2000-10-13-Ghost Fear

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Topic: Ghost Fear

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Alkon, Daniel, Andronason

TR: Bill K.



Opening Prayer: Alkon(Bill Kelly): Let fears subside, my friends; let peace gain ascendance in your hearts, your minds and your bodies, for we worship a God of Love, not a god of fear. I am Alkon, let us pray. O great Source of everything that exists, we draw near to You and we experience You within us as a living spring of water, bubbling up to everlasting life, as transcendent joy, as serene safety/security amidst all the turmoil and change of universe existence. Be with these, my brothers and sisters, and with us teachers as we together fellowship one with the other. May our mutual contact bring us spiritual growth and enhancement, for we ask this in the name of him who has walked on this world and lived the life of faith, overcoming all doubt, all fear, and all evil. Even so, glory be to you, Christ Michael. Amen.

Daniel(Bill): Greetings, I am Daniel, your friend, your teacher, your guide and your companion.

Ken: Greetings, Daniel.


Daniel: My dearly beloved children, how my heart is warmed with the combined feelings of affection and brotherly pride that you have so seriously striven to get on that surfboard to master the great wave. Tonight you have reached into the depths of fear. You have emptied it out and found that it has limits, that it is not bottomless and eternally terrifying. Also you have found, once again, that you all are akin to each other, for while the content of your fears may vary, the experience is known to you all.

Your world is still very much in the grasp of the legacy of the rebellion, but the first step to ridding yourselves of this legacy is to stare it down. As long as you run away from that which you fear, you will be forever intimidated by it. But with your hand firmly in the hand of Michael you can look at that fear and it will, upon examination, melt down, shrivel up, and eventually dissipate. You will emerge from that experience the victor. You will be the conqueror. I will address this issue of ghost fear, for this is the root of this whole concern.

Your textbook has an entire paper devoted to the origin of this terrifying belief which literally held this planet in thralldom before the coming of the Planetary Prince. Life was lived with the constant fear of the disapproval of the unseen but imaginary ghost world. For further information about this I suggest that you take your textbook and read this paper in its entirety. With the coming of each epochal revelation there was progress on a planet wide basis for the movement and evolution of respect and love for God emerging from primitive fear and awe. Unfortunately, the first and second epochal revelations were thwarted by rebellion and default so that the third epochal revelation of Machiventa was undertaken to stop this spread of deterioration and turn the tide of the consequences of the rebellion. Machiventa's mission was very successful for it laid the groundwork for the understanding of God which evolved in Judaism to the point where Christ Michael could enter a culture and further uplift their understanding.

As you have once again been informed this evening, since Pentecost all rebel midwayers have been interned, the Spirit of Truth was shed abroad on every mind and all the Thought Adjusters are here in legions to indwell each person of normal mind upon their moral decision birthday. Yet still there persists in certain cultures and religions a virulent belief in the presence of evil spirits and malevolent ghosts. Because this fear is still present, it continues to torment many people, at times yourselves included.

We have announced that this world is free of all personal evil beings other than that which resides among mortals. We are testimony by our presence, by the loving nature of our touch, that the truth that we speak cannot be confounded. We have urged you all to seek within yourselves the presence of God which effort always results in peace and tranquility.

There are fearful thoughts which are in the collective consciousness of this planet and these are not themselves entities which can, as a midwayer might have done in the past, strongly influence a person. Nevertheless negative thinking has a certain degree of power. This is why we urge you to pray for each other and for other situations, for your prayers directly counteract, diffuse, and destroy the negativity in the collective consciousness. Our mission has this as one of its primary goals, to erase this fundamental fear from Urantia. I call it "ghost fear" because it has the same flavor, the belief that somehow you do not have possession of your own free will, but that some other outside influence can take it away from you. This is totally in error, my friends. [Editor's note: As I was transcribing this I was reminded of a sentence from the Apostle Paul's second letter to Timothy which says: "God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, of love, and of a sound mind". II Timothy 1:7 KJV].

Isaac thinks of mental illness and I shall reply to him. It is true that there are seasons of psychosis which occur in some people's lives which are not due to their choice. But this does not touch the soul. This illness is strictly in the mind and it is of no consequence for the purpose of choosing one's eternal destiny. It is a blatant and blasphemous falsehood that the "devil" could take away a soul, as though he had that kind of power. Never were any of the midwayers or Caligastia, Daligastia, able to touch the soul of any person. Now that they are not here, that is totally a moot concern. You are safe in the love of God; and we are here to tell you this as plainly as we can. No, Isaac, as you have stated, we are not liars or fools; we are loving brothers and sisters.

