2004-03-21-Becoming A TR

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Topic: Becoming a TR

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: "Hello, hello! Is there anyone at home in there? This is your friend of old, and of endless successes and failures. This is Andrea. Apart from the many other jobs I have, I am occasionally pleasured to pass on a few messages, like sprinkling about a few bread crusts for the pigeons. It’s a great pastime, not a real obligation, but a true pleasure to serve instead.

"And I see we have a smile, a chuckle even. It’s good to be here with this "lone receiver", and I’m just joking about the bread crusts and the pigeons as well, my dear friend. You are decidedly not a pigeon but a valuable co-worker in the army that has placed itself at Michael’s service.

"And, yes, it is correct that your Midwayer friend has been given a new, additional assignment in South Africa. According to the latest reports on the airwaves, and for which we all sharpen our hearing and prick up our ears in the right direction, good progress has been made.

"It is now over to his human contact to prepare with regular meditation, to find solitude in a darkened room, and the Destiny Guardians will then alert our Midwayer friend. It is advised to study the text, to begin a lengthy period of regular stillness practice, and to write down or record (tape record) the words and pictures that come to mind.

"Every beginning at receiving/transmitting is different, and it can be difficult just as likely as it can come with great ease. It is important to retain all the information gained, yet to initially not be too trusting of what comes through, but to build up trust over time as information is recorded, later clarified, or confirmed, and thus with this physical proof determined as accurate for oneself.

"Neither you nor I, my friend, have a crystal ball that will allow us to know how this new "asset" of Michael’s Correcting Time will pan out in the future. Our thoughts are that the subject’s excellent disposition, sincerity, soul-hunger, and love for the Creator will bring about the start of a most successful venture. We thank you for your interest shown in our promising débutante and co-worker, and I thank you for passing on these proverbial bread crusts.George [laughing].


"My love goes out to you all. This is Andrea. I’m glad I made your day."