2004-02-04-Projects Progress


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Topic: Projects Progress

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: "Your restless minds dream up a thousand and one projects. Your human time constraints restrict you to attempting no more than four or five of these. And unforeseen complications often limit you to the successful execution of but one or two. Welcome to the harsh world of short-term time/space reality! And what do you say to that? Well, a grunt and a smile are enough of an answer for me, each time as I hit another easy-to-come-by jackpot. So let’s look at it.

"Since we might perhaps presume that you and I will endure forever, and that we will eventually meet up on some world or other, we will have much to reminisce about, and talk of the things we had in common, and what we disagreed about. Above all, we will treasure our friendship, steadfastness in doing the Father’s will, I would safely guess, and about our maintaining the cohesion within this broader group.

"Is there a lesson in this? Perhaps?

"We would most of all treasure the cooperation and friendship we were capable of, less so the projects brought to completion. Indeed, at "that sidewalk café in the sky," we would discuss the journey we took side by side, the directions in which we traveled, and not so much the end destination. Yes, we would ponder how such different species as human and midwayer could learn to rely upon each other, and we would attach a lesser value to the work that was done, for the Father Almighty would have soon send capable replacements had we tired of our tasks.

"We would consider the importance to our soul progress through our friendships, our group cohesion, and our serving the Father’s causes. And we would deliberate the all-important intent on doing what is good, true and beautiful. As well, and lastly, we would hint at the relative unimportance of the actual undertakings we were about and the successes we attained.

"To answer your specific question last of all: We do not have clearer channels. We do not have a magic wand either. What we do have is a multitude of channels, and the possibilities of contact are enormously increased to and from all nooks and crannies of the universe and beyond as you have already discovered. The number of "subscribers" to the network has increased beyond your imagination, though you and I will almost always still battle with our ‘clear communications’ as we have in the past.


"This is ABC-22. I send my love to all. Adieu."


"So would my workload keep bowling me over if my interests were simply more, more, and more of the same but different, as it tends to be with you humans. You are collectively disinclined to get the overall terrestrial picture all that well, at least not until you are about ready to be transported by us to your future "elsewhere abode." "Up to not enough, I guess. My workload has kept bowling me over." "It can be a little disconcerting for us to be thought of as irrelevant, and especially if so thought of by the supposedly wise, but uninformed among you. It is a great deal more troubling to the psyche to be prayed to, or venerated like a guru, an avatar, or a god by the uneducated. For me it is rewarding, however, to be considered a friend, a welcome advisor, and a better-informed sibling by those with whom the long-time bond of friendship and respect flourishes. So, what are we up to now?"