2004-04-01-Why The Akashic Construct


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Topic: Why The Akashic Construct

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Thought Adjuster, Joseph, the Younger, Andrea, Bzutu, Michael

TR: George Barnard, Helen Whitworth, Rebecca



  • (Akashic Records) Why the Akashic Construct?
  • From George Barnard


The 11:11 Progress Group’s single focus is to make the Urantia Midwayers better known. So, OK, there are 1,111 of these Spirit Guardians, plus 873 rehabilitated ones, as well as more than 100,000 lining up on other star systems to follow their advance guard in making the lengthy trip to this planet, and assist us all on a long-term, but rotating, basis. So… what…?

So the handful of 11:11 receivers aren’t going to last forever, whilst the Midwayers will all be here for just about eternity and three-and-a-half more days. They are clamoring to establish a working relationship with all those who are 11:11 prompted—well over one million people worldwide and growing in number. Regular stillness/meditation is one way of getting in better touch with these Celestial Beings. For those who find it hard to totally calm their minds, the Akashic Construct’s visualization technique is the best, inexpensive way.

A year 2000 or 2001 Akashic Construct student posted this (below):

I used the construct provided by George Barnard on two occasions to contact help with medical problems. In both cases I was cured the next morning. One was a damaged nerve casing on my foot, causing a large lump the diameter of a quarter. This condition had persisted for five years and I was told surgery could repair it. The day after asking for assistance, it was gone and has not re appeared in months.

The first healing was of a long-term gynecological problem. It ended the night I asked for help from Dr. Mendoza. I had been working with my doctor for about a year, but the problem had persisted.

Let go of your fear and trust in the Father and his helpers.

Signed… C.

At this early stage, there are just 26 new Akashic Construct students on the new 11:11 A.C. list, but there will be hundreds. After making the 11:11 Spirit Guardians better known to well over 1,000 readers, it is merely a follow-up task for the 11:11 International Progress Group to encourage many more closer Celestial-Human associations. There are many healers and quite some future receivers/transmitters amongst you, who, almost to a man/woman :-), found us by typing 11:11 into your search engines. You already were contactees.

The A.C. CD-ROM is inexpensive. Bob Teeter, who looks after www.1111SpiritGuardians.com, put the following URL on the web site for a "painless" purchase of his CD-ROM re-mastering of my original magnetic tapes:

Session 2

  • Nottingham, England
  • June 7, 2004.
  • Teacher Armesh.
  • Subject: "Paths and People—Questions from the Receiver."
  • Received by Helen Whitworth.


Armesh: "In the meantime you must be patient. You are being primed and made ready and though you cannot feel it or see it, much is changing. You feel almost alone, and almost back to how you were before. How could that not be?

"They are waiting but not waiting, since time is here forever. You will be ready. Trust in this, and trust in yourself when you cannot feel the others (spirit guides and companions).

"Keep your system clear and learn what is you, and what is others. Next?"


Armesh: "Those in physical form, mainly in the physical; those used to their light-bodies—in the higher realms, and those midway scouts and helpers in the same place again (meaning the visitors visit Earth in as close to their 'natural' form as possible).

"There are many more accepting the wake-up now, and much work is available for those who wish to help.

"You have indeed received this call. The Midwayers you are working with are close cousins to those mentioned within literature you have had access to, but differ in that Earth is not their planet of origin.

"The ones you work with are like yourself, wanderers—the diplomatic corp."

Session 3

  • Leading You Unerringly Forward.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, in time to come your gratitude for, and your recognition of, My Still Small Voice within you, shall turn into a deeply felt joy and a jubilant trust that all is well.

And that you are secure and living in a most benevolent universe, which is looked after by a Creator Master Son and His Consort, the Divine Spirit, Whose evolving offspring all you earthlings are.

Created from a speck of dust of this earth, evolving up the ladder of evolution to become will creatures with the power to choose eternal life.

The earth-life was created for you; a Gift from the Almighty Creator of all the countless universes, for His free-will creatures to choose to make the long trek back to Paradise and stand before this self-same Almighty God as a perfected being.

Towards this goal, your earth-life lays the foundations. It is intended that you develop and train yourself through self-discipline, as a dependable, stalwart character, with a heart filled with sincerity, love and mercy towards all others, including every living being on this earth.

The original plan for your being here on planet earth, known as Urantia on high, was for you to be caretakers.

However, this plan has gone awry, because of the long-ago Lucifer Rebellion, and the insidious results are widely visible.

People think that they own the planet, although some more so then others, and treat her according to their whims, and greed for profit.

This falls immensely short of the ideal mark, which ideal is still in force and shall be manifested in future ages.

You now know, that the early stages of the Time of Correction have been inaugurated by Michael, also known as Jesus Your Creator Son, under the auspices of the Ancients on High.

And He invites each mortal to participate through their own free will choice and according to their gifts and capabilities, given to them by the Creator, to take part in this grandiose undertaking for re-habilitation.

I invite you to use Me, your Still Small Voice, as your Guide, to lead you unerringly forward.