Now because some of you have had such frightening experiences it will take a replay of the experience of love, an immersing again in the peace of God, a conscious effort to grasp the hand of God, a deliberate effort to relax one's physical mechanism during stillness practice when one feels that loving presence most strongly, to desensitize and erase this fear legacy. I do say to all of you that you can master your fears, whether they be of this severe ghost fear type, or some other equally frightening concept. You do not have to live the rest of your lives captured by this fear experience. I want to thank my colleagues, your personal teachers who have been a part of your experience here in these meetings of late, and particularly Loretta for her bravery in putting forth this difficult but extremely important agenda dealing with doubt and fear.

Yes, you are light bearers, my friends. You are messengers of joy and hope to a world that trembles in fear and despairs of salvation. We are moving forward into the cusp, the edge of a spiritual transformation which shall transform this world beyond recognition! You are part of that vanguard.

Well, I am being advised to curtail any further comments so that you may have opportunity for comments or perhaps questions. Again, we have a large retinue of celestial personalities here. The floor is now open.


Pat: Daniel, I need to speak tonight. I have been emotional all evening. I need to say thank you to Loretta for her lessons. I took them very personally as we had talked in our share time. I would like to thank you and the rest of the team for being there for me last week. I felt your love and your overwhelming support in wanting to help me. If only I would have responded! Which I know is an opportunity missed. However, I learned many things this week from all of you in ways I didn't expect. I learned of your love, of your determination and commitment to me, even though I was not being cooperative. I do appreciate your working with me the last couple of weeks, all of you, that I have been able to become aware of the fear I have and that I have allowed it to control me and my life. Also that I have the courage to manage that now and put the fear in its proper place. I know that I will have to work on this. At least I feel you have helped me get on the right track. So my sincere appreciation to Loretta, to you, and the rest of the team. I thank you.

Daniel: My dear, I speak for the rest of the team as well as myself when I say to you a wonderful congratulations on your courage and your honesty. You can only do what you can do at any given time. Any opportunity missed will always be given another chance to manifest. Fortunately, in the ascension career there is no such thing as a missed opportunity that has any fatal effects, you see. For that which is not taken in a given moment can be received later at another time. So, do not chide yourself that you did not have the desire or courage, or whatever you would think of it, to share this experience last week, because it has been serendipitously arranged that your sharing tonight of your free will choice is at the right time and place. Do you understand what I am saying here?

Pat: Yes.

Daniel: Yes, my dear, and it is our greatest pleasure to assist all of you, whatever your struggles may be, whether they be with fear, with doubt, with anger, with guilt, with resentment, with unforgiving revengeful feelings. There are a multitude of spirit poisons and we are here to help you withdraw from all of these poisons and progressively become more and more healthy and more and more morontial in your lives. As Loretta pointed out last week, because of your group unity and your bottom line sharing with each other, we have now implemented a plan where we will share ourselves with you all, freely. This does not mean your personal teachers will desert you, no, but now you have access, for example, to Loretta, if you should desire to work on doubt and fear. Are there other comments or questions at this time?

Then I would say one more thing regarding George Bernard and his coming to this group. Indeed, is George under orders, for he has voluntarily taken this upon himself. He is a most true and faithful partner with our cousins, the midwayers of Urantia. He has himself, first of all, to share with you and you have yourselves to share with him. This is your most important sharing, this personal level. He has skills to share with you and you have skills and information to share with him. You are brothers and sisters. Do not be afraid of that which you do not yet understand, but rather, thrill to the possibility of the dimensions which this can add to your lives.

I will share a conversation that was had between Isaac and Alkon with their permission. Alkon was telling Isaac that he and his colleagues would almost desire that you could see us, that we could dispense with any uncertainty about our reality. But, you see, this has not yet been mandated by Michael, although we are moving in that direction. I have finished my comments. Are there any other issues or questions at this time?

Virginia: Daniel, I think of what one of our friends in the Wednesday night group asked about why do some people see and that has not been her experience. She is not here to ask that question yet we have named even tonight those people who have seen lighted silhouettes, lighted figures of the teachers. So I am wondering if it is this kind of sight that we are going to be developing? Are we going in that direction so that our faith will make us bolder? However, that's not faith, is it? (Laughing) That's knowing! Anyway, would you comment on that, Daniel?

Daniel: The direction that you are going is toward the morontial realities. Morontial means a blend of material and spiritual, as in a weaving of cloth where the threads in one direction are spiritual and in the other direction are material. Your soul is a morontial reality. Your soul will survive death while your body and your mind will not. Your soul contains your morontial mind which will then be housed in a new body on the mansion worlds. While we are living in the mortal realm your morontia soul, your true self, is growing. When you have a morontial body you will have the ability to see way beyond the mortal realms. However, there are characteristics of mortals in Light and Life, the ability to see morontial forms and some spirit forms such as angels. These are mortals living in an advanced spiritual age. Therefor, the vision of the morontial realm is a possibility during mortal life.

I would say that seeing morontial forms and spirit forms is not as important as seeing that life is not confined to the mortal realm but is of an eternal nature if one chooses to ascend to Paradise. Perhaps this vision is but the first inkling that breaks through your mortal consciousness that indicates that the material world, as you see it now, is but the beginning. This is the importance, that you grasp the reality of eternal life and that this life is a consciously growing experience of increasing union with your indwelling God Fragment until fusion shall unite you forever. Does that answer your question, my dear?

