2004-06-13-Write Down Your Questions & Real Meaning

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Topic: Write Down Your Questions & Real Meaning

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



On this bright sunny morning I find a lot of subscriber feedback on Andrea’s message below, much of it from others who regularly transmit our Celestial Teachers. When I transcribed this transmission, some days after recording it, I thought it rather unusual that Andrea would literally repeat herself by saying, "We go on the record." — see bold red lettering below.

Andrea describes, evaluates, and ‘embroiders on any subject’. She comes too well prepared to have to say the exact same thing twice, but here she did do so.

It does appear that our Celestial Friends see the archiving of our transmissions for posterity (especially the clarity of our questions and their answers), as being of much greater importance than the immediate satisfaction enjoyed by the questioner in getting his or her answer.

This is perhaps deserving of a little more thought about how future generations will learn from the early efforts of the Correcting Time.

God bless… George.


Andrea: "This is your doting sibling in Christ, my beloved mortal co-worker. Any number of us could have answered your indubitably put question. However, I was most ready to come to your side, and, besides, it was also suggested that I always loved you better, and found you first. So, here we are. That remark should unwind your restless mind and allow us to proceed with our talk.


"It is of record that Our Prince Machiventa, and other regular Teachers have spoken about the art, the skill of asking questions. If you have a question, it is wise to put it in writing first, to consider the clarity of the question, and to alter the wording if there is a possibility of it being misunderstood. Have you thought it through? Have noted it correctly? Will you read it from your writing?

"We are not of the habit of reading your mind as to what precisely you might have meant to ask of us. As well, and as a rule, we can only give you an answer to the precise question you asked, and enlarge on it if we sense you to be desirous of a somewhat different answer than what your question might indicate. However, both, the receiver and your Celestial Friend need to be in a clear understanding.

"Your Teacher and the receiver are working as a team, and whilst the receiver may have his or her focus entirely on the words and concepts of the Teacher’s lesson and responses, there is a part of the human consciousness that remains alert to the meanings in the question asked. He or she is a co-worker with the Teacher. And, yet, there is something even more important. We go on the record.

"Apart from lessons that are purely personal, many, many of our Teachers’ lessons are duly transcribed and archived for this generation and those generations still to come. Any flawed question with a concise answer—and that goes vice versa, too—may well cause controversy and confusion long after your time here is up. These are the fragile days of the very beginning of the Correcting Time."

"In all our work with you, we try to be as thoroughly accurate in our expression as we possibly can be, and we mostly come well prepared. You have myriad languages on this earth, local expressions, and even typically racial phraseology, and these "languages" are ever alive and evolving.

"Your human ability to communicate will only improve with the years that pass. Your thoughtfulness in phrasing a question or request is very important. Above all, it should be remembered that when we answer a question, we go on the record, also, and for all time. There is nothing that is as often misconstrued, as is the spoken word.

"Perhaps the Creator decided to test us to the extreme when He gave us the opportunity to eloquently express ourselves, whilst knowing full well that we would so often take the handbrake off our tongues before we put our minds fully into gear. Yes, snigger, why don’t you! Even when you properly phrase the questions, our correct answers may still be misinterpreted by ever so many. They are the ongoing risks we take.

"In these early days of the Correction Time, you retain many preconceived ideas about your olden religions. The lessons and the answers you receive from us will still for long be interpreted quite differently from one individual to the next, in one locality compared to the next. The generations that follow you will have a clearer understanding of our messages. Their more open minds will be less troubled by religious dogma.


"Do, when you have a question to pose, write it down in clear language. It is then that you will often receive a more appropriate answer, and together with many others, you will develop a better understanding. I thank you for making your question clear. This is Andrea. I send my love to all."