2003-03-24-Prayer During Time of War

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Topic: Prayer During Time of War

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



This transmission is also being sent to other spiritual groups not affiliated with the TM, to introduce the ministry of the Center for Christ Consciousness)


MICHAEL Beloved children, the hearts of Urantia are ever opening wider for the comfort of My peace. Your world is undergoing a very stormy trial at this juncture in human history. Doubt not that peace will prevail one day on this troubled world. Doubt not that the Father's plan will be firmly ensconced in the minds-the very fabric of life-here on this planet. Doubt not, my children, that we are ministering to you continually through this very turbulent and chaotic time. All of Nebadon has its eyes here. The prayers of this world's citizens commingle with the voices of Nebadon, as all hearts yearn for peace and for the love of the Father to overshadow the evil, the darkness, and the despair on this planet.

In the coming days you will see more death and destruction. How it will affect you? Will you lose faith? Become discouraged and despondent? Or will this spur you into greater faith activation? Call on the celestial forces through your prayers to install within the minds of the individuals here on this planet the urgency for peace.

This urgency for peace speaks not to a time frame wherein peace can be established. It speaks to the souls of men's hearts who grow weary of the long-standing suffering that has been this planet's legacy and history. Yes, my children, the urgency for peace is growing stronger in the yearnings of men's souls. And it is this very urgency for peace that I ask you now to tap into through your prayers, and call about this quickening to continue to prevail and unfold in the minds of this planet's citizenry.

The deepest yearnings are now springing forth in the consciousness of the people here. And it is pleasing to see this light emerging in the long-slumbering spiritual darkness of the people of this world. How will you, as my instruments, begin to implement this, gather this, instill this, in spirit within your brothers and sisters? It is through your prayers. There is no other way that is as significant as this. The underlying action of Mother Spirit who gathers Her collective forces and agencies to bring about the Father's plan on this world stand ready to implement that which is good and beautiful and holy and true. There must be something of the human desire that catalyzes Her actions into being manifest. And through your prayers this is what you can so valiantly accomplish.

Where will you devote your energies of thought in the coming days? Have no care for your well-being, my sons. You are within my hands. You are within the embrace of your Mother. No ill can befall you. No harm will come from you. So fully disengage your minds from any thoughts of your own self-needs, and direct it now to the hearts of those who hunger and yearn for peace in the realm that has long been disruptive through years of political strife, loyalty displacement of the distortion of the Father's plan.

Give me your minds. Give me your thoughts. Direct your thoughts, as you go about your day, to the energy of peace that men are hungry for. If the minds of the mothers on this planet rest in the assurance that peace will one day prevail, then they will no longer need to send their sons off to be killed or maimed; and that all will lead productive lives where all needs are met because the Father's plan has been fully implemented.

You are the Warriors of Spirit, my sons; and I need you now in this battle to overcome all of the darkness still remaining. And I know that you will not see all of the darkness purged from this planet during your lifetimes. But you can make such an impact in bringing light. Will you honor me with your increased devotion to prayerful living, for peaceful living, and to helping those who know not the ways of peace to begin to tap into the underlying hidden reservoir deep within them that will give their souls comfort and rest? Will you pray with me now?

I call you into my bosom. I establish you in my foundation of truth. My love reaches out through your hands, as I ask you now to hold within your hands a vision of this planet Urantia, holding it near and dear to your heart. As you hold this near and dear to your heart, know that it is My heart that now overshadows it. Invite your Mother of Spirit into your body, and asking Her to knit the peace you feel within you into the planetary sphere you hold now within your heart. My truth is the real substance and pattern for this world. I have use for you in the domain of Divine Minister to bring about true peace within the hearts and minds of men.

And so I direct you now to appeal to your Mother, as you ask Her to release the energies of the ways of the Father through the action of Spirit to dominate the actions of men. Spend a few moments in deep, mindful consecrated prayer, as I have directed. (Long pause)

Soon the bloodthirstiness of war will no longer be a reality here. The growing disdain to settle political differences through warfare and bloodshed will reach new levels of disdain and lose their hold of men's desire to dominate and subjugate through repressive courses of action. Slowly the ways of the Mother are overtaking the planet. Slowly the hearts of people are opening to the promise of the new world idea where political ideations become more streamlined and harmonized in the unified ideal of brotherhood, compassion, tolerance, mutual understanding and respect.

