2004-07-02-Three Questions Answered

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Topic: Three Questions Answered

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



"Do we have a goal that is up-front? Is it clearly stated, and selfless in every respect, as He is selfless in sharing His entire domain with every kind of creature you can think of, and a myriad more, or is there an alternative motive that He has, other than His endless love for all? Is there an alternative motive we have as we go through the motions of "reflecting" our diligence in service to others of our kind? This, whilst the wished for end results may well clash with His will? These will be wasted efforts in His eyes, for the truth untold is the greatest lie.

"We are in spirit. We are not yet spirit. Spirit is perfect in every respect for it hails from the Father, and even those of you (humans) and others that ultimately fuse with the Creator Fragment of your endowment shall be perfect. And you will be in possession of your "diplomas" and recommendations that will advance you into your careers of delightful, perfect, eternal service. We, therefore, do not ever use the term "evil spirit".

"It is a badly-thought-out term, an oxymoron, a great contradiction in terms, my friend, for it infers the all-wise, perfect Creator to be unwisely creating imperfect spirit offspring. Indeed, many have failed and still many more will fail to attain the perfection goal of the ages. And, yet they never attained the status of spirit, of spirit fusion, and, therefore, were never classed as such, but once known by number, name or status, and removed from the archives as having never lived.

"And Isaiah. There were in fact two such great men of that name, not uncommon (names) in your ancient history, our yesterdays, the latter greater than the former, though true men of God, each of them, and the term "idle talk" is not too well passed on and translated as small talk. Enjoy your socializing and your small talk about any subject of weather and harvesting days, your chatter about your children’s antics and their talents. It is unrelenting gossip and its troubling consequences that are referred to by the latter Isaiah.

"These times of war and rumors of war are no different from other times. Mankind’s inability to get along with its own kind will for centuries and centuries produce the need for reconciliation that must follow, and if not here, on the Mansion Worlds. This is a universal law that must be fulfilled if either "warring" party is to proceed. Although, these "warring" circumstances can be responsible for great losses of individual personalities who are unable to reconcile, the universe progresses, moment by moment, day after day.

"It is important for you to see the local issues on spaceship Urantia as having precious little impact on the local universe, the super-universe, where all goes according to His plan. Moreover, every case of reconciliation brings enormous benefits, and there are no losses to the overall, compared to losses of the individual. It is win, and win, as you might call it, making us a growing universal monopoly enterprise of truth, beauty and goodness. This is ABC-22. My love and thoughts are with you, all ways."


The 11:11 Progress Group The questions in brief (some long outstanding) were; [1] Can we cheat our way into the Creator’s good book? [2] Isaiah 58, Verse 13 – The meaning of Idle Talk. What does it mean? [3] Does worldwide unrest mean planetary (even universal) regression? "On the contrary, it is I who thank you for being with me in spirit and allowing me through you and yours to be a teacher to many. We have our origin in spirit, we live and thrive in spirit, and we attend to our eternal careers in spirit. We are the tentacles, the outreach of the Creator Himself, Who is perfect in all eternity, and therefore it behooves us to emulate that perfection in our intentions and achievements, and from moment to moment. "I thank you for taking the time, Brother."