2003-05-11-Productive of Greatest Rewards

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Topic: Productive of Greatest Rewards

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: “It has been a good day for the children and for you, grandchildren and friends — a time of love and joy, interspersed with warm and cheerful telephone calls from afar — and I thank you, now that Mothers Day will be over in just a few minutes, and at this late hour, for your still giving your thoughts to a teacher and friend. This is Machiventa Melchizedek.”

Sandy: “Hello, dear Machiventa.”


Machiventa: “My love, and greetings, and best wishes go to you and yours and all who will hear my words on this new day. It is with great pride that I, too, honor all mothers on this occasion, together with their children who at such times revisit the memories of her lengthy and loving care.

“You may take it as guaranteed by me that we in our (spirit) realm also pay valuable tribute to, and hide not our admiration for, the many women who have loved and cared for the needy children of others, and when a birthmother for whatever reason cannot be there for her child.

“High tribute, I say, in recognition of the natural nurturing instincts that are so powerfully reawakened in a grandmother, an aunt, cousin, sister, friend, or foster mother, who will step right to the front of the line, and once more devote to that needy child the hours of comfort, love and tenderness of her sharing her life in this giving way.

“Productive of the greatest rewards in the universes is the loving and caring for a child, even though the smiles of recognition on their faces and that sparkle of happiness in their eyes alone so often makes it all worthwhile, as those so dependent on their carers provide happiness in inspiring the passion they provide.

“And so, too, does Mother Spirit look upon all her children today, and every day with love and pride, and does She welcome into her arms anyone of you who needs comfort. She is so happy when you ask for Her to be with you in love.

“She stands beside Christ Michael and they laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry. They are the perfect parents and all they ask from you in return is that you praise and honor your Paradise Father — so far, and yet so close — for the Gift to you of the guiding, Divine Fragment of the God of Love is ever with you.

“As well, your immediate Creator Parents have sent their guardian angels to keep all His children under their protection. And when the Father sees the love and care given by these multitudes of ‘additional mother figures’ on Urantia, His heart sings with joy. I hope you all had a happy Mothers Day.


“I am Machiventa.