2004-05-04-Disordered Dissolutions

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Topic: Disordered Dissolutions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Geoff: "I have a question. George seems to have very little experience of dark spirits, and the Urantia Book does not cover this issue, but I believe there are such entities, that I call dark or earth-bound. Can you tell me anything about these?"

Bzutu: "We knew long before this human was born that there would be an opportunity for us to work with him. We knew many things about the times to come. There was a great deal of "Paradise-generated" information that was handed to our chief, Machiventa Melchizedek, who, as you know, is here to fulfill Michael’s mandates.

"We have been extraordinarily protective of this receiver, and it is true that many "unfavorable" spiritual and Morontia entities were seen by him in the early years. They were capable of doing no more than listening in on our mind-to-mind communications, as he and his family were fully protected as per our agreement. [Pause] I have to now try to ‘unfreeze’ this receiver’s bones.

"Do irregularities still occur in this universe, on this planet? The answer is yes. The human being is a complex animal, and as this receiver understands the term, there is many a disordered dissolution. At this stage, anyone from Morontia Companions upward to Seraphim and other created personalities have no more opportunities to impact on human lives unless this is in some perverse way desired.

"What you might take into consideration is that, apart from our regular work, there is a cleanup going on that may still take us many decades in which further purification of the environment will be seen to. Does this answer your question?"

Geoff: "Thank you, yes, but I will have to think about it."George (amused): "He’s telling me to sit up straight.

"Bzutu: "Do I have all the answers in this matter? You might well ask. Indeed, I do. We midwayers have been in service on this planet for so many long years, and have learned a great deal about what is going on. Are we in fact capable of transmitting to you all of what we know? No, indeed, not by a long shot. However, there is an aspect with which this receiver is vaguely familiar, and that is the ‘donation’ each human life makes—a greater or lesser donation—towards the evolving time-space Deity that is called the Supreme God of Time and Space.

"Some of these energy bodies, for want of a better term, may be so ill-developed or immature as to be rejecting of assimilation with the Planetary Child of the Supreme. These are sometimes called astral, they are not morontial, and they are certainly not spiritual. They can be best described as being packages of intelligence. They are sometimes addressed as ghosts. Does this answer your question?

Geoff: "Yes but I think it may raise more questions. Many thanks.

"Bzutu: "You are welcome. I, personally, as the leader of this one-time platoon of many celestials and just one human worker offer you my heartfelt thanks for looking after one of us, who has recently been sorely disappointed. Indeed you sensed the break was urgently needed. And I find a lot more life within this revitalized mouthpiece of many Celestials’ lessons, the larger number of which have been spot-on accurate, the lesser number of which have needed a going over by myself, Sharmon, Athena, or our dear friend, Mathew.


"If there are no further questions, I will bid you goodbye. Yes, most of our time these days is taken up on the battlefields. Much of our work has helped foil some terrorists’ plans. Goodbye for now."


Sydney, Australia, May 4, 2004.