2003-05-02-Nebadonia Introduction


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Topic: Nebadonia Introduction

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Frank, Nebadonia

TR: George Barnard



Frank: "Ah! There you are at last. Frankly speaking, I had almost given up on the task of knocking on your door for some plainspoken and up-front commentary. Here I am at last, gently holding hands with the Sanobim of my dreams come true (Alice), we, the lowest of the lowest of her angel creations on a long-term mission to study the Urantia mind and share our reports and analysis in 'centuplicate', to pass these onto those higher up in the chain in command, for these unique dissertations to be filed away in the back of drawers, and for them to never see daylight again.

"It's good to be the babies of 'Her Majesty's angelic production line', to not be taken all that seriously by our eminent minders, and to be able to go AWOL from time to time, without being dragged before the courts, or having our pay checks halved.

So here we arrived on 'your-world/our-world', not long after your relatively clever ancestors jumped from the trees, until now, and to gather our 'universe credits'. Cherubim we were created and Cherubim we continue to be, until one day our accumulated credits may allow us to purchase a promotion that will take us to greater heights of service and achievement.

"We both greet you, George. We came by to entertain you, fellow, and to announce the presence of Someone you have already met. We thank you for giving us access to the portals of your mind, and for sharing with us the very Presence that provides us with that useful capability. Later, friend, for one must not overstay one's welcome when introducing Someone with much lengthier tenure than oneself."

Note: At this point I completely lost contact, perhaps through fatigue or preoccupation, and I was left with an overwhelmed, racing mind, to finally give up. Not until the morning of May 3rd did I pick up on it again, clearly this time.

Mother Spirit: "Charmed! We have now overcome that little 'mechanical breakdown', that 'interference', and the receiver has re-entered the required frame of mind. This is Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, the ever-cooperating Consort of your Father/Brother Michael, and thus your Mother/Older Sister. It is good to be with you, although, like Michael, I never really left since my conscientious and loving daughters (Destiny Guardians or Guardian Angels) touch your being without pause.

"I bring you the 'boisterous' thought of "Frank", the quiet roll-up-your-sleeves action that is "Alice". So think of me, and call on me, when you are at your task and I will 'make happen' the inspired thinking you search for, and the needed energy to complete the work, by their guidance.

"It is with my hands, my will, that I shaped these, my (angelic) children, and many more. It is by my wish that I gave life to the Destiny Guardians that watchcare you and yours. It is I, Nebadonia, who wish to introduce myself to many herewith, although I have known you all from before your births, and so often made my wishes known to you all.

"During all your 'what if's', 'maybe's', 'should I perhaps question's, and 'might it be so's', my gentle pleading, steering and directing voice can be heard by all who strive for what is 'of loveliness', for what is rightful, and for what is eternally rewarding, with yet peaceful minds in trying times.

"This Mother's love goes out to you children, all."


Outspoken "I'll be Frank" and soft-spoken "Alice" are a Cherubim pair with more than 400 years of human psychological studies between them. Unattached to mortals, they serve with all members of the 11:11 group since the US Fall of 2000.