2002-08-02-Preparing for Watchcare

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Topic: Preparing for Watchcare

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Juliette

TR: George Barnard



JULIETTE: “It is through the facilitation of your Midwayer Friend, Mathew, your diligent additional companion on this journey, and the help of a number of other cooperative siblings belonging to Michael’s and Nebadonia’s immediate family, that we have the opportunity and the pleasure to converse with you now.

“We happily go by a single adoptive name. Yes, it applies to both of us, this pet name, long ago given to us by the ‘presumptuous mortal’ to whom we extend our around-the-clock attention. We are also happily referred to by ‘a large number of ones, fours, and sevens’ in the near-instant communication with those of our kind, those above, and those below our status. We are widely and light-heartedly known as ‘JULIETTE’.

“It is on this day that we are going to take another quick look at the ‘relevant elements that are time’. To our mortal charges, time is a commodity that ticks away a second at a time. To the vast army of Destiny Guardians, time is somewhat ‘fuzzy’, and although we can never be sure of our own future, we can foresee yours rather well.

“Although we cannot glimpse what lies around the corner regarding our own progress and graduation in this universal academy of learning, we are well aware of the course you will be charting in what will become your personal mortal histories – excellent, mundane, or rather wanting.

“We are from your viewpoints quite well informed about what your futures will bring, and it is with that fact in mind that we know how and when to impact on your thinking, to influence your decision making, to enhance your resolves, in all of what you do with your own free wills.

“We, in a sense, sharpen and adjust your plans and resolutions, we brightly color your resolves, spice up your considerations, boost your problem solving capacities. And so, in that way, we Destiny Guardians live a mortal life, because we take on as a task for us to be attuned to your every thought, to note your every change in mood, to be party to, and unconditionally accept, your every worthwhile project.

“Here, on this planet, they are difficult but rewarding tasks for our kind. It is thus, that many of those who serve in this realm are chosen because of their millions of years of existence, hundreds of thousands of years of learning, and countless millennia of observation in preparation for ‘watchcaring’ you all through the pitfalls of your demanding mortal existence.

“Lengthy preparation on our parts allows us to assist you, and in many ways you cannot rightly fathom, with your at-times-precarious existences that are so much subject to the intricacies of evolutionary life – your short, but intense evolutionary lives.

“As Teacher Samuel recently explained to you, it was much before you were born when he already loved you, though he did not know you. For our part, we add to this that it was many years before you were born, when we both knew you and loved you. With our continued cooperation, yours and ours, we will achieve a pay-off for effort that will lie a vast distance beyond your most inspired imaginings.

“We thank you for your effort to drift so deeply, and reaching such tranquility of mind. We thank you for this first-up opportunity for us to discuss this aspect of time in its ‘fuzzy’ form that allows us Destiny Guardians to prepare for the watchcare of individuals, each with their very own personality, brain and mind endowments -- so greatly disparate on this planet.

“We, the two of us, and our Cherub Associates, send our love to all who will receive our message in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls.

“It puts smiles on our faces when anyone refers to us both by the single name, ‘JULIETTE’. Proudly, that is now who we are.”

George: “You’ve got me. Literally. Thank you both for caring.”


In 1972, I was not aware of Guardian Angels functioning in pairs, since only one appeared to be present at ‘the very horizon of my perception’. A name, any name, seemed preferable over their lengthy given code of lots of ones, fours and sevens. At the time, naming Angels, or any other Celestial, seemed hardly presumptuous, rather generous on my part, actually.

To be known by just a number seemed demeaning to me, and since they long studied the Cro-Magnon mind, I instantly, impulsively gave them that French name -- JULIETTE -- with lots of straight letters to match their straight 1s, 4s and 7s.

That long-ago episode is here referred to in fun, because it apparently is their task to name us mortals.