2003-04-21-David and Sandy

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Topic: David and Sandy

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



David: Thank you Nebadonia for the cool breeze flowing, and for the fragrance of the gardenia. And my two sisters, and for sister Alana, and brother Legion, and brother Song, and sister Davina, and all who may be here. Thank you, too, teachers for the blessings you brought to our lives, for the lessons you’ve given us, for whatever degree of respect we have learned to date. Keep us free from arrogance and pride. Give us the humility of learners.

Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana.


Alana: Thank you. Time is of no matter when you come to celebrate love. Place is of little importance when you come together to celebrate love. We create the heart room together, yes? Now.

Allowing the love to pour into you, and allowing my love to enter your hearts. Allowing love to blow through you, as Legion touches each upon the spine. We create the heart room here and now. Yet you have the heart room with you, yes? wherever you go. And when you forget, you turn within, you turn to love, you find the heart room waiting.

It matters not what day it is, celebrate love. I honor those upon your planet who celebrate this day their knowledge of their Master, Jesus. I would have them celebrate his message: love one another, as I have loved you with eternal love, life everlasting.

Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow love to speak through you. So, together again, are we? Yes?

David: Yes.

Sandy: With great joy, Alana.

Alana: With great joy, yes. The triumph of joy in your lives will be as the processional to the throne of love reigning supreme in your hearts. Learn your lessons well, my friends. Accept them. Allow love to inform you, teach you, bring you to this joy in the heart of love. Would you speak with me?

David: You have a wonderful smile on your face, Sandy.

Sandy: I was thinking, Alana, when you were speaking…one of the great gifts I have received from you is a greater consciousness of love in my heart…(Yes.)…with people. (Yes) I realize that in many of my interactions with people that love is coming out of my eyes, because I get it back. It is a continuous circle of expression.

Alana: Giving and receiving. Giving and receiving. (Yes.) Seeing the love that radiates from your eyes being reflected back to you in their eyes. Yes?

Sandy: Yes. (words unclear)…profoundly…it just makes the eyes so beautiful.

Alana: As well, their love reflecting back from your eyes to them. Yes? (Yes.) For love sparks with love. Did they not used to say to go “sparking” on your planet? Love sparking love. As you turn within, even in despair, yet turning to love, the spark begins, for love dwells within you, ready to be set aflame with the light of understanding by your choice, your yearning, your will. God’s will is to love. You turn to God’s will within you, to love within you, and your will is to love.

With this will to love, you appear to the Mother circuit of creativity, imagination, the imagination’s will to love becomes your mode of being, heart and mind informed by love, guiding you in the creative choices of love. Not always brilliant. Not always smart. Not always superior, in the manner of speaking of “king on top of the hill.” Not always seen. Not always mentioned. Perhaps only known by one, the one who chose to love, but always known by our Father, our Mother. Love knows love.

The choice is made always in the humility of respect for how small a gesture it may be before the love that is known to dwell within you, part of, conjoined to God’s love, which is good will toward you, passed through you, given by you to others. What is received is given away. The love you give away will be known by you as receptivity to God’s love, resting within you as you rest within it.

Sandy: I would like to express my gratitude to my two loving friends here, in your presence Alana. For their love when I went through that chemical despair.

Alana: Yes, love, the strength of love, to be loyal to love. I will join you, my beloved, in your gratitude. Such joy in love, yes? (Yes.) Gratitude. Giving. Receiving. Such joy!

Sandy: Sometimes I feel that at some level we are all one heart.

Alana: Yes, my beloved. You speak of the holy communion of love. There are many hearts and minds on your planet not yet, shall we say, fully co-ordinated. But the love that dwells within, yes, one love.

What you are so often grateful for, my beloved, is to discover how love serves: freely, gratefully, humbly, respectfully, compassionately, embracing free will and seeking only to speak love, see love, be love, hear love, know love, give love.

David: May I ask a question, Alana?

Alana: Certainly, my beloved, it would not be….correction, we will not speak in the negative…it is always a beautiful experience to respond to your communciations with me.

