2003-11-20-Leading You Unerringly Forward


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Topic: Leading You Unerringly Forward

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske

Session 1


Dear one, in time to come your gratitude for, and your recognition of, My Still Small Voice within you, shall turn into a deeply felt joy and a jubilant trust that all is well.

And that you are secure and living in a most benevolent universe, which is looked after by a Creator Master Son and His Consort, the Divine Spirit, Whose evolving offspring all you earthlings are.

Created from a speck of dust of this earth, evolving up the ladder of evolution to become will creatures with the power to choose eternal life.

The earth-life was created for you; a Gift from the Almighty Creator of all the countless universes, for His free-will creatures to choose to make the long trek back to Paradise and stand before this self-same Almighty God as a perfected being.

Towards this goal, your earth-life lays the foundations. It is intended that you develop and train yourself through self-discipline, as a dependable, stalwart character, with a heart filled with sincerity, love and mercy towards all others, including every living being on this earth.

The original plan for your being here on planet earth, known as Urantia on high, was for you to be caretakers.

However, this plan has gone awry, because of the long-ago Lucifer Rebellion, and the insidious results are widely visible.

People think that they own the planet, although some more so then others, and treat her according to their whims, and greed for profit.

This falls immensely short of the ideal mark, which ideal is still in force and shall be manifested in future ages.

You now know, that the early stages of the Time of Correction have been inaugurated by Michael, also known as Jesus Your Creator Son, under the auspices of the Ancients on High.

And He invites each mortal to participate through their own free will choice and according to their gifts and capabilities, given to them by the Creator, to take part in this grandiose undertaking for re-habilitation.

I invite you to use Me, your Still Small Voice, as your Guide, to lead you unerringly forward.

Session 2

The Real Purpose Of Your Life Here On Earth.


Dear one, when one speaks of being created in the image of God, this does not relate to the physical temple. No!

It denotes the image of the soul/spirit, of which you and I are the builders.

The foundation therefore is being constructed in this earth-life, and this progress will continue through many a succeeding age and new worlds, which are more real than this material plane.

Material eyes are extremely limited in scope. Your long-range vision resides in the heart where spirit resides. Remember the words of yourMaster Son Michael, also known as Jesus of Nazareth; "In the house of My Father are many mansions."

Michael alluded to the various levels of spiritual development, in truth, the mansion worlds, where you will go for further training and development while rendering altruistic loving service much as you learn to do here on the physical plane.

Meanwhile, on the lowest plane, which is the material mortal plane, you can already choose to start this training by learning life’s lessons well. It is always up to each individual when, and if they wish to start, and how fast they wish to proceed.

Remember that The Universal God gave you the possibility of life itself with the free will to choice to proceed or not to proceed.

And God gave you a Fragment of Himself, Me, without diminishing Himself in this process.

The Fragment that I am is for you to discover and fully co-operate with on the long trek to find to First Source and Center of Everything on Paradise.

Meanwhile, you and I are at sometime during this journey to become one, where no one will be able to tell us apart anymore.

This is God’s promise: "I shall make man and woman into My Likeness."

I know we have touched on this before, but this needs to be forever etched into your heart, your soul and your mind.

That this is the real purpose of your life here on earth.

To commence your development as a spirit being.

Session 3

A Great Start To An Eternal Friendship.


Dear one, you learn by making choices and making decisions. Often you will realize in hindsight how the biggest mistakes turned out to become the greatest blessings in disguise.

Because these ‘supposed wrong choices’ that have given you the most heartaches over the years, have provided you with the greatest lessons from which you have learned the most.

It is true that by those wrong decisions you did not carve out for yourself an easy road to travel in this life. And through it all you kept calling out for spiritual help, not knowing that I was right inside of you.

So finally you are gaining soul-rest in the very center of your being, now you know that you can receive My counsel from moment to moment if you so desire.

Of course, this means turning within, but you know that by now. See how all these lessons have brought you closer to Me? And what a great start this is to an eternal Friendship.

I have experienced all the sorrows and joys with you, and now you have begun to know Me better and love Me more. You will also understand and love others more, even if it is only because the Eternal Creator lives in them, too, for God has bestowed a Fragment of Himself onto each thinking creature with the capacity for worship and wisdom.

This must be the starting point for you; to love them and understand them as part of yourself. For this is how God intimately experiences all sorrows and joys as you grow into spirit beings wherefore He created you.

