lived so that we all may see your truth spread. For we do ask it in the hope that you give to each of us as we respond to your Indwelling Spirit. Amen.