David: I’m pleased. My question has to do with the emphasis you’ve been placing, recently, upon the love within us. I’ve been working with this, especially since Erin’s comments. Is there anything you could suggest that would aid us in becoming more aware that we are in our essence love? I’d just like to become more aware of the love within. I know that I love. I love other people. I’ve always loved God. I have this incredibly rich experience of loving you and receiving your love. But there are times when it doesn’t feel like there is much love inside me, but rather turmoil and lots of other things. I’m wondering if you might have a handrail for us that might get us on the track of becoming more aware of that dimension of ourselves.

Sandy: Yes, there are times when we loose our way.

David: Yes, but what I’m speaking more of here is some possibility of steering us in the direction of exploring this, and becoming more conscious of it, and creating a foundation in our lives of being conscious of ourselves as love. You gave an example, of seeing this in your eye contact with other people. I understand that I’m loving to other human beings, but I don’t quite identify with being love, yet. Do you?

Sandy: Well, obviously, I just went through being very lost…and although I am convinced it was chemically induced, nevertheless, in my lostness, what I forgot was to turn. So how do we…and you two reminded me a lot, you were very helpful…but what is that little key, that nudge that we can give ourselves?

David: You spoke the other day that “you are the holy communion of love.” You were reminding us that we are love. I am conscious of you, Alana, as the essence of love, but….you have reminded me, also, is that what you and the other teachers commune with is our own communion of love…you commune with our communion…but my question is how to increasingly see ourselves as the holy communion of love.

Legion: So, this is Legion. There are, as you reflect upon it, many varieties of handrails available of which we could speak. It is, as you know, for example, this day on your planet is an annual ritutal acknowledgement of the Master and his life and ressurection and his message. This is a handrail provided by a large segment of agreed upon behavior of those social groups you call churches. But your question is more personal in nature, relevant to recent experience acknowledged, and so I remind you of my lessons in the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy.

The recent communication from Abharon, regarding the discipline of communication, which will take some time to explore, but I would now remark upon how communication of love between you, one and another, allows you to become a reminder to the other. Even when you, or the other, might have difficulty hearing the full communication of love, when love is being communicated it does always reach its goal of the holy communion of love with the love within, and love does not quit, so to say, but without demand persists upon loving. So, you loving another, even one who cannot hear love within, will, without fail, in faith in the path of love, communicate love, again and again. That will be experienced as loyalty-love bringing wisdom and joy.

Sandy: That’s a fascinating concept, Legion. Again it gives me the sense that love is almost a physical thing. Even when we are being totally negative, and non-receptive, and hating ourselves, full of fear and loathing and doubt, that still, somehow, the expression of love on the part of one who loves us gets through..somewhere…that’s a very hopeful message. Thank you.

Legion: Thank you. Yes, it is only by free will choice such love could be refused.

Sandy: Hmm, yes, good point. But it still gets through.

Legion: Yes. And thus, you understand, the refusal is…

Sandy: (laughter)…a waste of time…(laughter)

Legion: Well, yes, my beloved, you could see it this way…love is not in time, but nevertheless always on time.

Sandy: (laughter) Yes. I should have said, perhaps, a waste of effort.


Legion: As the discipline of love is the discipline of joy, the one doing the loving will experience joy even in the face of free will choice of refusal. The joy is in the giving, in the humility of respect and the humility of knowing love given is real and the love within each human being is real and does receive in that communication-vibration of the holy communion of love. You, of course, have spoken the visible, able to be recorded experience of love being brought to you in moments of despair and lostness, as you say. But I would have you know the remembrance of love may spark light even walking down a dark alley at night and you have no idea that you have been seen. This, my beloveds, is not something I am per se recommending as an exercise for you to undertake, but simply to receive the image as possibility for an opportunity of greater understanding of the power and activity and creativity of love.

Sandy: So we are never alone.

Legion: Never alone. (Thank you.) Yes. So, my friend, how about your question now?