As we pray in the coming days, go to those places within you where you see the darkness in men's heart, and ask for that to soften and to open and to be receptive to the ways of the Mother. All of Urantia is ready to receive this upliftment from Her. And through your prayers you can act to help dislodge those disturbed, disquieted patterns of evil that have been held too long immersed in minds and hearts of men.

Be not afraid to go into this extreme ugliness of human life. For in so doing, you are creating more places within the collective unconscious mind for the Mother Spirit's mercy ministrations of love and healing to permeate the planet, which will allow my truth and my plans for this planet to grow stronger in a whole and receptive environment. And then men will come to know Me, and to crave Me, and to follow my ways, as I reveal new insights of the Father's thoughts to them.

Are you ready for this, my sons? Are you willing to go into those places with me, and to uproot the evil and to heal your world? What thoughts have you on this? I know your prayers are with me. But will they be actively engaged now with me? I need you now in prayer: strong, vibrant, dynamic, present, and reporting to me. What say you to this? (Pause)


Student: Michael, my perception and perspective on this at this point is that when the Creator Guide of this universe selects me, and us, and anyone else, to have the opportunity to represent the beauty and power and wisdom of Your love and the Father's will, then even though it is unknown as to what specifically can be done beyond an awareness of dedicating prayer throughout the day, the rest is up to You. And it will unfold as You utilize circumstances and people around.

So even though, in a sense, I could say that I feel somewhat unworthy and unready and why me? I have a lot of perfecting still to happen ion me. But far be it for me to turn down the encouragement and tender words of urgency and indescribable value that are being presented tonight. So, the answer for me is Yes!, with a capital Y and an exclamation point at the end. Thank you. Michael: My son, your perfection is not required. Only your willingness to serve as the holder of thought energies of peace and love to prevail on this planet, and thereby rendering a place for your Mother to come into your mind, to take that which is active in your heart of love and peace, and thereby making more room on the planet itself for peace and love to find new expression as you add your energy, your intention, your desire for a higher way of living to dominate this planet. And this is all I ask of you. And I know what is in your heart, and I gladly will receive that which you give.

Student: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Michael: And so I shall.

Student: So be it.

Student: The way I can be of service, my Father, is to live a prayerful life in each and every moment, and to be peace, and to be love, and to be beauty, to be compassion, empathetic and not judgmental, and not critical, and to be stable. So that my life, in a sense, is a model, is reflection of how you were upon this planet, to embrace both sides and to see beyond the appearance of the violence and the blood spilling and to see the love of the Father and the truth of the Father and the peace of the Father.

What I have come to see, and you mentioned the Father's plan being distorted, is that the idea of the Father is distorted, the idea of God in this world is distorted. It seems like President Bush's god wants to dominate the god of the Muslims and vice versa, which is obviously not true. But there seems to be the idea of separateness and specialness imbedded in our cultures. But no true understanding of the unifying consciousness of God, and mind of God, that we are all of one mind and one heart and one soul and one body.

It frustrates me to hear spiritual leaders, or so-called spiritual leaders, talk about peace and truth for their own kind, and how this influences people's minds. So the only thing I can do is to reflect to others love and beauty and peace, stability and compassion, to the best of my ability.

Michael: The gift that you bring to me now is the actual intention and thought of peace prevailing on this world. And while you are growing in personal religious experience of living in the presence of the Father, structure your thinking so as to isolate on those areas on the planet that are so desperately in need of peace. Though you live thousands of miles away, you can in thought be very present in the heart of the action through your thoughts of peace.

Within your mind is a capacity to look at a situation, and to assert the energy of peace within it. And this is what I am asking of you now: to use your thoughts full of love to plant the seed of peace in the midst of a very tumultuous and potentially seriously damaging situation of the individuals in the middle of warfare. When you are so engaged in this prayer, you are helping ameliorate the effects of war in the experiential bodies of those individuals who are present in the front lines of skirmish and battle.

These soldiers will carry scars of anger and hatred and enmity within them. And by your very prayer, you can dislodge this evil which then turns their hearts into understanding forgiveness, compassion, mercy, respect, brotherhood, solidarity. Would it not delight your heart to know that thoughts you convey to another soldier in the field, whether it is your own country or another, that you could actually dislodge the energy of war or destruction within them? What greater service could you provide for this planet? And this is what you are able to do, through the conveyance of the Holy Spirit within the mind of that individual. Are you now willing to use your mind in this way, I ask you?

