2003-04-15-Building Bridges


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Building Bridges

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew, Michael

TR: George Barnard



George (reporting): ".watching a tiny blue-green 'disk' scooting away from me, and off to the right. I see the outline of a Being of Light here. Close, but ever so vague. She's gone now."

Mathew: "You glanced a momentary image of one of your caring Destiny Guardians. You traversed a number of time frames to be capable of perceiving her image, although this was accomplished with the help of a number of friends. I'm right beside you, and my hand is touching your arm. This is Mathew doing the honors.


"My dear brother, it is I who will work with you this evening, for at this time there are many of us who are caught up in conferences. It was I who was chosen to be with you, for my task with you, and this is my fervent hope and heart-felt desire, is far from being at an end. I count on you as you count on me.

"Together with my companion (Midwayer Clare) we form a bridge that brings the disparate members of the progress group together, and almost all of us have visited with each member of the group. It is imperative that you battle on with the work, and although your group has many occasional Teachers, yet many more who would wish to have an input, who would love to have an input into your program, it is your midwayer friends who call all of you our own.

"From day to day, we want you to be aware of the prompts you are all receiving, and we wish for you to draw closer to your closest cousins on the planet. In short time many more messages will be coming through and not in the least will they deal with happenings on the battle field. Tougher times will arrive, for those who have invaded, and for those who have been invaded, and by and by for those who will choose to dwell in these immediate troubled lands and those far beyond.

"Before I leave off, a greatly more knowledgeable Teacher than I am will speak with you now, and provide you with the answers to your questions, as many of us continue to surround you and learn with you, our comrade."

Michael: "This is Michael. I am with you now. I was with you when you were little more than a thought, and I will still be with you when you, as a co-creator with me, and many others, move beyond the domain you may call your earth, yes even beyond your universe, and as a trusted brother and son, you will carry my insignia, always.

"I would like for you to re-assess the bridge-building (course) on which you have placed yourself. I would like for you to go back to basics, and determine where, perhaps, some of your plans, some of your goals, some of your specialty involvements are somewhat left behind, in favor of dealing with the unpleasant here and now.

"I would like for you to re-employ the fullest trust you had in me for so many years, and know that all will work out for the best in truth, and beauty and goodness in the end. I find no fault in your present endeavor, but in keeping with your education, I suggest you utilize what you have learned about management, efficiencies, logic, and in creating the best results with the least in expenditure of emotional energy in this present instance.


That is all. Know that you are in my heart, my mind, my soul, and a never-separated part of me. I leave you now with the best wishes from all those here, whose eyes and hearts and minds are 'trained on you', my dear servant. This is Michael -- the humblest of servants of them all.

George: "Thank you, Michael."


It is not clear to me what Michael means by "insignia", other than that, in some way, and on the Mansion Worlds and beyond, we will be able to identify individuals as to the precise worlds of their origins. That is clear.

I've been trying to build bridges with progressive Muslim organizations -- so far, obviously, without measurable success.