2004-05-10-To Honor Our Mother


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Topic: Honor Our Mother

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I so enjoy your discussions of love and logic. Your outreach to one another is quite touching. Your willingness to accept me literally gives me renewed energy and a refreshed soul. I know the many events that have taken place in your world as of late and many minds are busy with a confused energy. One event that has just passed, I thought it appropriate to take a moment this evening to honor our Mother.

Mother, we know your work is without end and your love is a fuel to live on. We realize that your presence gives balance to Father’s overall plan and purpose. We, your children, wanted to take a moment to give to your our gratitude.


My friends, we can envision Mother as the embodiment of grace and affection, but She is also pure intelligence. Mother’s ability to organize is flawless. She never tires, for Her love for Her many children keep her driven to fulfill Her purpose. Mother does not sit back and take orders, no. She is a part of the planning, interactive in the formation of ideas, innovative in making newness work. Mother is superior in Her patience to take those small steps that lead toward the greater good. How blessed are we that we have Her in our lives.

When we ponder the expansion of the super universes, the individuals who inhabit these universes, the organization, it just becomes so complete knowing Mother’s personality and perfect planning is indeed a part down to the smallest detail. Behold our celestial family--how complete, how well rounded and powerful. Mother and Her adjutant mind spirits work directly with each individual’s intellect. The more open you are to the divine, the more She/they can communicate with you. Our relationship with Mother does bring balance to the emotions through Her ability to love and give, but not be controlled or subordinate to individuals or internal feelings.

Allow me to explain. Many here who live an average life find love to be their greatest treasure. Some who may be imbalanced with this love find themselves in fear of losing this love. An earthly mother, for example, could love a child so much that she is overprotective and will not let the child experience the world, therefore being disabling to the child.

Mother’s love is quite intelligent in the fact that She has the utmost trust in Father’s plan. She knows, as does any divine believer, that love never dies. It can be transformed, but Father’s plan is always working toward an ultimate good. Mother has not fear of losing Her children, for She knows of that ultimate good. You, my earthly fellows, have to use your agondonter status as a stepping stone toward finding that balance of pure love and the emotion of love. Love should not bring fear. Faith should create a foundation in which you can build an understanding of love. Love is not selfish, wherefore it creates a threat of loss.

As you have been with me over these many years you have learned of an expanded family. Biological relatives means not what it used to. You are finding your family to include even individuals you do not know. The Kingdom is your family. Father and Mother are there for you, as is your elder Brother and the network of celestial assistance. You are finding that you can have love for even strangers. Your belief in the fact that all are children of God is indeed expanding your idea of family.

Many in the world keep distant from individuals for they feel that would be safe. To love others would possibly lead to disappointment or heartbreak. This is where our Mother’s love comes in. Her love is intelligent and unconditional. She does not say ‘I will love you if your do this or that.’ She loves you because you are. Intelligent love allows for Father’s influence, meaning that whatever life circumstances bring you are willing to be flexible and have faith and trust that all is working toward an ultimate good.

There are individuals you meet that seem not lovable and this need not become a goal in your life to love them, no. Think of Mother and Her way of intelligence. Unlovable individuals are first a child of God. They are learning just as you are learning. They have pain, fear, and difficulties with the ego. Mother knows these things about Her children and loves the soul that is in a state of becoming. She is with ease that no matter what occurs with Her loved ones that in Father’s plan and purpose all is working toward an ultimate good—not a career of constant pain, but working for the good. As we think of Mother’s intelligent love, could we imagine it mixed with the products of the ego such as jealousy, possessiveness, conditions or fear? Of course not.


This week allow yourselves some time to spend with Mother and learn the various aspects of Her awesome personality. Think about how you love—is in any way harmful or disabling, conditional, or possessive, is it even existent? Perhaps fear would have you keep your distance from people. Remember this keeps you from experiencing your full mortal life. Know that love and goodness are not to be suspicious of, but savored and enjoyed, not to mention shared. That is all. Know that when I say I am with ever growing love for you each I sincerely mean it with all that I am and all that I will ever be. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.