2004-07-26-Various Kinds of Energy


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Various Kinds of Energy

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. This meeting time is quite centering for me. I know that I am beyond the flesh and physical demands, but still I find balance in consistency. Routine may seem boring to many, but I find this particular part of my weekly routine to be indeed centering. I find comfort in those things that are steady, immovable and constant. I feel safe among the unknown in knowing those things I can count on without a doubt. I thank you for being a constant in my existence.


When you move on beyond the veil of mortal life you know that Father is that one living consistency that surpasses all understanding. While this is indeed a blessing it should never be taken for granted. Even the highest sons of God have faltered in their faith. Father is the true rock upon which we can all stand. It is evident that you have made Him your sovereign concerning your gatherings. This is very progressive and energy producing.

This week I would desire to look into the various ideas of energy. Anything that demands your attention demands your energy. We find that those areas of life that people find most valuable gets the most energy. Whatever you deem success is where your energy goes. We all have experienced the various scars and traumas of childhood. Many adults live their lives attempting to compensate or heal the past. Some of these actions taken require tremendous amounts of energy. One can gain a great deal of value simply by having understanding of the past.

One can find healing simply by facing the past circumstances. However if you are always making effort retreating from past events then the experience has little or no value. For example, a child who has experienced abandonment may spend their adult life in efforts to overcome pain or feelings of worthlessness by and through their various relationships. On a sub-conscious level the adult practically sets up their experience or attracts people to experience that abandonment over and over again. There are tremendous amount of energy spent in attempting to heal the past and overcome the pain, while all along this energy could have been better spent.

Energy is real, it is directed, it is received, it is generated, it is moving. Many in the world today feel as if they are simply spinning their wheels. This is misdirected energy. Those who cannot overcome the scars of the past spend much of the time in resentment, in self-pity and will perhaps believe they are healing some pain by some over indulgence. This is indeed a waste of energy and only adding to the pain. What can we do about the past? Surely it cannot be changed. It can be understood and forgiven and put toward a more useful production of energy.


This week think about what you find draws most of your energy and how that ultimately serves you. What do you receive for that energy spent? Many illnesses are due to a misdirection of energy. We can spend great amounts of time giving out energy but very little time in taking in. What are those things you can do to receive a balanced flow of energy and still stay out of that anxiety produced energy. Have discussion if you will. This concludes our lesson. Know that I am indeed energy filled each time we meet. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.