2001-03-18-Unspoken Desire

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Topic: Unspoken Desire

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



My son, my friend, this is Tomas.

I join you in your devotion, in your worship of the one who is the Source of our life and the light we bring to your world. You would hear me speak yet more to your unspoken desire? Yes, I smile. Yes, you may feel my joy for this is my delight.


That unspoken desire deep within you beyond the reach of your conscious mind is the consciousness of God dwelling within you. This desire you discern in your heart is his desire for you. You cannot speak, for in this place you can only be silent and hear the terms of his affection, feel the cascade of his love poured upon you. You would know this desire best in these moments of stillness communing with your spirit, that fragment of our Father whom you have recognized and come to adore, which is yet your eternal identity, the bearer of your name walking with you as one, joining us on high in this service of Supremacy. These moments of communion whereby you exchange your affection, your love, culminate in your fusion, that stirring resulting in a new substance no longer parts in a solution, but mixing as one.

You may enjoin others in these moments, but it remains your principle action of personal devotion, personal communion. As you have seen in these moments, you are far from alone. For unlike upon your world where others give you space, staying away from you in these personal moments, we on high gather round you, joining you, celebrating your contact with our Creator, even our Father infinite and eternal, our Paradise Father from whom all is derived. So rest in knowing that this deep desire which you concede cannot be captured in words, and yet, nonetheless speaks, is the desire of our Father to join you in eternal communion combined forever, God and man, humanity and divinity, forever fused, liberated for service. It is his desire that is deepest within you.

My child, you have been faithful in these sessions, diligent in your efforts at transcription. We may proceed in this journey together. Do you have questions?


You would be self-conscious of your questions? Your name? Would you hold back?

Tiahuan: I, I as you know, have struggled with it a bit as it is so tender for me. I perhaps don’t know how to inquire as to its meaning, shape, and spelling. I have fathomed some meanings, but I am sure I have it all wrong.

Tomas: You are not far from its truth Tiahuan. T-I-A-H-U-A-N. Traveler of the heavens calling forth the light from within. Yes, you are.

Tiahuan: Tomas?

Tomas: Yes, child.

Tiahuan: Are there others that you would introduce me to?

Tomas: In time, yes, you will meet and work with a great number. Already you have met many, and you fear, perhaps, that I will leave you.

Tiahuan: Yes, I treasure these moments with you. I have been touched by you. You it is who have awakened me to these opportunities. It is with you that I have enjoyed my most precious moment with Michael.

Tomas: There will be others. Other moments and other friends, but our friendship is forever for as you know all friendship is an end in itself. Yes, and it is beautiful to behold. Where the children of God share their hearts with one another, there is beauty. There is his delight rejoicing even as you a mortal parent delight seeing your children loving one another, sharing joy in time together. All of his desire is embraced in these moments where his children are one even as he, with each other.

Do you have other questions?

Tiahuan: Well, I, perhaps I am wondering about this trip coming up and you know of course my friendship with Kevin how I have pondered the possibilities of sharing more deeply with him.

Tomas: Yes, we look with interest upon this, always look with interest when this light is shared. You are wise to go slow and carefully, but you have found a friend who recognizes this light within you. You will know the moment and time and place. It is our Father again desiring from within you, this deep place in which you love to dwell, for there you are one.