2001-07-15-Teaching Mission Phase 2

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Topic: Teaching Mission Phase 2

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you warmly. This is your friendly instructor Elyon. I have some thoughts I wish to share with you; they apply to your discussion today of worship and service as two sides of the same coin. I would bracket this series of comments with the word "preparedness", for one side of the worship/service coin prepares you for the other side. You know that the feelings that well up inside from the experience of the presence of the Father are supercharging toward contacting fellows in your life bringing to them a relief through service, an inspiration through service, that they might also be supercharged, having their needs addressed and discovering the actions of the grace of God through His ministering children.


Worship, Service

Also I am sure you each have noticed how natural it is to give way to feelings of worship, thanksgiving, and gratitude to Father for having been involved in an act of service that has brought benefit to another. The enjoyment derived from a successful ministry naturally is wont to flow back to the source of all divine ministry. This I hope illustrates how one, either worship or service, prepares one for the other. To feel best prepared to minister to the needs of another it is good to develop more deeply the experience of fellowship, partnership, and presence of the Divine Indweller. The Father is omnipresent, and this omnipresence is not only spatial, that is, His presence is not limited just to the expanse of infinity. He is likewise omnipresent in an eternal sense, having presence now as past and future.

This omnipresence is, in a sense, spherical; the broad presence of spatial everywhere-ness and the tall and deep presence of anytime presence. You, on the other hand, are present at a single point in time: now. You slide through this everywhere/all time dimension of the Father traveling point to point, experiencing the unique minute second of reality and traverse there toward new experiences. You are present now, while the Father is omnipresent always, and He gives you His fragment. Before you spent any reflective time orienting yourself in relationship with God, He pre-sent His own essence to guide you and to draw you into His presence. This is the secret of your preparedness for outreach of any kind, developing a closer bond to the divine gift within. This enriches your moment. It clarifies your orientation and motivates your actions. Then you can present yourself to another with confidence that you are serving God in the course of serving another.

This double factor of service is thrilling to witness taking place in your life. It is not duty sense, wherein you go forward to do good works for another with the hope that, because the Father so wills, you will thereby please your God. It is, in reality, the experience of the immediacy of the presence of God as you serve your partnership in the ministry. The act is one of serving with God, not for God. This sense of contact in service is as meaningful and as real and as uplifting as a quiet moment in stillness and worship, for there is no distance; God is as close at hand.

I say for all who receive this message that the time is now to erase the notion that worship is the drawing close to Father and service is the reach to another. Better it is to view that worship is likewise a reach to one's fellows and service a reach to the Father, for in undertaking either activity you are always engaged with God, and you are always accomplishing a result that brings benefit to those around you. It may not provide immediate feedback in the moments subsequent to the cessation of the activity you have undertaken, but it has undercurrents that do reflect upon the minds of those around you. These undercurrents surface at the opportune moments of need in the lives of those fellows.

I would report that all teachers who were present at your conclave this past week have expressed joy in witnessing the fellowship and the manner in which each individual grew and sought to uplift another. This type of event is recharging and uplifting, for an evolutionary creature must periodically experience the reality of a growing spiritual experience in other individuals in order to sustain the enthusiasm that is needed for oneself. Few can support their pursuit of higher realities without some comparison with the progress of others in their lives. That is the benefit of our weekly gathering on a small scale and the benefit of such a yearly gathering on a large scale.

When this world finishes its correction and is on a normal course toward Light and Life, these types of events as you have just attended will be not so much for recharging as for celebrating, for daily life will consist more of that recharging with the culture, the society, the workplace; all structures will contribute to the upliftment of personality through spiritual growth. The mansion worlds will teach this to you in due time, for this planet has much to do in this correction period before your everyday life will take on this tonality.

I have finished my comments. I welcome your input.



Evelyn: I like and understand what you are saying, but I don't often feel it. I take it on faith and will work on detecting it, that is, sharing with my Thought Adjuster in an act of service. It feels one-way-; I don't feel engaged with spirit. I feel like I send up a "thank you" or a "what do I do?". I can't say it feels like a dialogue.