Virginia: Yes, Daniel. It does. I realize the spiritual reality is what we must be looking for and working for. I thank you.

Daniel: The most important thing that you need to devote your efforts toward is transforming yourself from a largely animalistic person into a morontial person. This is what you will do on the mansion worlds to the degree that you have not completed this work in the mortal life. Therefor there are two reasons why it is beneficial to do this work. Number one, it improves the quality of your mortal life immensely. Number two, it shortens the time period in which you have to experience remediation and completion of personality unification. Are there any further questions?

Gwen: Hi Daniel.

Daniel: Hello, Gwen.Gwen: When we started off this evening sharing the discussion of fear I really couldn't relate to the level of fear that has been haunting some of the people in this room. However, when you started the lesson tonight I guess I had an internal lesson of my own going on at the same time. I was writing in my planner. I realized that someone was trying to show me that I do, indeed, have much fear as well; and that fear is a great, great fear of losing myself in relationships with other people. It's overwhelming. I've gotten a message that the only way to overcome this fear is to be with myself in quiet time and spend time with the teachers and know with this awareness of my fear, this alone, is a great step forward. I guess I may not be asking a question, but just making a statement. I guess I am pretty happy that this has come to me this evening because it is something that I have struggled with and putting a name on it like "fear", which it is, gives me something that I now have to conquer. So I thank you all for sharing your fears and for the lesson on fear. I hope to go back and listen to this transcript and the transcript prior to this and maybe I can also get something from it, even though when I first heard the topic I thought I could not relate to it. So, thank you.

Daniel: My dear Gwen, thank you for your willingness to share your insight this evening with your friends here and with us. Indeed, is the first step in conquering fear the looking it in the eyes aspect, the full recognition of its presence and hanging the proper label on it so that it is distinguished from just a murky generalized, nebulous sort of fearfulness.

Your fear of losing yourself in the relationship with another person, while technically impossible, actually in experience has a large element of truth, and that is... (and I am not referring specifically to you here) . .. there are necessary boundaries which define personalities and their influence which, if they are not properly taught in childhood and in family training will have to be acquired before one can overcome the feeling of the loss of oneself.

There are many ways to look at this lack of boundaries, for a boundary is an edge; it is the point at which you will not go beyond. It is characterized by moral boundaries, by boundaries of free will where a person has the right to say, "no, I will not do this" or "yes, I will do that". It is necessary for people to have these boundaries so that they do not become diffused into another person's personality, into another person's wishes, another person's "whatever". Therefor, I say, while you cannot technically be absorbed by another person, nevertheless these missing boundaries can result in a mixing and diffusing between two people where neither person feels comfortable or secure. Do you understand what I am saying here?

Gwen: Yes, thank you.Daniel: So, I am saying congratulations on recognizing this fear, but I am offering you the hope right away that you can be rid of this fear when you have firmly established your boundaries. You are doing this right now in your life. You are completing your project for your degree; you are assertively desiring to improve your job; you have made a decision about your close relationship and you are considering another one. All of these things are things you do because your boundaries are becoming firmer. So I say, my dear, this fear that you have can be dissipated. That is all. (Pause) I wish to continue for just a moment. (In a soft voice) I want you to know that your willingness to connect yourself with your brothers and sisters at this level of fear also is a step forward for you. My congratulations, again.

Tanare(Bill): (with soft loving emotion) I am Tanare. To you, Gwen, I extend my loving embrace. My dear, how wonderful it is to hear your words of spiritual discovery. We shall develop a fine friendship! I will be proud to be called your teacher. I am pleased to have such a courageous, loving, and sweet personality to be engaged with. My love to you.


Andronason(Bill): Hello my dears, I am Andronason. I would say just a few words before we terminate our evening's tryst. You are, as a group, amazing! I tell you this with wonderment. You have studied hard over these years and struggled with many things and yet you have persisted. You have step by step ascended the mountain of experience, sometimes bitter, many times sweet, but always you have moved forward. I commend you all and I tell you, "Follow our Master, for his steps are unerringly accurate. He will lead you to the Father himself. He is the way, the truth, and life for mortals in his universe. Even so." Now, please stand and join your hands.

As you feel the pleasure of the warmth of these hands in yours and you envision the circle which makes this energy connection a reality, experience also the transcendent realm which like a great dome covers over you. This unity of the circle and the dome is your reality. At the top of the dome is the Source, the Gods on Paradise as They send forth Their spiritual ministries to you mortals in this circle.

Christ Michael, you have walked this planet. You know and love these, your brothers and sisters, your children. Keep them safe from fear, from doubt. Make them more than conquerors this week, that they may, indeed, be heralds of good news. May it be so. Amen.