The earth-life provides ample opportunities for learning, and for you to live with Me in this inner world. Thereby you can use My influence to make the right decisions in the outer world, and to achieve even more in-depth learning and loving in a greater understanding.

That is why every opportunity you take to come to Me for your private guidance is invaluable beyond measure.

Session 4



According To Your Faith.Dear one, to continue another lesson, I would like to touch on the subject of worries.

Worrying is a most useless activity to engage in. It wastes of lot of precious time that could be more fruitfully spent in prayer.

Prayer is by far the better activity as it engages the level of earnestness, sincerity and belief, with which a prayer is said. It also should not be a selfish prayer for instant gratification, for it is more helpful to pray for others.

Furthermore, the Creator does not mind by which name He is called, for this concerns only the caller.

Besides, prayer always goes to the appropriate Celestial Agencies, who always know and abide by the Father’s will, as the Father divested Himself of all duties able to be performed by others.

Only worship and adoration go directly to the Eternal God.

To return to our subject of Worry; this is an area where the ‘faith muscle’ can get a real workout to counteract that nefarious and deadly poison, for it can swallow up and drown a person in a sea of self pity and depression.

Prayer, trustful prayer, creates backbone for the soul, and it helps build up that faith muscle, and provide an undying hope for better days ahead.

And this is God’s promise: There always will be better days ahead, as life is being lived with a greater understanding, as wisdom is gained through experience, by your learning from mistakes, and as the realization dawns that all is well.

And, dear one, mistakes are lessons in disguise, for through these lessons one learns to forgive oneself and all others.

Even do the lessons from mistakes teach you to love self, and all others, more sincerely and in a sublime way.

Remember, that ‘according to your faith, it is done unto you.’

Worries disappear when you exercise your faith in the loving overcare of the Creator.

Come. Let Me assure you in My Presence that all is well.

Session 5

Be Mindful of Genetic Inheritance.


Dear one, in all suffering there is one great purpose: To entice you to come closer to the Godhead.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with supposed negative karma. The idea of karma slipped into the belief system of the humans to make sense out of suffering, and the idea was conceived that suffering was brought on through something or someone in a previous life.

This is an erroneous and unfortunate concept indeed.

There are genetic inheritances and energetic thought forms from the Akashic dimension that can be lodged in a person. But most so-called past life experiences are glimpses from the indwelling Fragment of God.

This Fragment has, like I have, perhaps numerous previous indwellings in mortals on other planets who for some reason could not, or chose not to ascend into eternal life.

The highly experienced Adjusters are more successful in reaching the mortal mind, when and if this mind is open and willing to co-operate, and not troubled by fear, superstition and powerful belief systems.

The Monitor is then better able to impart messages, but great care needs to be taken by the receiver to not mistake these messages as coming from a so-called previous existence of their selves, and from another lifetime.

All souls are new when they arrive on the planet, and so is the personality. One has to always be mindful that genetic inheritance plays a great role, going back untold generations all the way to plant life.

A newly created entity of a human couple and the presence of Spirit is totally unique, well nigh of unlimited potential and free will to follow the call of the Spirit.

Remember always that you can achieve oneness with Me, your eternal Fragment of the Godhead, by giving heed to My Still Small Voice within you.

Session 6

For This Is Hallowed Ground.


Dear one, I hold the curriculum of your life’s lessons within My being.

It is only when you pay more attention to My Still Voice, and truly endeavor to listen to what I have to say, that you can choose to follow My leading, so I can take you to where you may follow, and learn the lessons I would have you learn.

You learn the fastest through experience. And remember that each and everyone you meet also have a Fragment of God within them. Therefore, accord them love, patience, tolerance, understanding, and consideration.

If you would like to be treated as such, be the first to accord this consideration to all others.

Simply learn more from your Master Teacher, Jesus, and how He lived His life on this planet. Follow His example.

He was never in a hurry and went about doing what is good as He passed by.

He would pause on the road to speak to a weary traveler, who might not have been conscious of his or her soul needs, but everyone felt better after having spoken with Him.

He is a great example to follow, and from Whom to learn to be conscious of the needs of others, which can only happen through experience as you pass by.

On life’s road, you will meet many weary fellow travelers that might not realize that they, too, are the beloved children of the eternal God, who loves them as a Parent does.

God is the ideal pattern for all parents, in showing love, mercy and understanding when their children err, as God does for each mortal, for you are all still learning to become spiritual beings.

It is through trial and error that you learn. Some learn faster, others slower, but to God, each are equally valuable, as God is no respecter of persons.