Student: Yes, I am. I will do so this evening, and every moment possible. Just show me how.

Michael: Come to me when you are ready to pray. And I will enter your mind and take your thoughts, and you and I will go together in the heart of battle, and we will win a victory for peace. You have your Parents by your side while you engage you mind thusly. You only have to try, and we will be there to help you in this endeavor of using prayer now to bring a greater desire and yearning for peace in the hearts of the peoples of Urantia. Are you well satisfied that you have the capacity to do this?

Student: Yes. The only thought that came to my mind was that this is so vast a situation. But I am ready to accept the challenge to uplift this planet to its rightful place of thought in truth and love and beauty and celebration of life, not of its destruction or denial. We are one.

Michael: For this I say be of good cheer, as you have my appreciation and my guidance as we both join forces to bring about peace.

Student: Dear Jesus, thank you for asking us to do this. My sentiments are very similar to that of R., which I find remarkable that he could state the almost unutterable appreciation to be accepted a minimum of training and maybe a maximum of desire. I feel that my mind is more consecrated, and I hope this working of the Mother Spirit to teach me new ways of thinking, to be more effective and to slowly trade my mind for yours and be a more happy server and to be tuned into my Thought Adjuster. Thank you.

Michael: Your devotion to Me is the most wonderful and exquisite gift that you can possibly share with me. And I ask you now to banish any thoughts of unworthiness or lack of training to engage your mind in this prayerful endeavor of offering peace on this planet. What is of most of value to me is your devotion to peace, to love, to the Father's plan of spiritual rehabilitation, as this planet undergoes a massive correction and healing. Think not that I consider the disjointedness of your human thought as an impediment. Your minds are undergoing training. And this is one way in which you direct your thinking now in spiritual activities. And what better activity is there now than to pray for peace? And so this is an exercise where you train your mind. Think of this as basic spiritual training. You are not able to be out on the battlefield of physical combat. And yet I call you into that same battlefield of bringing the forces of Light to combat the forces of evil.

You, through the prayerful engagement of your mind, are being trained now to use the spiritual current in your mind to launch the missiles of love and understanding and brotherhood into the hearts of the soldiers and the leaders, to those pervasive thought patterns of warfare, political disharmony. You will gain greater strength and greater command over your mindal currents when you begin to engage your thoughts thusly throughout the day.

So as your minds are focused on war, use this time of focalization to bring the instruments of peace into the forefront of the battlefield. As the ideas of war begin to come into your conscious mind, this is the signal to come into prayer with Me, and to engage your thoughts with mine and Mother Spirit's. And you and I will brave the dangers of the battlefield, brave going into the hearts and minds of the ugliness of warfare, hatred, greed. And we will spend time in healing and binding up the wounds of the thoughts and feelings of those individuals engaged in conflict.

The spiritual war is on, my friends. You are my soldiers. You are my comrades in arms. And I call you forth now, to enter into the fray with me, and to love this planet into the Light of the Father's idea and ways of His Divine Plan, bringing Light and Life, making it shine brightly in all who call this planet home.

Reach deep inside of you now. Find that conviction of fire, the one that says yes, I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Come with me, my sons. Join me on the battlefield, and we will bind up the brokenness, tend to the wounded, and bring comfort and peace, love and understanding, and purge the desire for physical combat from this planet, and make it a place for tolerance, discussion, harmony, respect and mutual understanding, enabling it to grow and leave its imprint deep within the minds of the people here. There is unity in oneness in the Father. We are all a part of the family of love.

And as I withdraw from your presence, find that place deep within you that longs for the peace of the world to prevail. And hold this in prayer, and send this into the battlefield, as I blend My peace with yours, as the Mother knits this into fabric over chaos and disunity in this world. Live in My peace, My children. Bring My peace to Urantia, and know that what you have participated in is of such inestimable value. You can be proud of your efforts and know you are living up to the highest standards of universe life, as a citizen bringing love to everything you think and say and do.


My heart overshadows yours now. As you find those places you wish to direct your thoughts, know that Mine and My love are there with you. Good evening.