2000-07-03-Put Childish Things Away


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Topic: Put Childish Things Away

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am here. Greetings, my friends. It is always wonderful for me to participate in this group. I feel at ease to be myself. I believe you each have my best interests at heart. I realize you each make me more than I am.


As a mortal I wanted those life victories that would bring me glory or favor in Father's eyes. I felt that my fellows interest in me would signify my importance in the world. If I could not earn their praise through good works, I would use power or fear to attain it. I longed for those mortal rewards. I did at one time believe they brought me happiness or a sort of self-acceptance--that I was valued and truly belonged.

Under the guidance of my mentor and friend, Melchizedek, I learned that I was already favored in God's eyes, equally--along with everyone else. I learned His unconditional love was a living energy which fulfilled my craving for social attention. I then realized attaining self-glory was empty and on the side mere animal tendencies. To extort this attention from my fellows through the use of power or fear was simply childish and verging into the arena of self-love and/or evil.

As a child I had the things of a child. As an adult I put childish things away. What brings us to adulthood? of course, experience--moving, growing, evolving experience. Some consider their experience in mortal living up to this point to be half a gift that has made them who they are today, and half dysfunctional wounds of experience that they must learn to rise above. I am grateful for each half because it brings me maturity, and that is knowledge and comfort that enables me to see how Father has taken me by the hand and helped me to understand why He does what He does.

I did at one time believe that I could only receive love and respect through power and force. Through my childhood experiences I was led to believe the world and God found me unworthy, and therefore I had to put extreme effort into everything I did. My focus was misaligned and my energy was misspent. Although I am glad for the lesson of correction, I am much more glad to be where I am now.

Father had helped me to put away childish things through experience. It was all valuable, as you will see. I learned from Machiventa that the one God knew me in depth and loved me anyway. He was not waiting to correct my every mistake. He was waiting for me to listen to His direction. He was teaching me that I am a valued citizen in this universal scheme and all things are working for me, not against.

You would be amazed at the unseen forces that aid you in your journey. The spiritual keys of the Kingdom are not hidden for you to feel tortured into finding. The keys are out in plain view, and with experience and maturity, they become more apparent. This maturity brings rest for the mind, re-focusing in spiritual goals, redirecting of energy towards attaining those adult findings in the Kingdom.

Since you set out on your spiritual quest, what childish things have you put away? What experiences have brought you to those higher levels of spiritual maturity, and do you not agree that now that you know what you know, is there a lot less fear and much more faith in our Supreme Caretakers? In spiritual maturity we can rest in the fact that our place at the table is secured and allow those lessons that bring us understanding of spiritual realities.


Contemplate your attitude towards the universe. Are you finding yourself with the belief that it is working for your spiritual success, or just bringing you one burden after the next to find your breaking point? That is all. I leave you with my love, friends. Until next week, shalom.