2004-09-01-Never Mind Race, Creed, Or Color


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Topic: Never Mind Race, Creed, or Color

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Dear one, the sincere and humble heart that earnestly desires to do the will of God has embarked upon a most glorious journey. Always be humble but at the same time be fearless in proclaiming your faith in the Goodness and the Love of God.

It needs to be said time and again, "I, God, change not."

Your olden records have depicted Me as being as changeable as the seasons and with an assortment of human emotions. But this is an entirely erroneous concept, hopelessly, and totally outdated, even though your Master, Jesus, portrayed Me as the unconditional loving Father of all.

The evolving mind of man had to make sense of everything it experienced in life, and mankind had an inborn fear of anything they did not understand and needed to reason about. So many minds conceived of all kinds of erroneous concepts, especially the ‘chosen people’ concept, which helped some to feel better about their selves.

This is only true on a spiritual level. The fact is that each person is chosen, never mind race, creed or color. Each one is chosen in so far as they choose to listen to Me, the Still Small Voice within.

I endeavor to teach the human mind, and to help uplift the mind to a more spiritual way of thinking and living. This is the reason why a period of daily Stillness is so important, for if you do not take the time to listen to Me, how can you learn to hear Me?

To the listening heart I speak, so it may understand and gain that help and comfort in knowing God’s Will in daily life. This, of course, is never coerced. The Father desires that all His children learn to willingly cooperate with his Will.

In desiring to do the Will of God, great benefits will accrue in the mortal personality—the building of a strong harmonious, balanced and spiritually fragrant character.

Such can be gained while yet in the mortal flesh.

Session 2

The Connection to the All That Is.


Dear one, to entertain honest doubts in your mind about My existence is not a sin. It is the sign of a soul, struggling to become free. Even the Apostles’ doubt was not totally removed until after the crucifixion of their beloved Master.

It was not until after the resurrection when the Master appeared to them in His Morontia form, and then it was still the Apostle Thomas who entertained doubts and wanted to be shown the Master’s hands.

Then, finally, their faith blossomed, and they were greatly strengthened at Pentecost when the Spirit of Truth descended upon them and upon all sincere believers ever since. The Infinite Spirit also gave the Holy Spirit to dwell in mankind.

The accomplishment of the bestowal of a Master Son on this tiny, backward, and still retarded planet opened the way for the Gift of the Eternal God, who bestows Fragments of Himself upon each normal thinking mortal.

So you see that you are not as bereft of spiritual Help as you think you are. The greatest problem lies in the fact that mankind has not become deep thinkers in spiritual matters to even start the search within themselves for My Guidance.

The great majority still seeks for gurus and teachers to do the work for them, but the prime responsibility for the search for God lies within their selves.

Spirituality training is the luxury of taking the time for "going within" and seeking your own connection to the All That Is.

Jesus taught about the Unconditional Love of His Father for His creatures. He said, "The Kingdom of heaven is within you."

Session 3


Dear one, it is a worthwhile goal to strife for in your life to always be open to the Voice of Spirit. In this you need to be very discerning. However, because there are a lot of false noises in the world, like fortunetellers and soothsayers, who, supposedly, are in contact with departed spirits.

It is a longing of human minds, which desire to obtain tangible evidence of the worlds beyond and things unseen. Little do they realize that the Spirit of Almighty God resides within them. Yet, to hear the Still Small Voice requires a sincere and honest effort, determination and the courage to persevere.

Many people are slothful, indolent and selfish, and will not engage in self-discipline to discover this Wealth within their selves. Most people pass into the beyond, never knowing and never realizing how truly rich they were, because their souls remained undeveloped, impoverished and under-nourished.

This because they never opened their end of this channel, cultivating faith and trust in the Creator of everything, and allopwing themselves the time to come into the Stillness.

Of course, this is only done by their own free will and decision-making, although this often happens when there is a ‘wake-up call’, because of a calamity of some kind, or because of a disaster that befalls them.

You know very well how hard this training is, and yet, so very easy once you make up your mind, and then, you simply cultivate that habit to regularly come to Me in the Stillness. And to keep your mind firmly on the goal of the ages, to discover your God within, with Whom you were already unwittingly in partnership.

It is the most wonderful and desirable discovery in the lives of mortals when they realize this Unique and Living connection with the All That Is within them. And then they know that they have no need for another’s voice, because the best Teachers and Guides live right within them.

