2000-12-09-Return of Midwayers

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Topic: Return of Midwayers

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: ABC-2, MNO-8

TR: Bill K.



In a recent interview with Bzutu (ABC-22), Midwayer Chief and Teacher, it was proposed that the 873 returned Midwayers were more capable of getting involved at our physical level. Many of the 873 will be at least as skilled as Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8), who works more than 20 hours out of every 24.

Welcome back, you Guys, Physiologists and Eminent Psychologists! We embrace you all. Let's heal this planet together.

The above theory about their being so much closer to us was confirmed.

For many centuries, the 1,111 sorely missed their 873 immediate relatives. The 9,881 Primary Midwayers, too, sorely missed the 40,119 Midwayers, although endowed with minds much greater than ours, take much, much longer to mature. It was long ago understood by me that those of the Secondary Midwayers who were closer to us --physiologically speaking -- were more likely to go astray without the needed centuries of guidance.

I likened them to delinquents, not rebels. I saw them more as victims of circumstances, not differing all that much from the human population, also suffering from the Lucifer Rebellion, the Calligastia Betrayal, and the Material Children's Default. They were frightened and confused, whilst mankind was largely unaware of the goings on.

Pocatello.No date. Part Transcript only.(This is due to some minor mechanical failure, and the tape getting zapped a little at LA airport).


Bzutu (ABC-22), Midwayer Chief (T/R, Bill Kelly):and therefore, as I said, let's be joyful. Let's be optimistic, for we are at the turning point. We will succeed. What we undertake to do, we will do.


Virginia: Bzutu, may I ask a question? Bzutu: Yes.

Virginia: Obviously, if you are involved in turning on the candles. You know how important it is to me?

(Indistinguishable -- too much laughter) So how about every Sunday morning you wake me up by turning on the candles?

Bzutu:Girl! Are you serious???!!!

Virginia:I would love it! Of course I m serious!

Bzutu: The answer is, No! (more laughter) No. We midwayers also take our instructions from our superiors. They are not our decisions to turn on, or turn off, the candles. You will need to take your request to a higher authority. My understanding, however, is that your Thought Adjuster prefers that you seek her presence and that you depend on, and take more cognizance of, the leading which you experience, and give it more credence. In other words, begin to believe that you truly do hear the voice of your Inner Guide.

If we need to get your attention, then methods are authorized as needed to do so. We are surely not limited to turning off lights, turning on candles. There are many ways to get people's attention. You have one of the finest Teachers that I am familiar with on this planet, none other than the lovely Klairixiska. She is your best friend. I am very pleased to see these celestial former mortals here to give assistance to this whole project. We Midwayers are also in many cases under their supervision. But everything is done, ultimately, for Michael and Nebadonia.

Well, I believe I've said enough about that through this transmitter’s voice. George, my fond greetings to you, my friend.

George: Bzutu, for every one of your 873 brothers and sisters that you meet up with, and start to work with, tell them one of your students is absolutely delighted they have returned. Please let them know. And also, please tell Andrea to tell every single member of her family that has returned, their 40,119, I'm most delighted they have all been granted permission to come back.

Bzutu:Very well. I shall convey those concerns and wishes, and I suspect that you will experience in your lifetime contact with one or more of these returned brothers and primary midwayers. I suspect it. I do not make those decisions, but I'm quite optimistic this evening that you will see them. I'll stay with my word.

George: May I suggest that among the 873 who have returned, there are many who are closer to our time-realm, and are perhaps more capable of working with us in our material world than are the average of the 1,111 who were left behind?

Bzutu: Yes. We understand that. Earlier I was speaking with Isaac, though he doubted a little that it was me. I will share what I said to him. We will rename Beelzebub, for his name carries horror in the lives of mortals. He will not be known by that name, except in rare cases where there is no fear. For you see, the thought of rebel midwayers returning to this planet is a threatening idea to some people. Can you understand this point of view?

George: Yes. Yes, I can understand it, but it is an uninformed point of view, I feel. I do believe these guys were very fearful and for many long ages. And I do believe that, perhaps, Beelzebub was looking at a situation where he felt he was doing them all a favor by leading them -- what he thought was-- the right way, rather than the wrong way, as he himself was being misguided. Misguided might be a better term. I really don t like the term, rebel .

Bzutu: I know that, George, but it is the term in the Urantia Book, and there are many who regard midwayers as rebels. What I'm saying is because of the (indistinguishable -- probably onus on ) the name Beelzebub, he will probably not be introduced not always, by that name. Do you understand that?

George: Yes. I do understand that.

Bzutu: Yes. We will have more information about this whole thing. This is a relatively new development, as you know. We are without exception quite excited to say the least. Very well, now, I will now release this young American from my (Laughter) clutches.

Virginia: Thank you for your kind words about Klairixiska. She truly is a wonderful friend and teacher.

Bzutu: Very well, friends. Until you see me, or hear me, again.

George: Au revoir, Bzutu. We all ways win.

Bzutu: We ALL ways win.

Aaron (Bill): Ah-h-h, I am Daniel. Well, George . . .

George: Hi, Daniel!

Daniel:what a journey! I was clamoring to get my foot in the door, so I could at least say hello. I have missed the opportunity to speak with you, because there have been those who have the prerogative, and, also because your group is small my specialty of group interaction was quite limited. So, they put me out on the clothesline to dry out while the others got a chance to do their special thing. But I am back, and I will (indistinguishable). I suspect that our group will continue to grow. We did reach a low point, and what that proved was that no amount of cold water could put out the embers of a spiritual fire burning so deeply within you all.


The Teaching Mission is only one small part of the Correcting Time, but it is valid, of course, and you will all be rewarded with progress and growth. I therefore will wait until it is my time to return to more active teaching responsibilities. And I am now being informed that I am the last speaker. And therefore on behalf of all who have spoken; Machiventa, Klairixiska, Bzutu, Mother Spirit, myself Daniel, I say, Chin up, and face life with a true smile, and (be happily reminded) of us all.

All: Thank you Daniel.