2004-08-12-Life Everlasting


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Topic: Life Everlasting

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske

Session 1


Dear one, one single moment in time can make the difference between life and death, meaning also eternal death. It is in the struggles of mortal existence that a soul can break free because it recognizes the great Rescuer.

Sometimes it is an indefinable moment when time seems to stand still, because eternity is touched by the human consciousness and something has forever shifted, because of the momentary glimpse beyond the 'veil' and the soul rushes in to embrace that moment in glad recognition. And a deep rest then settles into the soul, never to be forgotten as the endless journey of further awakening begins.

It is like, when the sperm meets the egg, waiting for him, and the eternal spirit moves the two together in a blinding flash of creation, and so the endless journey begins, an embryonic soul under the love and care of spirit begins to ‘multiply’ itself.

In the mortal estate it is unaware of how it grows, like the infant in the womb. It is when it reaches self-consciousness and begins to be aware of its surroundings, that it actively seeks to explore these surroundings.

These surroundings are so incredibly different from what meets the mortal eyes, for slowly on, like the infant, it begins to discern with the eyes of spirit, the smile of its heavenly Parents, and feel that incredible unconditional love in which it is free to explore spiritual matters.

And so the journey towards enlightenment begins, as it slowly grows in wisdom and understanding. And discovers with glee its older siblings and in time helps train the younger ones.

This, My beloved, is only the beginning of life everlasting.

Session 2

The Ultimate Goal of Evolution.


Dear one, allow your heart to be stirred into action by the unseen activities of heaven, where the celestials are waiting to see which mortal will next answer the call of Spirit.

The celestials are simply waiting with baited breath and great expectation for the next mortal to exercise that precious free-will power of choice and decision-making to wake up and align self to the Will of the Eternal God.

It may be a half-hearted and hesitating effort at first, but gradually there arrives the awareness that, yes indeed, matters are moving along more smoothly, and a feeling of rightness and a semblance of soul-peace is beginning to take a hold.

Mankind is slow to understand that the Almighty God has entrusted them with the greatest Gift; that of free will, in order for them to choose immortal life for themselves.

The meanings and values you gather on the evolutionary worlds of space are the lasting currency in the "bank of heaven."

A mortal bent on living a purely materialistic life, without thought for the life hereafter, is an impoverished soul indeed. There is a wealth of experiences to be had when a mortal overcomes his or her baser animal instinct of instant gratification, and learns to love and accept others when he or she first learns to love and accept self as a child of the Almighty God.

A greater understanding and wisdom grows with each decision to go within into the Stillness of their hearts to accept the Guidance of Me, their Mystery Monitor. And when they get to know Me better, they will find it much easier to decipher what the will of God entails, which is of course the way with the most love for each other.

And the journey together as siblings of the Almighty God then becomes a heaven on earth. This is the ultimate goal of evolution.

Which truly is co-creation in time and space.


The "A Thought Adjuster Speaks" transmissions are a "reward" for Lytske’s life-long career in medicine, and the genuine care for countless others, purely for the sake of those others. The work comprises more than 360 uninterrupted daily transmissions to date. And yet, we still do not know if the messages are direct from Lytske’s Father Fragment, or if other intermediaries (Midwayers and Seraphim) are assisting in passing on these explicit lessons from this God Fragment – "The Beloved One." It remains a mystery.

Session 3

I Am Your Friend.


Dear one, be and live in Joy. It is really not necessary to be worrying all the time. Actually, worrying gets you nowhere. It is the glad and joyful heart that more easily connects up with Me, because it has become more peaceful in growing faith-trust. This is the ideal we together strive and work towards.

Because the elimination of inner stress and anxiety will immediately effect all the body-cells, which can then unfurl and set themselves to the task of replicating in the manner they were programmed to, giving you a healthier body-temple to work in.

When the body can do its own healing work unhindered, it frees up the mind for more important work, which is to grow a little closer to the spirit-self each day.

Life is not meant to be just a journey of the flesh and its pleasure-seeking ways. No, life is meant to be lived, to discover the Living Spirit of Eternal God within, and to develop inner ears of listening to His Guidance.

How can you learn when everything is cluttered up with pain, worries, frets, disappointments, not to mention anger, resentments, and all other spirit poisons?

Strive each day to make time to come into the Stillness and listen to My Still Small Voice within, as I am in each normal thinking mortal. But bear in mind that you are in kindergarten here on this planet, and a more excellent education is awaiting you in the next stage of existence.

I am your Friend, so be My friend and spent time with Me. It will be the best time you will ever spend in your busy life.

Session 4

I Am the Unconditional Loving Father.


Dear one, prayer is the initiation of conversation with God. Sitting in Stillness/ meditation is listening to God. It is I who indwells you, who gave you a part of Myself, so you can contact Me anytime during your day or night. You don’t need to think of Me as far away, sitting on a cloud somewhere. No, I am most intimately connected with all My mortal children.

It is My desire that they give Me some of their time and of course undivided attention, so I can filter through to them to make them realize how much they are loved and cared for. But, you see, I also gave you all that precious gift of free will, because I really desire that you come to Me through your free will.

You experience a thrill when a little child comes to you, and spontaneously tells you that it loves you. Does that not give you a good and joyous feeling?

Because the little one has a trusting, open and loving heart, and somehow it knows that you will embrace it and love it right back. So it is with Me. I long for My mortal children to come to me spontaneously and hear them tell Me that they love Me.

I am always waiting with open arms to give them a safe harbor to come home to, especially when they need an extra hug so to speak. In this manner, reciprocal relationships are being build, because the child grows up to know that I am always available, and never mind whether they have been naughty or nice.

I am not this stern judge mortals have made Me out to be with their limited human understanding. It is time for humanity to wake up to the realization that I, the Creator of universes upon universes, am intimately connected with every living thing in My creation, and that I, God, change not.

I am the Unconditional Loving Father for all time and eternity of every being that desires to find Me.