Elyon: I honor your effort in, as you put it, sending up your thank you, for it acknowledges the reality in the presence and the guidance of spirit in your life. But the phrasing itself inherently instills distance. That, good as it is, can also include "we did a good job", for that is inclusive. It assumes, even if you are unable to sense that you work in tandem with spirit, it is more of a team cheer rather than an expression of gratitude to the coach. Neither position is wrong, but the second that I have asserted helps to include you and spirit in the one operation. However, be not concerned over feeling; feeling results. The thrill of service is not the end to be sought for the exhilaration.

The thrill of service is not to be avoided either; actually the thrill is the precursor to service, for it is that divine enthusiasm working in and through you. It will not always be in the form of emotion. It can be the recognition of a need and the understanding that one is capable of being of assistance. The motivation that rises at the time is that thrill, for it is activating. To be thrilled is not so much to be tickled, as it is to be propelled, to be taken to one's feet. I hope this has provided some assistance.

Evelyn: That's good, thinking "we" rather than "me here, you there".

Teaching Mission

Tom: In one transmission they spoke about the "second phase" of the Teaching Mission. Could you expand on that?

Elyon: The mission began by the emplacement upon this world and others of teachers like myself who were trained to provide training for the many upon the worlds who were willing to respond, to take in the training, to incorporate the training, and become qualified as trainers. That phase is well underway, in the ripening process. It entails activities in the Michael correction time that are broader than the movement of the Teaching Mission as you understand it in its social and networking context, for the Teaching Mission is an outreach by the visiting teachers to many aspects of the cultures upon each of these worlds.

Phase Two approaches, but Phase One has not finished its full cycle. Phase Two is anticipated as that time when the human beings who have been in training are aware of their responsibilities and willing to act in regard to their responsibilities, but not simply singly, rather, knowing full well of the experience and preparedness of many others, and for those others to be just as aware of your own preparedness. It will become less of isolated individual actions and more a collective awareness of a group effort. But I must define what I mean by group. I do not mean that you will organize into a body that acts as one, but rather, you will understand how your efforts are integrating with the efforts of others, and they, too. It will be cooperative and supportive rather than haphazard. There will be deliberateness in response to what others have undertaken by yourself so as to contribute mutually.

Phase Three would be the full establishment of Phase Two wherein the human race works harmoniously. That, by observation, is yet a long way off. It would bring an end to the organized effort of the celestial teachers as a distinctly defined Melchizedek outreach of correction. It does not mean that we would no longer be of service; it means the project would close and the normal path of reaching Light and Life or ascending to the Father would continue with all the support and cooperation of advanced beings.

The Correcting Time is an extension of mansion world efforts on the native planet level. Just like the mansion worlds, the Correcting Time will lose its necessity when all hindrances have been eradicated. As you know from your studies, that means the establishment of the system in Light and Life. So, I assure you, we will be engaged on this world for quite some time, and I mean we all, yourselves included, will be engaged in this mission project. Has this clarified your question?

Tom: It poses as many questions as it answers. I suppose we are still in Phase One, and Phase One and Phase Two will go along concurrently for some time, right?

Elyon: That is correct. There is an overlapping, for there are pockets of readiness around the globe, and there are areas of deficiency. But one cannot wait for the unripe fruit to ripen before picking the ripe fruit. So, certain clusters will begin the second phase of activity while others catch up.

Tom: Thank you for your comments.


Ascension Career

Elyon: You are welcome. I would release from this engagement at this time and give you my love. Share it with all. At any point in your ascent to the Father there is a degree of preparedness for action with the Father. There are a few milestones in your ascension which, in a sense, function like a diploma; one is fusion, where you have a marked sense of accomplishment. But more often along the way you must use faith and trust, knowing that you have a degree of training accomplished that will be of benefit to others. Take care..