Session 4

  • (Purpose) The Real Purpose Of Your Life Here On Earth.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, when one speaks of being created in the image of God, this does not relate to the physical temple. No!

It denotes the image of the soul/spirit, of which you and I are the builders.

The foundation therefore is being constructed in this earth-life, and this progress will continue through many a succeeding age and new worlds, which are more real than this material plane.

Material eyes are extremely limited in scope. Your long-range vision resides in the heart where spirit resides. Remember the words of your Master Son Michael, also known as Jesus of Nazareth; "In the house of My Father are many mansions."

Michael alluded to the various levels of spiritual development, in truth, the mansion worlds, where you will go for further training and development while rendering altruistic loving service much as you learn to do here on the physical plane.

Meanwhile, on the lowest plane, which is the material mortal plane, you can already choose to start this training by learning life’s lessons well. It is always up to each individual when, and if they wish to start, and how fast they wish to proceed.

Remember that The Universal God gave you the possibility of life itself with the free will to choice to proceed or not to proceed.

And God gave you a Fragment of Himself, Me, without diminishing Himself in this process.

The Fragment that I am is for you to discover and fully co-operate with on the long trek to find to First Source and Center of Everything on Paradise.

Meanwhile, you and I are at sometime during this journey to become one, where no one will be able to tell us apart anymore.

This is God’s promise: "I shall make man and woman into My Likeness."

I know we have touched on this before, but this needs to be forever etched into your heart, your soul and your mind.

That this is the real purpose of your life here on earth.

To commence your development as a spirit being.

Session 5

  • (Friendship) A Great Start To An Eternal Friendship.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, you learn by making choices and making decisions. Often you will realize in hindsight how the biggest mistakes turned out to become the greatest blessings in disguise.

Because these ‘supposed wrong choices’ that have given you the most heartaches over the years, have provided you with the greatest lessons from which you have learned the most.

It is true that by those wrong decisions you did not carve out for yourself an easy road to travel in this life. And through it all you kept calling out for spiritual help, not knowing that I was right inside of you.

So finally you are gaining soul-rest in the very center of your being, now you know that you can receive My counsel from moment to moment if you so desire.

Of course, this means turning within, but you know that by now. See how all these lessons have brought you closer to Me? And what a great start this is to an eternal Friendship.

I have experienced all the sorrows and joys with you, and now you have begun to know Me better and love Me more. You will also understand and love others more, even if it is only because the Eternal Creator lives in them, too, for God has bestowed a Fragment of Himself onto each thinking creature with the capacity for worship and wisdom.

This must be the starting point for you; to love them and understand them as part of yourself. For this is how God intimately experiences all sorrows and joys as you grow into spirit beings wherefore He created you.

The earth-life provides ample opportunities for learning, and for you to live with Me in this inner world. Thereby you can use My influence to make the right decisions in the outer world, and to achieve even more in-depth learning and loving in a greater understanding.

That is why every opportunity you take to come to Me for your private guidance is invaluable beyond measure.

Session 6

  • (Faith) According To Your Faith.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, to continue another lesson, I would like to touch on the subject of worries.

Worrying is a most useless activity to engage in. It wastes of lot of precious time that could be more fruitfully spent in prayer.

Prayer is by far the better activity as it engages the level of earnestness, sincerity and belief, with which a prayer is said. It also should not be a selfish prayer for instant gratification, for it is more helpful to pray for others.

Furthermore, the Creator does not mind by which name He is called, for this concerns only the caller.

Besides, prayer always goes to the appropriate Celestial Agencies, who always know and abide by the Father’s will, as the Father divested Himself of all duties able to be performed by others.

Only worship and adoration go directly to the Eternal God.

To return to our subject of Worry; this is an area where the ‘faith muscle’ can get a real workout to counteract that nefarious and deadly poison, for it can swallow up and drown a person in a sea of self pity and depression.

Prayer, trustful prayer, creates backbone for the soul, and it helps build up that faith muscle, and provide an undying hope for better days ahead.

And this is God’s promise: There always will be better days ahead, as life is being lived with a greater understanding, as wisdom is gained through experience, by your learning from mistakes, and as the realization dawns that all is well.

And, dear one, mistakes are lessons in disguise, for through these lessons one learns to forgive oneself and all others.

Even do the lessons from mistakes teach you to love self, and all others, more sincerely and in a sublime way.

Remember, that ‘according to your faith, it is done unto you.’

Worries disappear when you exercise your faith in the loving overcare of the Creator.

Come. Let Me assure you in My Presence that all is well.

Session 7

  • (Genetic Engineering) Be Mindful of Genetic Inheritance.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, in all suffering there is one great purpose: To entice you to come closer to the Godhead.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with supposed negative karma. The idea of karma slipped into the belief system of the humans to make sense out of suffering, and the idea was conceived that suffering was brought on through something or someone in a previous life.

This is an erroneous and unfortunate concept indeed.

There are genetic inheritances and energetic thought forms from the Akashic dimension that can be lodged in a person. But most so-called past life experiences are glimpses from the indwelling Fragment of God.

