2004-01-29-Tough Love

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Topic: Tough Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Some six years ago, and not long after giving birth to a baby daughter, Tanya Norton suddenly collapsed and left this world for good. It was a very sad parting that broke up a great relationship, left an infant without its mom, a husband deeply traumatized. But Tanya has been busy looking down on her two loved ones from up above. Recently she managed to get her husband’s Destiny Guardians to act on her behalf. Months ago, Rodney Norton became a good friend of the 11:11 Progress Group, soon he began working with the 1,111 Spirit Guardians, even attracted a Celestial Artisan to help him with his writing. Yesterday, he contacted us again.

It has been a time of shock after shock for me. About six weeks ago I woke up in a panic, believing that half my skull and my left brain were missing. A few days later, I was having another sweat-it-out nightmare. This time I dreamed that half my teeth were missing, but on December 29, I lost my wedding ring while I slept. I never take it off. It’s a perfect fit, and it does not come off easily at all, even in water. I woke up screaming, "My ring is gone!" That was at the moment it came off, but it was nowhere to be found, and I still haven’t found it. What do you make of this?

I told Rodney Norton I would ask the Midwayers. Perhaps they would put the information into my mind during the night, as I slept. Perhaps I could find a Midwayer the following day and channel the answer, or perhaps I might try to translate the dreams.


Bzutu: "I was there with you, and I witnessed your anguish at the little one being bounced about, as do I recall the attendants words, ‘This hurts me more than it hurts him.’ It was the best cure for what was immediately threatening a life. It was tough love.

"And so it is with the ever-caring Destiny Guardians. They among all, are the most brilliant of mind doctors, always at hand, and, yes, they employ tough love on occasions when the human mind-set cannot not cooperate with what is the best way to proceed for all concerned.

"And so, for an individual to wake up from a dream believing half of his skull and brain are missing, is a clear indication that emotions are rampant and logic is repressed, or vice versa. That he or she with perhaps the right hemisphere missing is not giving enough attention to the emotions. That with the left hemisphere missing all reasoning has taken a backseat in this individual’s life. There is a serious unbalance and it needs to be brought back into balance.

"And so, for an individual to awaken from a dream to believe that half of his teeth are missing, may well indicate that the food is eaten too hurriedly, or that the diet is so ‘constructed’ as to leave the subject in an unhealthy state. What is the motivation, the object of the deeper conscious in this exercise? To unconsciously create a method to hurriedly join the departed? But what of the young life then left behind?

"Well, at long last the Midwayers have gone into action and made disappear a wedding ring so profoundly indicative of a shackle, an ever-lasting tie of one person to another, but here a chain, or handcuffs to a past. Yet it is a past that cannot return when the partner is gone from this world and has settled on a higher sphere. And when one of the parents is left behind to do all the caring, it is a healthy move to seek out a new partner, especially if young offspring are involved.

"And, yes, they were us Midwayers who took the ring. We are not of a mind to keep it, but will replace it, and it will be found when the ultimate realization has arrived that one journey has ended for another now to begin, at Tanya’s request.

"This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu. Adieu my friend and brother.


"I’m ever so pleased my dear friend and brother that on this occasion you remembered to first switch on the recorder. I am up to date with the information to be passed on to you, and I want to give you a suitable comparison to what is happening to your dear brother, Rodney. I take you back to a time in the seventies, when one of your infants was placed face down on a pillow and pounded and pounded. It was the only method to quickly clear the baby’s airways. It was skillfully applied to save a life. "I’ve got an image. This is a young woman, a slender young lady. She has a rather pale oval face, rather long dark or black hair, and she’s wearing an ankle-length blue dress. Sort of hippie-like. Cheerful! I guess that’s a picture of Tanya."

Rodney Norton Wrote