2004-08-11-The Part Of You That Is God Given

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Topic: The Part of You That Is God Given

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: "My dear brother in Christ, student, as well as tutor and colleague communicator to those who have become our extended family, I greet you. This is Samuel of Panoptia, more than favored to be here, and delighted to call at least three worlds my homes. Panoptia is my planet of birth as a human being. Jerusem is where I am registered as a citizen, and then there is this newfound, beautiful, needful world that has grown ever closer to my heart in such a very short time.


"Since I was appointed a teacher to you, I have fallen in love with your gorgeous planet, your striving people, and without your fine group distributing my words, my lessons, I could have never dreamt of becoming so effective.

"We are a freewill-contrived, and Creator-sanctioned Alliance of many diverse creatures, both created and evolutionary, that have a great investment in the quality, the appropriateness, and diversity of the lessons that go out to the human subjects your group has accepted as family members, indeed. For me, personally, there is so much to learn in this still relatively primitive environment that has given birth to the tough and persistent characters you humans are.

"So much in the way of further evolution of the mind, of the social mores and of personal morality still needs to take place on this world. We know it will. A great distance further in time, teachers such as myself will fill but a minor role on your planet. For in the distant future, gradually, one more person at the time will begin to listen to the infusion of ideas so gently passed on by your Father Fragments, your Pilot Lights, your Spirit Selves that dwell within your minds.

"For those of you who use your freewill, your mind power, imagination, and dogged perseverance to live a righteous life, the greatest rewards of progress in spirituality will be yours. In communication with your very own Fragment of the Creator of All, you will learn to more clearly discern and mark the ideal life path that has been plotted for you right into your eternity existence.

"Just a little time spent in meditation each day, a little patience, will allow you to edge ever closer to the Part of you that is God-given and that is God in reality. The hustle and bustle of daily life may occasionally get the better of you, but your racial toughness and persistence in carrying on with your regimen of stillness meditation will pay generous dividends, especially during times when the material and mundane seeks to take on proportions of great import.


"This is Samuel passing on the Fathers love to you all."

George: "Thank you Samuel."