This Fragment has, like I have, perhaps numerous previous indwellings in mortals on other planets who for some reason could not, or chose not to ascend into eternal life.

The highly experienced Adjusters are more successful in reaching the mortal mind, when and if this mind is open and willing to co-operate, and not troubled by fear, superstition and powerful belief systems.

The Monitor is then better able to impart messages, but great care needs to be taken by the receiver to not mistake these messages as coming from a so-called previous existence of their selves, and from another lifetime.

All souls are new when they arrive on the planet, and so is the personality. One has to always be mindful that genetic inheritance plays a great role, going back untold generations all the way to plant life.

A newly created entity of a human couple and the presence of Spirit is totally unique, well nigh of unlimited potential and free will to follow the call of the Spirit.

Remember always that you can achieve oneness with Me, your eternal Fragment of the Godhead, by giving heed to My Still Small Voice within you.

Session 8

  • (Stillness) For This Is Hallowed Ground.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, I hold the curriculum of your life’s lessons within My being.

It is only when you pay more attention to My Still Voice, and truly endeavor to listen to what I have to say, that you can choose to follow My leading, so I can take you to where you may follow, and learn the lessons I would have you learn.

You learn the fastest through experience. And remember that each and everyone you meet also have a Fragment of God within them. Therefore, accord them love, patience, tolerance, understanding, and consideration.

If you would like to be treated as such, be the first to accord this consideration to all others.

Simply learn more from your Master Teacher, Jesus, and how He lived His life on this planet. Follow His example.

He was never in a hurry and went about doing what is good as He passed by.

He would pause on the road to speak to a weary traveler, who might not have been conscious of his or her soul needs, but everyone felt better after having spoken with Him.

He is a great example to follow, and from Whom to learn to be conscious of the needs of others, which can only happen through experience as you pass by.

On life’s road, you will meet many weary fellow travelers that might not realize that they, too, are the beloved children of the eternal God, who loves them as a Parent does.

God is the ideal pattern for all parents, in showing love, mercy and understanding when their children err, as God does for each mortal, for you are all still learning to become spiritual beings.

It is through trial and error that you learn. Some learn faster, others slower, but to God, each are equally valuable, as God is no respecter of persons.

Each mortal is of God’s Creation.

Sit in the Silence before Me, for this is Hallowed Ground.

And so I may lead you into a greater understanding of how I would have you live.

Session 9

  • Many Shall Be the Blessings.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, enjoy the Silence with Me. It is the reward for those who persist in seeking Me, and when they find Me, they too shall experience this incredible Peace that is a balm for the soul, and that so much calms the human system.

Many shall be the blessings that await a soul who diligently each day sets a time apart to come to Me without expectation, yet knowing that in this being together with Me an unbreakable bond will grow stronger each day.

The human personality gains the fruit of a greater harmonious balance within itself, because it becomes more and more aware of the Radiant Presence of the Eternal God within.

This can be and needs to be experienced by all mortals. And in the process shall dawn upon them the realization that, because of their Fragment of God, they are becoming immortal while yet in the flesh.

This assurance no one can take away, for once gained it will never be forgotten.

This is the faith that longs for all things good and endures all things bad. For the material things are fleeting and shall pass away, while eternal values remain.

Rest in this assurance. Be at peace and commune more with Me in the Silence.

For I am your Betrothed, Who lives and moves in you as you live and move in Me, whilst together we are as one.

Session 10

  • (Potentials) You Can Attain the Highest Estate Possible.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, you are harboring a deep-felt sense of unworthiness, perceived by you only, of your never entirely measuring up to anyone’s expectations. How can I impress upon your mind that these thoughts are truly self-defeating and a misuse of precious thinking power and of time?

How can I impress upon your mind that you are a truly beloved child of the Creator? Even though the Creator has myriad creatures, He bestows His Love upon you as if you were the only one.

In a manner of speaking, that is what you truly are, because there is no replica of you in all of God’s limitless creation. This is why it is written in your olden records of your Master Michael Son, also known as Jesus, that: "He is the only begotten Son of God," even though he is of a vast Creator order of Sons of God.

Even in your lowly mortal estate as an evolutionary creature, you can attain to the highest estate possible, to become a perfected being in the likeness of the Eternal Creator. You can become worthy of serving Him in the far distant times, and in the outlying mighty creations now in the making as great energy aggregations.

Meanwhile, you have only just started out on your age-long inward journey towards Paradise, because of the one command to each of His evolving children: "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect."

Therefore, My beloved, ponder the meaning of this, and truly know that it is more then time for you to shed your poor self-image, and those self-defeating thoughts, which only lead to depression, which is a form of fear.

Instead, focus on and realize what a magnificent journey you are on. Open yourself up, so the Love of God can be poured into you, and through you, unhindered.

All you need to do is ask, especially when you find yourself slipping again into that dark abyss of depression through which you set up a block between God’s love and you.

Be that carefree child you were meant to be. It is never too late, for to God time is non-existent. There is only the now, that is why it is called the present; presented to you by God.

