2004-01-18-Importance of Leadership

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Topic: Importance of Leadership

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Friends, to you I extend my greetings. I am Elyon. I relish these opportunities to commingle in mind and heart, to ponder the meanings derived from conversation, and to realize new insight that graces one another by your sharing and openness.


It is inherent in personality makeup to desire to receive guidance and support from one another. This allows individuals extra energies to pursue the unknown, to experience a greater sphere of functioning that is otherwise unattainable in isolation. Teamwork provides such an arena wherein talents are overlaid one with another's to develop a progression of spiritual growth. The mass of the accumulation of the contributions of personalities creates a momentum that will draw one along who is struggling, who has doubts, who may feel inadequate to the task of ascension. It infuses energy into each within this mass, keeping forward movement when all of one's ongoing activities tend to distract from reaching ever higher.

Pressure can motivate you to apply yourself diligently, however, pressure does not necessarily create within you an application discerningly. Pressured coupled with reflection in your quiet time and support in your social time adds discernment and guides your diligence. This mechanism, this approach, transforms pressure into positive momentum. Often there arises in the mind the ever recurring question of importance. It is an element of your makeup which will propel you toward Paradise. You activate this center of value adjustment within your mind every day. You do so with the basic tasks of normal life, and you do so with the momentous choices of life direction. The weight of the value of importance serves to organize your sense of progress. In the minutiae of the mundane and the magnitude of the lofty this function of mind ever plays out.

A personality at peace is one who adjusts levels of importance through will, through discernment, through support and feedback; seizes the center, recognizes the responsibility of self choice. The distraught personality is one who orders importance solely from the buffeting actions of all activities surrounding one, a reactive response. This weakens the will center, creates the sense of being one step behind, of chasing after need and accomplishment.

Every one of you has experienced the stress of such external bearing upon yourself, and I have often encouraged you to engage in the practice of stillness, for this is a time interval wherein you may cease all pressure, retreat from the many demands. In that chamber of silence the clutter of all activity settles, and, just as you experience your sun emerging as a cloudy day breaks, so does in simplicity the rise of that of highest importance emerge before your mind's eye in quiet time.

I will adjust this word "importance" and also remind you that this interval of solitude is not strictly a time of being alone, for you are also importing valuable spiritual energy which bears upon your mind and even penetrates your physical mechanism. This storing up of the heavenly powers, while they may not solve your problems, nourishes you, invigorates you so that you are better capable of addressing these problems. Even to one who is not in stress, who has achieved relative peace and tranquillity and smooth operation in daily life, this importing of energy enhances your export as ministry, for as it has been said, it is he who saw Jesus who saw the Father. While his actions intrigued the multitudes, his presence transformed the individual with the eye open and the ear to hear. You will take in the divine power and express it.

The source is the same for everyone of you. Your manifestation is as varied as each of you is from each other. While one may express in one avenue and another in a seemingly contrary approach your presence, your energy field will demonstrate to the seeking soul the source from which you have derived your expression. This will bring the recognition of truth to that other individual.

It is wise for you to continue your universe education, to simultaneously broaden and deepen your grasp of universe realities. However, your ability to engage yourself in proper adjustment and alignment to such realities is enhanced through the simple task of stillness wherein you do not acquire any increased knowledge, rather you acquire deeper experience of divine presence and your connection. This association of God with the child of God creates an incredibly strong foundation wherein you are more greatly capable of acquiring and accommodating the enlightenment that comes your way through universe investigation and personality interrelationships.

It is my pleasure to be enlisted with you in this undertaking as a group. I repeat my dedication to the cause of your upliftment. I witness your responses, and I foresee your maturation in your combination as the team that we are and expect expression from each that will assist our Michael Son in reaching all his children at their level of need, at their degree of importance. I admonish you to be on guard in your discernment of another's level of importance wrestling, to value their dilemma of the moment. It may be a quandary to you far simple as you have grown, as you have proceeded down your spiritual path, but crucial to the struggling soul.

