2003-05-09-Outside World Into the Inner World


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Bringing the Outside World Into the Inner World

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana.


Alana: We will speak of the heart room, yes? (Yes.) Of that opportunity to bring that “outside” world of fear and doubt into your inner world, into the heart room. To blow love upon that which appears to be separated. To know within the heart room that fusion which is love. To experience within that inside world of love, the reality that is often known in the outside world only as possibility. In the heart room, you know the reality of love, and so the faith with which you step into the heart room, the faith with which you construct the heart room, welcomes into the heart room all change.

You become more loving (as you put it) in the outside world (as you call it) because you learn, with practice, to step into the heart room (more easily each time) even in the middle of what you call arguments. You allow love to shift your focus (you might say), rather like moving the parts of the camera lens for a finer resolution of what you see. You allow love to become your focus, and in that moment, you see. You remember love. You allow your self and those you have welcomed into the heart room, those changes, those problems (as you call them), other beloveds…you allow the stepping into the pool of love and forgiveness to drench you, to saturate you, and even as you step back out into your outside world (as you are accustomed to seeing it), you learn, and it becomes easier to demonstrate your learning, to express that love saturated, that love saturating experience, and thus to give it away…which is to share the joy of love.

As you grow in the practice of the heart room, which is the discipline of love, and as you grow in your ability to step into the pool of love and forgiveness, which is the discipline of love, which is the discipline of mercy, so you will know the joy – the joy of love, always, and eternal, the joy of love, past, present, and future, and you will be able to express this love with certainty, even through change, which manifested in your outside world, often has the effect of raising fear and doubt, which by your certainty of love may be erased as an impediment to sharing love.

Yes, you would ask me something?

David: I was just listening very intensely, trying to follow you, Alana, and the dog was barking in the back ground. But yes, I have questions. Susan and I experiment with music today in terms of what I call the worship of thanksgiving, the uplift of music as a means of having our thanksgiving rise toward you and all of our beloved teachers. Do you have any suggestions for refinement, or betterment?

Alana: Beloved, every expression of gratitude for love is welcome. The refinement of which you speak, the refinement you seek, is that refinement within: this refinement is often experienced as what you call “uplifting,” reaching, soaring, rising up and disappearing into the finest point of attention. It is sometimes experienced as expansion, filling, becoming greater, bigger, rounder. It is sometimes experienced as fluidity, becoming flexible, dancing, running, “swimming for joy,” (as you once said to one who needed to know the joy of God’s love and beauty, once again). So yes, you have permission for your experiment in thanksgiving, the thanksgiving of worship, the thanksgiving of love.

The refinement is there in the sounds of the voice and musical instruments, and, indeed, it allows the transmitter to shake off fears and doubts in “the wiggle toward love,” as we have fondly come to call it in your particular bailiwick of expression. You may do so, if they agree, with your gaggle of geese, your herd of cats, your collection of boisterous giggles and laughs. So thank you for your intention. We join with you in every celebration of thanksgiving, even those moments of thanksgiving that may go unnoticed, but always reach our level of understanding. Thank you.


David: Thank you for the wonderful visit, Alana.

Alana: Yes, thank you for the invitation. The human mind has become confused about spiritual transformation. It has become attached to the idea of the miraculous, as a singular event.It has become used to the idea that one can speak to God once, register the time on His computer, and all is done. And so, with the idea of change – all change should have immediate and miraculous results. Welcome change with love, and you will learn to welcome each small progression of change with love that sees the miracle of the slightest step toward knowing God’s love, the Father’s attention, the Mother’s embrace. Thank you.