For this command is for each and everyone with ears to hear, and a heart to understand.

Session 11

  • (Experience) Between Hammer and Anvil.
  • Thought Adjuster


Dear one, yes, you can develop a continuous song in your heart of hearts to the glory of the One Creator God. Even though you do not give expression in voice and words, the Eternal knows what lives in your heart, and He knows the great strides you are making in your faith and trust.

To a large extent this is due to your developing self-discipline, and your increasing hunger for communion, which keep you coming back to Me in the Silence for more of that inner peace.

A Peace that calms your tired nerves and restores them to a greater calm than you have ever known before. A Peace like a calmly flowing river that sweeps all irritants away, and stands as a sentinel to overshadow your past and nullifies all past mistakes and disappointments.

And yet this Peace is also forging you between hammer and anvil into the personality you are becoming day by day.

This Peace is giving you the feeling of security, and of protection, but most of all the feeling of being loved and accepted just the way you are. As well, it gives you the feeling of being guided throughout all the days of your life.

This Peace helps you to overcome character flaws, as you grow in sincerity of heart, for by now you have realized that nothing is hidden from the all-seeing and all-knowing eye of God, Who delights when a human heart responds to the Call of His Spirit.

Rejoice in the sure knowledge that all is well, and that you, too, are a beloved child of the Creator, who is ever so slowly forging you into the shape of His own image.

Yes, I know mortal life can be drudgery. And yet it totally depends on how you look at it, either pessimistically or optimistically. I suggest that you practice the latter.

After all, you can always depend on Me to uplift your thoughts, as I am closer to you than your breath, nearer to you than your hands and feet.

Session 12a

  • Georgia, US of A,
  • April 15, 2004.
  • Teacher: Joseph the Younger.
  • Subject: (Reflection) "How It Was In My Time."
  • Received by Rebecca.


Joseph: "Because the climate was not severe, a simple room to live in was fine. You know this from Greece—a one-room stone hut is a fine place to live. The air was clean. The water was clean. We could not imagine the way life is today, so noisy and dirty. We could not imagine the air and water ever becoming like it is today.

"The world now is full of sharp edges—loud noises, strong smells, bright lights, bold sugar tastes, sharp angles—every sense is affected. Back then, we could step out into the world with a sense of wellbeing, whether rich or poor.

"There was not such a contrast between rich and poor then, and there was not a dependence on needing money for all the necessities of life. It was more of a continuum between those who lived simply, and those who had much. What we had was derived from the earth and from our labor. The wealthy mainly had the benefits of more people’s labor. They had what the simple people had, but more of it, or a more refined version that took longer to make.

"We all wore the same robes, but the wealthy person’s robe took longer to make so it could be a finer weave of cloth. But if a poor person really wanted a finely woven robe, a woman could make one by setting aside the time to take longer on it herself. So nothing was really out of reach for anyone. The only things perhaps were refined oils and perfumes that the wealthy had.

"This continuum was in contrast to today, where there are things that a poor person cannot have no matter what they do. For example, a rich person can buy an expensive car but in many parts of the world, a poor person cannot get enough money to buy a car.

"We did not rely on money. What we needed we grew from the earth, like bread and wine, food, animals. Silver money was used for large purchases, like land or a flock. For other things, we exchanged and bartered. Even silver could be smelted from the earth, if a man knew how. Even an old and palsied man could refine silver, if he had the knowledge of how to do it. So nothing was really out of reach. Today people rely on money even for their food and a place to live, and this is hard for people. It is harder for people to know that the Lord provides for you, and they feel a lot of anxiety about striving to have enough money to provide the basics of life.

"In terms of health and medicine, people either healed or they didn’t. If someone was slightly or moderately injured, they would recover, and if they were terribly injured, they died. People were not able to go to such extraordinary lengths as today to keep someone alive even if he or she can’t really recover. In a way it was better not to have people stuck in compromised states in which they can’t die but they can’t function either."

Session 12b

  • Georgia, US of A,
  • May 9, 2004.
  • Teacher: Joseph the Younger.
  • Subject: (Reflection) "How It Was In My Time."
  • Received by Rebecca.


Joseph: "This was after my time. But I can tell you that the short answer is that some churches now use it, and some don’t, and either way is OK. To understand how it started, you have to understand the Judaic tradition, and what was going on at the time. There were rituals, feasts, and sacrifices offered at the temple. It was centralized and only certain people could go. Only certain people could perform the rites.

"Early on, Christians would get together in a circle, just five or six at a time sometimes, and hand around some bread and wine to say they were sharing the body and blood of Christ. This was to affirm their connection, to commune, and to remember Him. In this way they had their own simple ritual that they could do anytime and anywhere, using ordinary food they already had close at hand. So it was decentralized and they did not have to depend on anyone outside themselves.

"The other thing about this early Eucharist was that even if it was against the law to be Christian, even if they were trying to be unobtrusive, they could quickly gather anywhere, quietly share bread and wine, and there would be no evidence, no traces of the simple rite. They had simply shared a meal.

