2004-05-23-Awakening and Language of Spirit


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Topic: Awakening and Language of Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Olfana, Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Aaron (Jonathan TR): Hello, this is your brother Aaron. I have the opportunity of visiting you today. We have spent much time together, and it is my pleasure to rejoin you, having taken other assignments in the recent past. I have great admiration for you each, as you have grown much in the years that I have been in your company and involved in your leg of this mission. You all are maturing wonderfully in spirit, and you have been applying yourselves to your unfoldment and growth for many decades. Much of your everyday activities is so blended with the your awareness of spirit and the cosmic philosophy which you have adopted, both of which guide you, that you cease to perceive your spiritual dimension as separate from all else in your life. You have what to many is an elusive acquirement, a joining with spirit in confidence, with assurance. Your histories have proven to you that even in difficulty your desire to attain prevails, that you are never abandoned, always assisted. Many in your lives still seek such assurance, still look for that confidence. It is my desire today to ask you to contribute to this lesson by taking a moment to reflect upon a question I will ask and then to share that with each one here.



My question is: what comes foremost to your mind as the primary reason you began your search for spirit relationship, for contact with God? The reason I ask this question is that you are so far down your journey trail that the initial draw to God may become a distant memory, and the motivation for such has faded while you deal with your current levels of growth and struggle. I wish for you to share what you can recall of that initial impulse, please.

Jael: I was quite small, walking down a road, and very afraid. It was in the country after dark, and I had the overwhelming feeling that I was being taken care of. Celestial beings were very involved after that. I felt like I was part of the big thing, and that God was the center of it.

Jada: I remember a great emptiness in my life before I started thinking about God and spiritual things.

Ginny: I don't remember a particular moment when this happened. I sense that I always was aware of God's presence.

Evelyn: I read a book about Edgar Cayce and reincarnation when I was twelve. I really wanted to live as good a life as I could so that my next life wouldn't have a lot of burdens to work out. That's not spirit or God contact, but it got me more interested in spirit. I wanted to be good.

Tom: In high school I was reading about an imaginary philosopher's stone that had all knowledge. I remember making a petition into the sky that I would really like to find that stone or what ever it might be. Reflecting back it was because I asked that I got The Urantia Book and was led in this direction.

Jonathan: I remember at a young age playing in the yard and feeling the watchcare of some being. Perhaps it was the sense of parental care, but it felt benevolent, caring. It was making sure that I was being a kid appropriately. I transferred that sense to God when I learned there was one. That began my longing to know it, to understand what that presence is.

Aaron: I ask this of you to illustrate that you all have been pursuing your answers and questions for a great time. You are blessed for having begun so long ago. There are many around you who have not lived as many years with such incoming support. One who is at such an initial state of spiritual awakening is confronted with a sense of aloneness, seeking the warmth of a divine relationship or, as you also have expressed, curious in mind, desiring to know more than what life seems to present before one and have experienced an inexplicable contact, creating a wonderment as to its real nature and to its continuing value for life. Each of you who continued to supplement your first experiences has found sources which contributed to your growth, be it literary or a personality.

You each have great power within you this day to be teachers, to be mentors, to be revelators of truth, expressors of love and light. It is a state of being you are quite comfortable with, for it is your very makeup, no longer an outside state to reach. As you engage in your human relationships be alert for those who are as you were in your forming years of spirit growth. Recall your feelings, your questions, that you may better empathize, better remember and understand their state, the sense of aloneness or the sense of lack of definition of what is going on in one's life that is causing the rebirth. By doing so you will align with the awakening souls of your fellows and bring to them supplement, nourishment, that is required that they may step with faith forward and not retreat in fear.

Do not be afraid of mistakes and uncertainty but grab at those conditions willingly, knowing that it is possible to reach a conclusion, to overcome an obstacle, and to come into a relationship with God that is profoundly real and everlasting. I thank you for allowing me to draw this to your minds. Again I assure you of your qualifications in being ministers for spirit upon this planet. I have finished my remarks.

Olfana (Ginny): Good morning, this is Olfana. The awakening of the spirit can come in many ways. It can come through music; it can come through the appreciation of nature; it can come from an appreciation of art. Any upliftment of the spirit can drawthe soul Godward. It is not necessary to sit in deep meditation to contact the divine. All appreciation of goodness, beauty, and truth sends the soul heavenward and allows the spirit to lift up from the density of your environment and allows the soul to communicate briefly with the Spirit of Truth, beauty, and goodness. So, as you engage in your daily tasks and daily requirements of living, you can always at every moment lift up your spirit and the spirits of others by paying attention to these moments of gratitude, of appreciation, of thanksgiving. It is a good way to bring a soul, a friend who is in confusion or doubt or sorrow or trouble of any kind to use those moments of natural environmental happenings on your planet. You can bring another around or up by engaging in music, art, nature. They have a way of bringing a soul around and a way out for a moment from their misery to appreciate the things in your environment that can be uplifting. A smile, offering your friendship, all of these are excellent ways to bring the spirit of the divine into your environment. It might be also time to bring souls into awareness of their spiritual environment, the spiritual beings who are here on the planet around you, around them, to bring them into the awareness that we are here in great numbers waiting to assist, waiting to be asked, waiting to help out with situations that people find themselves in. It might be time now to . .. to your friends so they can also participate in this wonderful adventure, this wonderful time now when we will become more felt, more experienced, more available in their lives. We do not intend to frighten or scare anyone.

We simply are here to assist, and we will be felt only in ways of comfort and love. We do not use tactics that are common on your planet to make our presence known; it is soft; it is light; it is uplifting. It has been a pleasure to speak to you today. I am always happy to be in your company.


Jonathan: Your comments cause me to reflect on several things. You worked so well with Susan Kimsey. The blending of energies was remarkable and noted by many in the Teaching Mission. Currently there are transmissions speaking of morontia material blending with people experimentally; the implication is that humans are being trained to function that way. Concerning sensitivity to others, in the universe ascent we learn from those above and we teach those just behind us. That process better teaches us. We are required to give what we have received. You said your teaching method is soft. Morontia companions are assigned to us after graduating from this world, we are told in The Urantia Book, not morontia teachers, morontia companions. It seems that is the secret to spiritual teaching, through association in friendship. Then all knowledge and guidance come along. Thank you.

Olfana: Yes, what you will remember when you leave this planet or as you progress are the friendships and relationships that you have experienced. That will be uppermost in your mind and in your spirit as the moments of great communion. Words and theories and ideas and -isms are not always appropriate, especially when someone is suffering; in fact that is the least effective way. Your offer of your friendship and your availability are best. You will experience this throughout your ascension career, and you will be most grateful for those times wherever you are. I encourage all of you to increase your friendships, to increase the quality and the amount. Believe wholeheartedly that this is primary in your ministry.

Ginny: Thank you, Olfana. This is a good lesson for me. I tend to theorize and tell people how it is. I am getting away from that and simply offering my friendship.


Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I am here to conclude our contact by thanking my teacher friends Olfana and Aaron for their work with you today and to thank your for your dedication and determination in receiving our messages. We reach to you not for our own gratification, for our sense of attention, but for your well-being, because you are children of our same Father God, and in so you are my brothers and sisters. In this relationship I come to you with love. That is the language of spirit, not the framework by which language is formed, but in content, the meaning. Spirit language is the energy of love. When composed it reveals light; it reveals understanding, but underneath it that divine drive of love is what speaks to all our fellows.

Ginny: Thank you, Elyon, for being our friend.

Elyon: It is a pleasure and a reward beyond description to be with you.