2004-06-05-Your Ultimate Divine Destiny


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Topic: Your Ultimate Divine Destiny

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Rebecca

Session 1

  • Your Ultimate, Divine Destiny
  • June 5, 2004


Dear one, a soul has discovered the great Treasure–that priceless Pearl–when it finds Me within, acknowledges My Presence, and allows glorious feelings to well up from deep within, with a song of thanksgiving and praise, even if these songs are not heard by human ears.

And yet, it makes you feel so much better, and more joyful, when you openly give voice to your feelings inside. Do not bury these feelings any longer. It matters not whether other mortals do ridicule you, for they know not your inner ecstasy.

Sometimes these feelings of not being safe among your own loved ones stem primarily from your earliest childhood, and of not being loved and accepted the way you were. Even the tiniest infant knows and feels if they are unwanted, instead of unconditionally loved and accepted for who they are, and they do carry these feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem with them throughout their adulthood.

The time has come to shed all these feelings that no longer serve you. Yes, I know that growing up to your full stature as a mature adult has everything to do with these leftover feelings from the past.

Your Master, Jesus, came to set the spiritual captives free, and to ‘bind-up’ the broken-hearted.

You will taste this freedom and healing in earnest when you give yourself totally and completely to Me—your God-self within. How do you do this, you ask? Well, beloved, one day at a time. How does a house get build? Stone by stone!

Each day you will progress a little more, until one day you will look back in amazement at what you have become, what even now you are becoming, as we, together, are building the foundation of your faith and trust in Me.

Continue to lay these bricks day by day, and I will supply the Strength in the mortar, so we, together, build a steadfast, glorious and perfect child of the Creator God, for this is your ultimate, divine destiny.

Session 2

  • Feed Upon This Truth
  • June 6, 2004.


Dear one, the mysteries of life only get unraveled and understood by experience. Things spiritual need to be felt before they can be understood. This is why truth is ever enlarging, and the reason why a mortal can never say ‘I know the truth’, or ‘I have the truth’, because all are part of truth. You can only say, ‘I know a truth’, but never all truth.

The only one who knows all things and knows the end from the beginning is the Alpha and Omega; the great Creator God Himself, in Whom all things exist and thrive. It is the Divinity within you, Me, Who entices you to reach higher and higher to grasp and understand more truth, for truth is ever expanding, just like the universes keep expanding.

Creation is the delight of the Creator God, the playground in which He allows His created and evolving children the joy of learning through experience, for that is true knowledge, the "walking the talk", for book knowledge becomes as nothing if it is not practiced.

The human brain is like a sorting machine. It separates out that which is useful, and that which is not. It is very discriminating, for the body, the heart/mind and soul, all need the food that nurtures them. I see that this is a new insight for you to ponder.

Yes, indeed, an overfed and overstuffed body does not indicate that the heart/mind and the soul are nurtured and fed. Usually, yet not always, the opposite is true. People eat to satisfy an inner hunger and give in to a hidden craving, and that is why they stay low by the ground to 'graze' like animals.

Then there are those who adapt themselves, and reach higher for the food that satisfies them, and feeds and nurtures their heart/minds and souls for their lives everlasting.

Feed upon this truth, and become aware of which nature you feed—the lower or higher, the human or the Divine. Do not neglect the one and only feed the other. Both harmony and equilibrium are needed in all things.

Session 3

  • Courageous, and Strong in Faith and Trust
  • June 7, 2004


Dear one, for a moment let us discuss grief, for there are many sides to grief. We shall look at just two kinds. There is grief, which you would experience when a loved one passes from the scene of earthly existence, sometimes after a long time of suffering through illness. And there is grief you cause yourself through your misguided choices and decisions.

These both adhere to the law of cause and effect.

The first is self-explanatory, for this grief is caused by the loss of a loved one and makes the heart ache, because of the resulting emptiness, but life goes on and time has a way of smoothing things over, and ‘an adjusting’ comes about.

The second grief is the result of events long ago set into motion by unwise decision making, which at first gave you an uncomfortable feeling associated with that choice. It is now becoming a matter of the soul, as the physical heart may be aching to the breaking point.

This grief needs to be brought to Me in the Silence, so I can shine My Light on it. You need to know that there is a purpose in suffering. It is designed to bring you closer to Me, but only if you desire My Help to set things straight. It is not needful to suffer in silence when everything is already known to Me.

The biggest step for you to take will be to practice self-forgiveness. This can be done only when you are honest and sincere with yourself, to be able to place it all at My feet, and allowing Me to help you lift this burden from your shoulders.

My nurturing Love will saturate your being and nourish your soul, so further spiritual progress can be made, for this is what life is all about; you and I working together.

Do not ever be stuck with this grief over past mistakes. You are meant to learn from them, so you can become courageous, and strong in faith and trust in order that continued progress can be made in the evolution of your soul.

Be, and let Me!