"It wasn’t that they were being bloodthirsty, or had a morbid fascination with Christ's death. In the context of how they were raised as Jews, it made sense to have a simple feast of remembrance. And then this was easy to share with non-Jews who didn’t know about all the other elaborate rules and rituals. Now that there are churches where people can gather openly, there is not the same need for it.

"Even though you have a very busy life, it would do you good to write this message down. It would do you good to receive messages sometimes, because you have a contemplative nature. You have a prayerful nature. Not having time for contemplation and prayer makes you unhappy."

Session 12c

  • Received by Rebecca


Joseph: "He was always kind. He was quiet and serious, reverent, and peaceful. He was always inward, as if he was listening inward very intently. Yet he was quick to smile, and he was very handsome. Then came the days when I was older, when he was away traveling around and we heard amazing stories about events that had happened and what he had done. We were not sure what had come over him, what had become of him, and whether it was the same Jesus we knew.

Then came the terrifying days in which he was killed. We were afraid. He tried to tell everyone about God, and because he was not from the rich and powerful group at the temple, because he was from a simple village way of life, they killed him. He gave his life to tell people about God. And after he died, then we felt a strong light, the light of blessings, coming down upon us. Only then did we fully realize the power and truth of what he had been teaching and who he was. That was how we experienced it.


[At this point my daughter interrupted me. He promised more later.]

Session 13

  • Marietta, Georgia,
  • June 23, 2004.
  • Joseph The Younger.
  • Subject: (Evil) "The Nature of Evil."
  • Received by Rebecca.


Joseph: "Yes, there have been the ‘devilish’ beings of which people still speak, who tried to extend their influence over others. They were simply the epitome of evil in turning away from God and puffing themselves up in self-aggrandizement. It was the ultimate power play, the prototypical controlling abuser. And the only reason they could ever influence others was that people acquiesced and agreed to go down those paths. Otherwise they would have had no influence. It’s an innate inborn tendency of the human being, both to long for God and to be susceptible to turn away from God, sometimes just through momentary inattention. People underestimate how often evil is just a flickering thought that catches on, catches fire.

"Evil is one possible outcome of free will—the free will to make choices, including to turn to God and follow His Ways, or to turn away from God and negate him. Evil is free will run amok, run rampant. But people themselves must choose the right. It’s their learning process. Therefore God cannot by definition eliminate evil, because free will is one of his gifts to man for our spiritual development.

"You see, you are learning my vocabulary and I am learning yours. You have many places to go today—drive carefully. I am Joseph."

Session 14

  • Illawarra District, Australia,
  • March 21, 2004.
  • Primary Midwayer, Andrea.
  • Subject: (Transmitting) "Becoming a Receiver/Transmitter."
  • Received by George Barnard.


Andrea: "And I see we have a smile, a chuckle even. It’s good to be here with this "lone receiver", and I’m just joking about the bread crusts and the pigeons as well, my dear friend. You are decidedly not a pigeon but a valuable co-worker in the army that has placed itself at Michael’s service.

"And, yes, it is correct that your Midwayer friend has been given a new, additional assignment in South Africa. According to the latest reports on the airwaves, and for which we all sharpen our hearing and prick up our ears in the right direction, good progress has been made.

"It is now over to his human contact to prepare with regular meditation, to find solitude in a darkened room, and the Destiny Guardians will then alert our Midwayer friend. It is advised to study the text, to begin a lengthy period of regular stillness practice, and to write down or record (tape record) the words and pictures that come to mind.

"Every beginning at receiving/transmitting is different, and it can be difficult just as likely as it can come with great ease. It is important to retain all the information gained, yet to initially not be too trusting of what comes through, but to build up trust over time as information is recorded, later clarified, or confirmed, and thus with this physical proof determined as accurate for oneself.

"Neither you nor I, my friend, have a crystal ball that will allow us to know how this new "asset" of Michael’s Correcting Time will pan out in the future. Our thoughts are that the subject’s excellent disposition, sincerity, soul-hunger, and love for the Creator will bring about the start of a most successful venture. We thank you for your interest shown in our promising débutante and co-worker, and I thank you for passing on these proverbial bread crusts.


"My love goes out to you all. This is Andrea. I’m glad I made your day."

Session 14

  • Illawarra District, Australia,
  • May 25, 2004.
  • Primary Midwayer Andrea.
  • Subject: "The Very Best of Teachers." [Part 1.]
  • Received by George Barnard.


Andrea: "There is no doubt about your "temporary supervisor midwayers" having their job cut out for them in this worldly kindergarten, where so many strong-willed mortals all have their own ideas about how the planet, indeed, the entire universe, should be reorganized. It’s all in a day’s work for us, and nothing much surprises us anymore. No, hardly ever are we amazed by what you cute creatures think of next in your most pleasant dreams and worst nightmares while fully awake.

"We are making progress, my dear brother. We are making progress in the sense that we are attracting a great number of potential (human) contact personalities that are at long last discovering that there is a real meaning to the time-prompts we are giving them. At this time, I would like to speak in more detail about what is required for these contactees to attain a closer relationship with the surrogate Celestial Teachers that are giving them their time.

