2002-03-31-Views on Human Indwelling

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Topic: Views on Human Indwelling

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



George: "You must know that my hearing is not what it used to be. And there you are, coming through loud and clear now. I greet you, my Friend."

Bzutu: "This is your Midwayer brother, Bzutu. And I greet you this Easter Sunday. I must say, it never ceases to amaze me how long it takes for you to get the signal after I arrive. We're wasting time, but then, time is a commodity we Midwayers have plenty of."

George: "I was only going to meditate for a bit, but I'm pleased you're here. Talk with me."


Bzutu: "We are looking forward to a time when communication between us will again improve to what it once was. It was Mathew who listened in on your earlier dialogue, and it is in fact the case that many recent contacts this group has gained -- in part through our instigation with the 11:11 prompts -- know little about the Fifth Epochal Revelation, and may well conclude that Midwayers are of the oldest life form on the planet.

"But depending on which way you look at it, this is either correct, or it is altogether false. We are indeed one of the oldest life forms -- one of the oldest intelligent life forms -- individuals of that ancient species. But they will always be the majority of our mortal cousins who are older, and for the reason (that) they are indwelled by a Spirit Self.

"The "seniority aspect" of your mortal brothers and sisters -- humanoids dwelling on the inhabited planets all over the universes -- have over us Midwayers, is their Spirit Selves, their Thought Adjusters -- Pilot Lights, as we perceive these Fragments of the Prime Source of all existence which go by many names -- Mystery Monitors, Thought Controllers, or Father Fragments, that pre-date all time.

"It is in reverence to these Father Fragments that we, on arrival, put our hands together and bow our heads to greet Whom we consider, at least at this stage of your universal career, the most important "Aspect" of any mortal being.

"It is a rare occurrence amongst the many other species of creatures to be so favored with the temporary or continuous association of a Father Fragment, and so we might well see you mortals as the spoiled citizens of the universes, although we realize that in your relatively short lives you can expect much hardship and need all the ready help you can get.

"Mortals are on a colossal learning curve, comparatively, need to mature very fast, whilst in contrast to you, the Midwayers do not mature very fast. And it is in this sense that even with decades upon decades of tutoring, it was difficult for our family members to choose which way to go; have faith in Michael, Who seemed to become incredibly distant, and progressively more so at that long-ago time, or follow the seemingly feasible plans and smooth-talking (of) Caligastia.

"Should our brothers and sisters therefore be seen as rebels? I agree with you, George, that they should probably be seen as little more than young, under-educated delinquents of their time. And I once again reiterate that it was a delight for us all to be advised of, then witness their emotional return to, and presently note the eagerness and dedication with which they resume their tasks on, their home planet.


"It's good to chat with you this late afternoon. It's good to be near you. We go back a long way. Well, we do, relative to how you measure the time we have such an abundance of. But for now, and in the now, I have other duties waiting, and underlings to direct.

"My love to you, Brother, and all of Michael's blessings. Later."