2003-05-20-Visitors To Meet My Family

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Topic: Visitors To Meet My Family

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon: "Therefore, most of these distinguished and welcome visitors hardly ever had the need to speak with celestial teachers as is here the case, and will be so for generations to come. They show a keen interest in the procedures of our celestial to human contact – our methods and ways. We also learn from them.

"They are students and tutors – lecturers – visitors and diplomats, all, but they are true ambassadors for their ‘origin planets’ first and foremost, as am I, as are you an ambassador. And so on this evening you are a kind of novelty to them, and I brought them here to meet my family. That’s you, George! Family!

"They are here to observe us at our task in these early efforts, as they surround us, reach out, and ‘touch us’ both, to return and inform (others) about the work the Urantia receivers/transmitters are performing. To learn and teach is now their station in life – to inform about the kinds of tasks you and I have undertaken.

"We too, are ambassadors. You and I and all those who record and disseminate our brief conversations are ambassadors for the Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, and we do it in our way, by being us – personalities, individuals, unique in our own ways, as we disseminate our talks to the ‘foreigners’ that live all around you.

"I talk tongue-in-cheek about ‘foreigners’, George, because many (people) still think we are the strangest of creatures in our talking with each other across the time barrier, and many of them would also be very frightened if they perceived us in any way. And so, indeed, the receivers and ‘telepathic viewers’ are ambassadors when they broadcast our messages from Michael far and wide.

"You receivers proclaim His proposals for a peaceful world, His suggestions for your getting along with each other, His advice regarding soul growth for so many, the truth about the Father’s unending love for all, and this makes you ambassadors, each and all of you who pass on these communiqués, even to one person at a time.

"We are family, brother. We are siblings who amused ourselves in sharing the same sandbox. We overran the bathtub together, played hooky from school together, and poured honey into our father’s Sunday shoes. We are ambassadors now, who choose to follow Michael’s ways by placing our moccasins in His footprints, with every step, and all the way.

"And as we follow after Him, we will soon be with Him, and as we realize His immediate presence, he will point ahead to the goal of the ages – the attainment of the Father. And still we must remain who we are, and hold dear our individuality, talents and gifts, and draw ever closer to each other as we draw closer to Him in love.


"Well, we spoke for a long time, you and I, friends of long standing. With great courage, focus, and perseverance over the years, undeterred by the misleading counsel of some, we celebrate our good family life of many misunderstandings, few arguments and unending devotion to each other. This is Sharmon, who loves you.

"We can all go now. See you later."


The terms, "Spirit Self", "Pilot Light", "Father Fragment", and Thought Adjuster" have identical meanings.

The visitors were former humans, but not from this world.

See also: <https://www.1111publishers.com/GB25.html> -- A Portrait of Midwayer Sharmon -- ‘The Clown’ of the Midway Realm.

Sharmon is a lightning-fast messenger. She speaks many languages. "They are here together with their Guardian Angels, and all are amazed at how we operate. All have come from worlds that have long known how desperately troubled our world has been, and still is. Most have come from settled planets, where it was possible for the majority of mortals to discuss in detail, and with their Spirit Selves, the best way to go, and what to do in any circumstance. "Welcome all." "George, this is Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon. I have brought with me a number of new friends. They are six visitors from afar, who study with great interest the goings on on the Master's home world – which they see (know) as ‘the World of the Cross’ – and especially with an interest in the comparative ‘opening moments’ of the long awaited Correcting Time."