"Yes, my dear brother the term, "surrogate"—do not be surprised—is indeed correct. We, the midwayers, under the immediate direction of our angelic superiors, are merely poor substitutes for the most preferred, the most excellent, the most knowledgeable, and especially, the most loving of Teachers that are available to you. And even now, we are appreciative of the fact that many of your group’s newfound friends are quite unaware of their having the very best of Teachers indwelling them.

"I refer to the Fragments of the Creator of All, which share your lives around the clock, without let-up in your day-to-day living, and in happiness and despair, in your greatest joy and deepest regrets, and in your successes and failures. It is a faith-filled, balanced, and progressive life that will allow these Spirit Fragments from the Eternal Father, so patiently co-existing with you, to step aside and allow us, the lesser teachers, the experience to communicate with you.

"Indeed, although we highly prize your friendship, your love and cooperation, your dedication and embrace, we know we are only leading you into, and towards, an eventual ability to communicate with, listen to, compare notes with, learn from, and establish a loving relationship with the Paradise Source through the Gifts that are His Emissaries to all mortals in His time/space realms.

"Do follow your regimen of regular meditation towards the end goal of promoting yourself in this way, and to a point where you mortals may fully engage in communications with our Father’s Gifts to each and every one of you. I love you, my dear brother, admire your perseverance, and I will now step aside as another will speak with you directly. This is Andrea. May God bless our work, and allow our efforts to bear much fruit."

Session 15

  • (Angelic Contact) Communicating With Angels.The Forgotten Guardians.


Most of the work of the 11:11 Progress Group deals with but a simple task — making the 11:11 Spirit Guardians, or 1,111 Secondary Midwayers, a little better known. And, yes, this is happening. There are ever more subscribers on the 11:11 lists. Most of these subscribers are regularly time-prompted with all kinds of double-digit prompts, and thus they must have Midwayer contact. However, the least-understood, and under-used, resources to knowledge are their often-overlooked Destiny Guardians, the Angels.

From the early 1960’s onwards, as I began to care for trauma patients, lucid dreams became a rather frequent event. From that time on, it seemed to be my lot to treat the very worst of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders, rape cases, serious accidents, and attempted suicides. New at the task, I felt hardly well-enough educated to handle these "heavy deals." They seemed to just stack up, one after another. It was exhausting work.

Vivid dreams became an almost nightly affair. In retrospect, what the Midwayers did not "download" into my mind, the Seraphim were informing me about in dreams. That is in fact one of their tasks, and as it was, the data I received about my patients would arrive the night before they first entered my clinic. The Angels knew my schedule before I did.

However, most of those dreams were like symbolic rubbish, and I did not feel inclined to become a dream interpreter as well, or even study that doubtful subject.

There was a family to care for, a business to run, and a clinic to attend to — quite enough for one mortal, and I made my thoughts known about the many dreams that left me none the wiser.

"I’ll give it to you straight," I told the (at that time invisible) "Spirit Guardians" that often spoke to me. "I can’t handle these crazy dreams. Please write them down in English and mail them to my address."

Just days later, a new patient arrived, and she gave me a book of dreams. She said that she "somehow felt certain" about my appreciating that small gift.

I checked out a whole series of dreams that went back many years, and the book did make some sense. Soon, patients would begin reporting their dreams without being prompted to do so. Soon after, I began to hypnotically program them to tell me about their dreams, especially when they were relevant to the still unknown brain/mind/emotional malfunction that was holding them back.

At last we had a method for closer cooperation with any smart Celestial that felt like contributing to the welfare of those who needed plenty of TLC. There was still an ongoing problem with the dreams, however. They were lengthy, and, at times, it was difficult to pick out those parts of the dreams that were most relevant. I requested for three main aspects to be made clear, and then my dreams swiftly changed to film shorts, some parts barely lasting three or four seconds.

After years of use, the book fell apart in the 1990’s. Soon, some pages were missing, as well, but yet another patient brought me a brand-new copy of the very same publication — another unexpected gift. In 2001 I accidentally left that book in the U.S., and, recently, another was forwarded to me.

With it, the lucid dreams are back as well.

The Destiny Guardians are back in action.

Spare a thought for these loving Daughters of Mother Spirit. They stick around on this planet for hundreds of years, but time-distant as they are, their mortal charges hardly ever take note of their urgings. What difficult jobs they have! What frustration in looking after their pet mammals!

If you would like to establish closer contact with your Destiny Guardians, it is likely that any book of dreams will do. They would know the text of all of them. I like my book best. It’s not expensive, and contains more than 20,000 quick-reference translations. Beyond purchasing it, all you need to do is make a deal with your very best Celestial Friends, your underused and under-rated Angels. Perhaps they will go and purchase their own copy of the book.

Perhaps not.

Session 16

  • Illawarra District, Australia,
  • April 9, 2004.
  • Teacher Samuel. Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
  • Subject: "Your World Of The Cross."
  • Received by George Barnard.