All you have to do, with faith and trust in Me, is to cultivate and sharpen your listening skills, so you may hear Me well, and still better as time goes by.

Session 4

I Beseech You To Turn Within. A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 208.


Dear one, the Will of God is the way of love. It is in learning to turn away the little mortal self with all its ‘material-flesh’ desires, so the higher spiritual self can take over and grow.

It is the subduing of the selfish animal instincts, the urges of self-preservation, and instant self-gratification that leads to mastery over self. It is in the daily fight of overcoming the baser instincts such as unbridled giving in to wants rather than needs, which is especially typical of the western part of the world.

It persists in the un-brotherly treatment toward humanity, in intolerance, impatience and rudeness. When will mankind wake up to the simple golden rule: Do unto others, as you would like to be treated?

It may not yet have entered many a mind, but the truth and fact is that the Creator in no respecter of persons, and looks upon His entire creation of mortals with unconditional love, and as being equal in entering the Kingdom of Heaven through faith and trust. Never mind their race, creed or color.

The sad fact is that among so-called civilized man so many barbaric traits and superstitions still exist in the dealings with their human brothers and sisters. How can you ever project love and peace out into space, toward all your other brothers and sisters on all the other worlds of the Creator’s making, when you cannot live in peace among each other?

Surely, you must realize by now that the bickering in your little sandbox, as well as the unfair dealings with you kin, need to give way to a greater maturity, so you start behaving like maturing sons and daughters of God.

I beseech you to turn within, where My spirit resides, and allow Me to teach and guide you.

Session 5

The True Purpose of Life. A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 212.


Dear one, so very few live up to the faith they actually possess and are capable of. It is indeed true that when Jesus walked the planet, and worked His so-called miracles, that it frequently was their faith in Him that made them whole.

Yet, and this is the secret; most of them went back to their former lifestyles, and so the illnesses of which they were cured manifested themselves again. Self-healing is innate when you allow the Joy of Spirit to dominate your life, including in your behaviors and with the right intake of foods.

It is your bodily temple that houses your eternal spirit, and it needs the proper nutrition. Included here are fresh air and sunshine. The daily intake of chemicals and other poisons are not the answer.

Think for a moment about how far this precious planet has been poisoned at the hands of a few, and due to greed. The saturation point is coming dangerously close, as too many people are dying from unnecessary diseases of mind and body, caused by all this pollution. And when they get sick, they are made sicker still by more chemicals, which their immune systems are not equipped to handle, due to this widespread abuse.

The Creator gave sunshine, pure air and herbs including the fruits of fields and trees for food.

But precious minds poison themselves with nefarious schemes of how to get rich, with no thoughts about the effects on their brothers and sisters. This all needs to be said, so mankind may learn were they are erring.

The Creator meant for you all to be caretakers for Him on this beautiful garden planet, and this intent will be manifested in times to come. Meanwhile humanity is reaping a terrible harvest of diseases.

The time is ripe for all mankind to wake up to the true purpose of life. It is to find your God within and to grow your faith-trust in His unconditional love, to learn to love yourselves and each other, and to bring forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service.

Session 6

To Grow Your Roots Even More Tenaciously.


Dear one, open your heart and mind, so we can communicate with the deepest understanding that you are capable of in our growing friendship, and while your trust and faith in Me wax stronger. There is so much I desire to convey to you, but it all depends on your readiness to receive.

It is true that sadness and grief are everywhere. No one is exempt. However, when a mortal turns within and, on a regular basis gives himself or herself the gift of Stillness, that same mortal can be assured of the fact that My balm for that aching heart is waiting to cure it.

The "going within" is a sure way to cure all ills. It is the finding of the great Healer, the Spirit of God, who desires to uplift the heart and to direct the mind into a more healthful state of being, bringing it back into a more positive and joyful groove.

It is so very important that, at every turn in your life, you remember that you are never alone, even though at times you suffer from loneliness.

Drink from this cup, and then give thanks for all the blessings in disguise. Do not falter in your faith, but instead concentrate faithfully on each task at hand. In doing so, and in time, life’s purpose to which you were called will become clearer—to help uplift this darkened little orb towards a greater understanding of the new Light that is dawning.

This present hardship is to serve you, to grow your roots even more tenaciously into Me. Have faith, grow your trust in Me, and some day when your earth life is finished, you shall look back in great wonder and see how you have served in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Actualizing your self into a greater being-ness on the road to perfection.