2001-09-11-Tragedy of 911


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Topic: Tragedy of 911

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael, Magisterial Son

TR: Unknown



Nebadonia: We feel your pain as well as the pain the world is sharing in this moment. I also feel that we are somewhat being blamed for this. It is never our intention at any time to harm our children. When you hear people say that this is God’s will, it is not. When you hear people say it was their time it was not. They just happened to be there. There will be much going on in the days to follow. There will be much that you need to be aware of. There will be much that you need to look out for. But, we will keep you safe. But, it is the work of the (UB) groups that will enlighten and further uplift this planet. Without you and the groups it would be more despair than it is now. For the groups understand what is going on. The groups know it is not our will for such happenings to occur.

We sincerely hear the prayer for taking away the feelings that you have. But, you must understand that you are a sensitive person when it comes to feelings so therefore you are going to feel more than most. Try to put up as much a block as you can to not feel everybody else’s pain or hurt.

Monjoronson: This really does not make my job any easier but it also does not make my job any harder. Actually, we can look from a different side of the scenario and know that this will bring even more (people) closer to the folds that I was sent to do or the work that I was sent to take care of here. It has been a delight to be here. I am also saddened by the happenstance. It brings no joy to us to see the children of the Father suffering as they are suffering today as all of you are suffering today. Even those of you who were not involved in the actual goings on, we know that you feel what has happened, that you sincerely feel what has happened and you want to extend and you want to give as much as you possibly can at this moment to help to alleviate the sufferings of others. All that you can do at this moment is to offer your sincere prayers that all will be well .

I know that you will find it difficult to pray for the enemies, but you must pray for the enemies as well as you pray for the friends. For if you pray for the enemies, the collective prayer for the enemies, not against the enemies but for the enemies, the collective prayer from all of the groups combined will have an everlasting effect on what is going on now and what will happen in the future. I have gone or will go to each of the groups with this message that all of the groups collectively must pray for the enemy as well as the friends. Thank you for giving me this moment. If at anytime you feel that you have the need to speak to me or for me to speak to you, please have a quiet moment and I will speak to you.

Michael: I visualize all of the pain that you are feeling and all of the pain that the brethren are feeling at this moment. For there are many of you who feel what is going on in the world at this moment. There were many of you who knew something was going to happen to shake up the world. You knew, you believed it, you expected but you are still in shock and you are still surprised that it has happened. Know that we have not deserted you. Know that we have not deserted any of our flock. Even those who have decided they want to die in the name of religion, we have not deserted them either. They have pushed us away on the back burner, but we have not deserted them. We heard your wish that they be touched in some way so that they realize that they are not dying for us. They have lived for many and many and many years under the convoluted ideas that they have now. It will take many, many, many more years before they will realize what they are dying for has no merit at all.

You will know that a lot of them have decided that they do not wish to waken when there is time to be awakened. They have opted not to. So therefore the message may never get through to them because once they reach the next world they are not able to go to their friends or go to their families and find out that what they died for was an unjust cause, that what they died for has no merit with us at all. Because they have decided to remain asleep it may take far longer than you can imagine before something will happen. But believe me, we have not given up. They have the opportunities to have as many teachers as you. They have the opportunities to have as many deities there as you have. They just chose not to see or hear them even though sometimes we are speaking louder than they are speaking they have closed off their minds to hearing what we have to say. So when we as you say hit a brick wall, we step back, assess the situation, and we go back again and we will continue to hit that brick wall until the walls will crumble and we will get through to let them know that their cause is unjust.

We never planned for any of our flock to die in the vein (name) of religion. It was never our thoughts that this would have to be dealt with. That is why I wished that nothing I had used in my life on earth to be left behind as any kind of reminder or any kind of idol or anything that could be worshiped and adored or anything of that nature. Everything that was taught during my rein here alive has been distorted to fit the man of that era. So therefore as long as that has been done, these things will continue to happen. But we will help you to alleviate your grief and your hurt.

Continue as you are going and always remember that you are much loved and that we will give you more and more messages every chance that you will take the time to listen so therefore a lot that will happen you will not be totally surprised. So therefore you will be able to lead more and more people out of their despair without surprise about what is going to occur. You will be able to say to the person “no, that is not God’s will, that is the will of man and therefore since it is the will of man it is wrong, it is unjust.” And we will make it possible so that more and more hear you. That is why you have been given a Magisterial Son to help you.

The veils have been removed from your eyes and you will see more and more. You will share more and more. You have advanced to the point that we can come to you at will. It is not a struggle for us to get to you now because you have taken the veils from your eyes, you have taken the veils from your ears, and you have taken the veils from your heart. You have put your emotions out of it. You are sincerely open to receive all that is to be heard.


I bid you a fond farewell; I bid you the speed in which you need in order to move forward.