Samuel: "It is not yet two thousand years ago when all eyes in the universe were focussed on your planet, and the term, the name, "World of the Cross" was first heard, and that says it all. And it is appropriate for me at this time to converse with you for your world was observed by millions upon millions of His creatures that held their breaths and witnessed what everyone would have thought to be impossible for such to happen to a Creator Son.

"We watched from afar . . . Yes! Of course! . . . for most of our worlds were greatly advanced, and although the circuits were cut with you, we did have independent universe-reflected opportunities to view the dismal goings on of your world—the crucifying of the incarnation of the very Creator, the very Maker of what all you mortals are about.

"The Michael Son who was loved and venerated by the greater proportion of His myriad subjects had decided to become flesh on a globe that had seen so much havoc, so many troubles and sorrowful failures. This would give Him the ideal scope for doing the greatest amount of good. Only few worlds in more desperate straits than yours were incapable of getting any kind of information on the Master Son’s progress that was followed by the vast majority of us, day by day, moment by moment. This is Samuel."

Bzutu: "Anyone among the thousands upon thousands there assembled could have stopped the crucifixion, and yet we were not allowed to interfere when we could so easily have saved the Master’s life by simply making him disappear. The importance of any other happening in my entire career pales into insignificance by the events of those last moments. And, truly, not a day goes by when one of us will ponder, meditate upon, or discuss how very different it could have been.

"In the end analysis, the suffering, the intense pain, the intimidation and the hurt the Master went through continues to be touched on in many discussions. These, however, center around the good beyond measure His life and even His death has done for all those who learn of His bestowal to our world, as they talk of the extraordinary circumstances of His bodily demise whilst he still prayed for and forgave His executioners. I hand you back to your Teacher."

Samuel: "Indeed, honor regret, despise all guilt, and in all ways keep your faith. Have a really Good Friday."

Session 17

  • Sydney, Australia,
  • May 4, 2004.
  • Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
  • "Disordered Dissolutions."
  • Received by George Barnard.


Bzutu: "We have been extraordinarily protective of this receiver, and it is true that many "unfavorable" spiritual and Morontia entities were seen by him in the early years. They were capable of doing no more than listening in on our mind-to-mind communications, as he and his family were fully protected as per our agreement. [Pause] I have to now try to ‘unfreeze’ this receiver’s bones.

"Do irregularities still occur in this universe, on this planet? The answer is yes. The human being is a complex animal, and as this receiver understands the term, there is many a disordered dissolution. At this stage, anyone from Morontia Companions upward to Seraphim and other created personalities have no more opportunities to impact on human lives unless this is in some perverse way desired.

"What you might take into consideration is that, apart from our regular work, there is a cleanup going on that may still take us many decades in which further purification of the environment will be seen to. Does this answer your question?"

Bzutu: "Some of these energy bodies, for want of a better term, may be so ill-developed or immature as to be rejecting of assimilation with the Planetary Child of the Supreme. These are sometimes called astral, they are not morontial, and they are certainly not spiritual. They can be best described as being packages of intelligence. They are sometimes addressed as ghosts. Does this answer your question?

Bzutu: "If there are no further questions, I will bid you goodbye. Yes, most of our time these days is taken up on the battlefields. Much of our work has helped foil some terrorists’ plans. Goodbye for now."

Session 18

  • Michael
  • US of A,
  • May 1, 2004.
  • (Happiness) "The Key to Happiness."
  • Unknown Receiver.


Michael: "When only darkness surrounds you, you cannot "see" in truth. Forgiveness is then the key to happiness. No judgment is allowed when you walk in your Father’s Will, for Grace sees no sin. Consider the wisdom of accepting all mistakes and errors that you continually perceive as part of the learning process—your learning as well as that of all others.

"Some are very slow learners, yes, in truth they are late bloomers. Some may be perceived as not ever learning, and yet, they will progress, for the journey is of great length, and Eternity counts not the days. It is long enough to learn all the necessary lessons of life that lead to perfection. This is a great eternal truth, and worth committing to memory.

"Accept this learning process as a necessary, ongoing course you are enrolled in, and you will do well to readily embrace this eternal schoolroom as being there for everyone. Rest assured there are the necessary recesses, periods of rest and refreshment, and yet you will always be involved with the evermore-sophisticated curriculum as its perpetual student.

"Settle in for the long haul, and be content in knowing that the Creator’s Plan is perfect. You will become perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

"That is my promise for you today, my dear one."


"My dear one, today, one more time, let us behold the light that through forgiveness finds its way into the great darkness of your world. Perceive the light, and only the light, in all your brothers and sisters by fully forgiving each other. It is then that you will see only their Light.