I encourage you likewise to look about you for those who have adjusted their importance tiers, that you may catch a glimpse and be encouraged to further refine your system of important values, of meaningful undertakings, for it is individuals that you seek in this manner who function with just as much contribution as I give you in this manner. Your human fellows are perhaps greater teachers than I due to their tangible, verifiable proximity. I must function as it were on the other side of the veil wherein you have far less opportunity to sense my manifestation. This is my handicap and creates my growth.

As an ascending mortal as yourselves, I have always functioned with personalities within my range of contactability. Now at my level of ascent I am afforded the opportunity to make contact beyond my ranges of sensibility. I too have some degree of what you might call blindness to our association as you feel toward myself. I cannot describe the energy differential. You will have to undergo the ascent before you comprehend that distinction. It does not distance us in love; it does not weaken the truth we experience, but it does alter describe- ability. It does hinder the ease of relate-ability. There is a way out of the difficulty in the differential of ascending beings to inter-associate on different levels of universe standing, and that is, I must say, stillness, for it is through this experience that each one of you directly contacts the source in each one of us. Then, even with the handicaps of time and space, we sense our brotherhood and through that association understand each other soulfully, even if we cannot comprehend each other mentally.

Again I thank you for your receptivity to my words.


Mark: We suffer in this realm from a planetary lack of authority. We generally don't accept authority to guide us as a people. We desire to confer this authority onto personalities like yourselves on the other side of the veil to facilitate our understanding. We become more spiritized by our relationship with you, and we are destined to understand your lessons. Perhaps authority will shift to us if we have sufficiently grown spiritually. Last week the question came up of where leadership comes from. At what point do we as students become authorities or leaders in this teaching program?

Elyon: I will firstly remind you of a prior lesson on authority wherein it was given to you that that word also contains your word "author", and it creates the perspective true authority is the creative initialization of an individual toward a particular program or activity or goal. I will use the example of a school playground.

Imagine myself as the playground monitor and you all as the many upon the playground seeking activities to undertake. I come along to you and suggest the various games you may play together in teams. I point out various playground apparatus that you may engage yourself with in order to act out these games. Yet who must undertake the execution of these activities? It is not myself, the playground monitor. It is each of you who develop your teams, who establish your sets of rules. It is as you have said, the authority lies with each of you to initiate and to undertake those endeavors which will result in uplifting this world. As you continue to develop your projects, to pursue your dreams, you can return to teachers like myself, the playground monitors, for arbitration, for clarification on how to engage yourselves. Myself and my teaching associates are not the children on the playground; we are the monitors. While we may undertake preparatory activities such as mowing the field, preparing the apparatus, sweeping the tarmac, we are not the ones who play the games -- and I speak of games positively.

I cannot refrain from reminding you all again that all authority converges from each one of you and myself and my associates in the Father. Stillness is that location wherein you receive authority from the Author of all things. Today I sense you address a critical need, and that is trust and self worth. This world has not had upon it headquarters of authority representing the worlds of the system and constellation. Much abuse has gone on upon this planet wherein authority has been applied in terms of restriction, confinement, and selfishness. So authority is often viewed with a wary eye or battled over so as to allow one body, be it individual or collective, to be the authority so as to not be threatened by other authorities. This creates the confusion of where to turn, who to look to, and the need to seek ones like myself for the justification of your undertaking.

Michael on this world spoke with authority. He was one simple man from a small village in an oppressed culture run by an outside authority. That did not stop him from speaking for the Father. He also reminded every one of his followers to not be concerned for what they ought to say when they find themselves before the authorities of the world, but that spirit will speak. This developed within yourselves creates the trust in what is an authority overlaid on all.

Also, Father in heaven relishes diversity of expression as it accumulates in the growth of Supreme values and teaches through accomplishment as well as error what is important. He grants you power of choice to pursue your scent. Authority as it has been misused on this world attempts to restrain many to the agenda of few. Even on small scales there is a tendency for some to corral and restrict the activities of others, claiming authority. This is not the Father's approach. Authority is His granting you the power to pursue your dream, your spiritual ideals, not to control his other children.

