2003-02-27-Focus On The Project

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Topic: Focus on the Project

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



George (witnessing a departing flash): "Brilliant! Thank you for this kind gesture." (Explaining now.) "I watched this brilliant flash of electric blue zoom away! That was my Spirit Self 'stepping aside', and basically saying, 'OK, he's all yours, Andrea.' Greetings Andrea. Your signal is well received by us."


Andrea: "Greetings all. This is Andrea. Today I want to speak with you about the networking that is being done behind the scenes. Those of you in the immediate 11:11 Group, and your extended army of supporters, all have your Destiny Guardians and Seraphic Watchcarers at your unceasing service, as you well know.

"And in my 'rather fortunate employment circumstances in communication', and the reach that I now have - upwards towards our Seraphic Associates, and down to our Secondary Midwayer brothers and sisters, and to the human level - openly or subliminally - much is happening, unnoticed by you, to strengthen the allover bonds of comradeship and interchange.

"I have the required speed of travel, and a great opportunity to function well within this group that is so very widespread, yet functioning ever-more-so as a strong, cohesive whole. Beyond that, I am frequently in touch with the many who receive our messages and who are also achieving progress to a level of spirituality where they already have, or soon will have, their own Destiny Guardians that are ordained to accompany them throughout most of their eternal lives, and to the very portals of Paradise.

"It is in this sense that we have managed to attain closeness with those who are progress oriented, though they are diverse in function and geographically distant. My human brother, I thank you for taking note of the necessity for regular meditation to enhance these communications, and I' m pleased that you have managed to achieve such swift contact on this occasion. "Let us look forward to a time when we have more than the occasional exchange, and let us remember the single focus of this group - to bring to the knowledge of many individuals that which inaugurated this alliance between this planet's 'Spirit Guardians' and those of you who dedicate your lives to progress in the healing arts, education and sciences, and to bring to human attention our presence on the planet and the myriad opportunities that exist for same-species, and cross-species cooperation in any venture whatever that will bring spiritual progress as its ultimate outcome.


"Let us keep this transmission short. Let us frequently get in touch. Let us relentlessly focus on the project at hand.

"I thank all those here present for also lending me their respective ears. (Short break - Andrea is looking away) . and even do I thank them for their unsolicited advice (she's joking).

"I bring to you and yours special greetings from your Buddies, Frank and Alice, Teacher Samuel, and not forgetting our Dear Michael and Machiventa. I'm out of here now. Carry on, fellow. This is Andrea."

George: "Thank you for that crisp session."