"You are welcome. I, personally, as the leader of this one-time platoon of many celestials and just one human worker offer you my heartfelt thanks for looking after one of us, who has recently been sorely disappointed. Indeed you sensed the break was urgently needed. And I find a lot more life within this revitalized mouthpiece of many Celestials’ lessons, the larger number of which have been spot-on accurate, the lesser number of which have needed a going over by myself, Sharmon, Athena, or our dear friend, Mathew. "Yes but I think it may raise more questions. Many thanks." "Do I have all the answers in this matter? You might well ask. Indeed, I do. We midwayers have been in service on this planet for so many long years, and have learned a great deal about what is going on. Are we in fact capable of transmitting to you all of what we know? No, indeed, not by a long shot. However, there is an aspect with which this receiver is vaguely familiar, and that is the ‘donation’ each human life makes—a greater or lesser donation—towards the evolving time-space Deity that is called the Supreme God of Time and Space.(amused): "He’s telling me to sit up straight." "Thank you, yes, but I will have to think about it." "We knew long before this human was born that there would be an opportunity for us to work with him. We knew many things about the times to come. There was a great deal of "Paradise-generated" information that was handed to our chief, Machiventa Melchizedek, who, as you know, is here to fulfill Michael’s mandates."I have a question. George seems to have very little experience of dark spirits, and the Urantia Book does not cover this issue, but I believe there are such entities, that I call dark or earth-bound. Can you tell me anything about these?"

"Thank you both." "It was a time, my dear friend, when universe reflection in allowing us to view what went on on your world caused us to hold our loved ones tight, or clench our fists at the unimaginable scene of a world gone mad. We were then of the view that what was about to occur would not be allowed, and would not be brought to its final conclusion. But trust, my dear friend, in that your world has truly made some progress as we next await the further improvements your Paradise Teacher Son will bring. "This is Bzutu, my dear brother. (Inaudible--sounds like "countless") Celestials, including ourselves (Midwayers), had but standing room only at the slaughter of our beloved Teacher. You will not in your life manage to imagine, or even come close to feeling the pain we felt for not being able to stop what all of us had thought could never happen. "Your world is not by any means the largest in the local system. It is also not the smallest, although there are not many inhabited planets that are smaller. What you are, indeed, is the most observed, the most talked about, and the most intriguing orb to the creatures of the local system and, even to many much further afield.


  • Underused And Under Rated.
  • "Refining the Process."
  • "I’ll Give It To You Straight."
  • Symbolic Rubbish.

"It is good to be welcomed back into your … humble burrow, and a pleasure for me to plug into your swirling, twirling, whirlpool of a typical human mind, so much calmer now. And it is a delight for us to take time out from our immediate duties in a topsy-turvy world that is going through rather a rough patch right now. This is Andrea, who loves you. "Hello dear Andrea."

[laughing]. "Hello, hello! Is there anyone at home in there? This is your friend of old, and of endless successes and failures. This is Andrea. Apart from the many other jobs I have, I am occasionally pleasured to pass on a few messages, like sprinkling about a few bread crusts for the pigeons. It’s a great pastime, not a real obligation, but a true pleasure to serve instead.

The questions were: What is the nature of evil, and why does God allow evil to exist? "Evil is not a positive, unified force—unlike God, Who is a positive, unified force. It is not an equal counterforce to the force of God. Evil is merely a negative, a negation of God. Evil is the turning away from God, rejecting His Love. It is inflating one’s own ego and feeling equal in power to God, and in the process, bringing harm to others. Therefore evil is not one unified force, unlike the one power of God. Evil is various and occurs multiply. It happens in human beings all over the world, all over the place.

"I was born of the clan of David, of the village of Bethlehem. In those days, we kept track of our lineage through the patriarchal line. Do you want to know my whole life history? (Laughing). I was conceived and born of a woman, just as you were. I was an infant and then a young child. We lived communally, enjoying the land, as you know from Greece. When I was young I attended religion school and we learned to recite texts. Yes, Jesus was my older brother. He was much older, more like an uncle to me. When I was about three, he was about eighteen. (Requesting to know his identity.) "What about the Eucharist, the sharing of bread and wine?" "It would be good to write down what I told you before; how people loved the earth, and it provided for them. Write about bread and wine. People grew food, and the ones they could preserve were bread and wine. So bread and wine were always available. There were also oils, olives. The other foods were basically ‘catch as catch can.’ The other foods came and went from the diet."

"No, Joseph. Not the father of Jesus. I am Joseph the Younger." "Josephus?" "I am Joses." "Who are you?" "Because you grew up in Greece in the old ways of life, you are in a good position to understand what life was like in the time of Jesus. Even for those without wealth, the world was a beautiful place and life was good.

There are many different names for the God Fragments that indwell each of us. Spirit Self; Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor, Pilot Light, and Father Fragment are just a few. Our Celestial Teachers often use the term He or She, depending on the human’s gender. Some God Fragments have earned names for Themselves as well as having (incredibly lengthy) original numbers.

"The 11:11 is a very important number for many of you right now. It is true that the number of Midwayers from this place is small, but as for the general physical populace of the earth, so for the other realms surrounding this place. By this I mean there are beings from all aspects visiting this place. "What can you share with me about the 11:11." "Where are you headed next? A fair question and one I am able to answer with some certainty. The time will soon be upon you when everything clicks, when the engine starts to rumble and the steam blows its whistle then you’ll be on your way, steaming down the tracks and knowing where to stop for the platforms. "Where is my path headed right now?"