2003-06-21-Future Contact, Co-creation


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Future Contact, Co-creation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: "This is Andrea. It is a brand-new and fresh experience every time you open your mouth to speak the words that freely arrive, and without you knowing in advance just how the sentence will end. Will it then make sense, or will it be gibberish? You must simply trust what is still to come, and you do trust, and you will soon need to avail yourself of somewhat greater trust and courage.


"Gradually, we are going to lead you into a new way – a new method – although it will be similar to what we have been doing at some of our meetings in the past. You will find that over a period, you will occasionally get slabs of words, complete concepts, ‘full-sentence impressions’ where you, yourself must choose to place the to-you-available words just right.

"In other instances there will be what I can describe as nothing other than an inspired thought, where you yourself, after a pause, must formulate the entire sentence, to make our message come out just right. In this fashion, you will find that you will not merely be a syllable-for-syllable, word-for-word relay station of the precise words we want you to convey.

"Instead you will become co-creators with us in this work, where at present most receivers are mere tools for celestial entities – our directors – for whom we do all the translating for you. They are the Secondary Midwayers, and little more than a handful of us Primary Midwayers who do all the translation work for whichever celestial teacher we make this contact possible.

"At least, and by and large, that is how it has been so far, and we Midwayers have used you as mere conduits in this process, with no further co-creative effort on your part other than the full extent of your vocabulary, which you place at our service. In this new fashion we will begin to introduce greater slabs of mind-to-mind information to be passed onto you.

"Your brain and mind will need to be focused on the "packets" – the "bundles of information" – we project in thought or picture form. And it will then be necessary for you to put your words to it, and, yes, it is an added responsibility for you to be more co-creative in this way – of greater service to us than you have thus far provided. Yet it is also more rewarding in the sense that you are allowed to more freely express that which we bring across to you.

We propose that you will initially dislike these changes; this ‘stepping away from the production-line channeling’ that has been much more the rule so far, but we have also not introduced this new method very suddenly. With you as with many others, we experimented with ‘pushing across’ major slabs of information for these to be ‘viewed’ by you, and ‘put together’ by you in a comprehensive way.

"Count on it to become a more regular exercise. That’s all I have for you on this clear and cloudless evening, and I trust that you will not be too overwhelmed by these changes.


"This is Andrea. I send my love to all."