The overall perspective of what this planet needs is not contained within the mind of any single human.

I hope this has contributed to your observation. Mark: Indeed. As kids fall to arguing over whose game to play, so we must live this life arguing. Perhaps the bright spot is that individuals are allowed to express. If this expression is spiritualized like Michael's expression then it has a drawing force, a spiritual authority, to be a positive influence on the raucous playground of life.

Elyon: Yes. To further develop this playground metaphor, as you have indicated, while many on the playground argue over how the games are to be played, sight is lost of all that went into creating the playground to begin with, of all that goes into maintenance, the administration and function, all the support. This is where your high planetary administrators and system administrators come in. It is hoped that as this world develops that the overall perspective will adjust to realize this background support. Then the fighting over how the games ought to be played will diminish as each one realizes that contribution positively to the engagement in these activities brings to fruition all the established functions, all the preexisting conditions, for an empty playground is useless, but a full playground in harmony is the flowering of Light and Life.

Tom: In our text it says that between two individuals leadership is provided. Is that genetic endowment or a cultivated sensitivity to spiritual value that provides this leadership disparity?

Elyon: Leadership will emerge given a differential between individuals. It is a maturity function both in mental knowledge and experience and spiritual awareness and experience. Genetic leadership is not, strictly speaking, leadership or rather function based on ability. True leaders inspire followers to become as the leader. A misguided leader suppresses to maintain followers. In the realm of physical functioning such a constraint, while seeming to be leadership, is merely a functional control.

Leadership spiritually has time and place and will shift depending on differential.

You have an expression "out of the mouth of babes", and this illustrates very well the two aspects of leadership: the external, social element that involves authority, a power over, an ability to convey what is known to one who does not; and the internal, spiritual dimension wherein leadership will change roles, wherein the unlearned and the simple will reveal and enlighten, for the role must not be confused with the flexible function of teaching and learning, of demonstrating and acquiring.

Machiventa revealed to you years back that there is no set title that you each hold, be it "apostle" or "disciple", but rather it is a mode of functioning for a duration of time. Such is the case with leadership, with teacher and student. Ever be willing to rise to the leadership occasion, and ever be ready to sit down and receive from another.

Mark: Thank you. We appreciate the role you play, providing that verification you spoke of.

Elyon: You are welcome. I will leave with one more small metaphor.

You have developed a media storage device, your tapes, and you speak of the beginning of your tapes as "the leader". Yet you fully know that that leader is not to be recorded on, that what is important follows the leader, is subsequent to leadership. Therefore, as you function as leaders remember what is important, what transpires following leadership, is the true activity. I may be your leader, but you are the content of the tape. You make the sound. You are what is sought after to be experienced by others. Thank you.

Evelyn: I want to comment on your lesson on pressure and organizing importance, being sensitive that others are doing that, organizing the pressures in their lives. One way to do that is by just listening to someone sharing their issues. In the course of their making statements they often discover for themselves what is more important. When they relate to someone else, they have an opportunity to sort out the importance levels.

Elyon: This is extremely true, for the presence of the divine Monitor within is so close to the personality that, as that personality expresses, the divine Presence is the first to respond and to offer insight to aid in realization long before that expression through word reaches the ears of a fellow. If you simply sit receptively you grant the opportunity for the divine Monitor to move within the inner places of the one who is seeking to organize importance. Thank you for your comment.

Tom: Your illustration of a leader on a tape, was that similar to our discussion about principle before personality?

Elyon: I would amend that metaphor to accommodate your question by stating that it is the type of tape you use that is principle. It is what you do with the tape that is personality. All principles create the format wherein personalities make the music.

I hope this answers your question.

Tom: Yes, thank you. Personality is still number one, right?

Elyon: Personality develops uniqueness. Principle is given equally to all as would be a box of blank tapes, constrained by parameters that define the principle. Each of you make each tape unique in the manner in which you play out the principles through your personalities. The two go hand in hand.


I withdraw, thank you.