Each mortal is of God’s Creation.

Sit in the Silence before Me, for this is Hallowed Ground.

And so I may lead you into a greater understanding of how I would have you live.

Session 7

Many Shall Be the Blessings.


Dear one, enjoy the Silence with Me. It is the reward for those who persist in seeking Me, and when they find Me, they too shall experience this incredible Peace that is a balm for the soul, and that so much calms the human system.

Many shall be the blessings that await a soul who diligently each day sets a time apart to come to Me without expectation, yet knowing that in this being together with Me an unbreakable bond will grow stronger each day.

The human personality gains the fruit of a greater harmonious balance within itself, because it becomes more and more aware of the Radiant Presence of the Eternal God within.

This can be and needs to be experienced by all mortals. And in the process shall dawn upon them the realization that, because of their Fragment of God, they are becoming immortal while yet in the flesh.

This assurance no one can take away, for once gained it will never be forgotten.

This is the faith that longs for all things good and endures all things bad. For the material things are fleeting and shall pass away, while eternal values remain.

Rest in this assurance. Be at peace and commune more with Me in the Silence.

For I am your Betrothed, Who lives and moves in you as you live and move in Me, whilst together we are as one.

Session 8

You Can Attain the Highest Estate Possible.


Dear one, you are harboring a deep-felt sense of unworthiness, perceived by you only, of your never entirely measuring up to anyone’s expectations. How can I impress upon your mind that these thoughts are truly self-defeating and a misuse of precious thinking power and of time?

How can I impress upon your mind that you are a truly beloved child of the Creator? Even though the Creator has myriad creatures, He bestows His Love upon you as if you were the only one.

In a manner of speaking, that is what you truly are, because there is no replica of you in all of God’s limitless creation. This is why it is written in your olden records of your Master Michael Son, also known as Jesus, that: "He is the only begotten Son of God," even though he is of a vast Creator order of Sons of God.

Even in your lowly mortal estate as an evolutionary creature, you can attain to the highest estate possible, to become a perfected being in the likeness of the Eternal Creator. You can become worthy of serving Him in the far distant times, and in the outlying mighty creations now in the making as great energy aggregations.

Meanwhile, you have only just started out on your age-long inward journey towards Paradise, because of the one command to each of His evolving children: "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect."

Therefore, My beloved, ponder the meaning of this, and truly know that it is more then time for you to shed your poor self-image, and those self-defeating thoughts, which only lead to depression, which is a form of fear.

Instead, focus on and realize what a magnificent journey you are on. Open yourself up, so the Love of God can be poured into you, and through you, unhindered.

All you need to do is ask, especially when you find yourself slipping again into that dark abyss of depression through which you set up a block between God’s love and you.

Be that carefree child you were meant to be. It is never too late, for to God time is non-existent. There is only the now, that is why it is called the present; presented to you by God.

For this command is for each and everyone with ears to hear, and a heart to understand.

Session 9

Between Hammer and Anvil.


Dear one, yes, you can develop a continuous song in your heart of hearts to the glory of the One Creator God. Even though you do not give expression in voice and words, the Eternal knows what lives in your heart, and He knows the great strides you are making in your faith and trust.

To a large extent this is due to your developing self-discipline, and your increasing hunger for communion, which keep you coming back to Me in the Silence for more of that inner peace.

A Peace that calms your tired nerves and restores them to a greater calm than you have ever known before. A Peace like a calmly flowing river that sweeps all irritants away, and stands as a sentinel to overshadow your past and nullifies all past mistakes and disappointments.

And yet this Peace is also forging you between hammer and anvil into the personality you are becoming day by day.

This Peace is giving you the feeling of security, and of protection, but most of all the feeling of being loved and accepted just the way you are. As well, it gives you the feeling of being guided throughout all the days of your life.

This Peace helps you to overcome character flaws, as you grow in sincerity of heart, for by now you have realized that nothing is hidden from the all-seeing and all-knowing eye of God, Who delights when a human heart responds to the Call of His Spirit.

Rejoice in the sure knowledge that all is well, and that you, too, are a beloved child of the Creator, who is ever so slowly forging you into the shape of His own image.

Yes, I know mortal life can be drudgery. And yet it totally depends on how you look at it, either pessimistically or optimistically. I suggest that you practice the latter.

After all, you can always depend on Me to uplift your thoughts, as I am closer to you than your breath, nearer to you than your hands and feet.