2004-09-15-Pride In All Humility


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Topic: Pride In All Humility

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard

Session 1

September 2, 2004


Samuel: ". . . for it is good to detect a willing ear, and it is a blessing to my heart to find myself welcomed each time you are prompted. I find it delightful that you have realized these lessons are part of a series to come your way.


"As I have often expressed privately, and must do so again here publicly, it is most gratifying to me that through your hard working group disseminating (can’t hear—probably "transcripts") I have become a teacher to many. I say in all humility that they were always merely my expectations that I would have a single student, as so many teachers—few openly recognized, most with only subliminal contact—can ever count on becoming.

"Does my chest swell with pride, you may ask? More regarding that later.

"It is Humility in work and play that we refer to in this lesson. We are the tiny, tiniest, and minutest of little "driving wheels" in the clockwork that is time/space progress. We, the offspring of the Creator of All, are a unified force in our helping to bring about, in assisting, time/space evolution on a most treasured planet. Each of us, in and of ourselves, must recognize that we surely have value.

"We have intrinsic value, and we must have, because the total of what we are has been put together, has been assembled one might say, by the Father Creator, and, on the physical level, by the Life Carriers and others who for so long supervised and aided our evolutionary progress. We are His valued project, His beloved subjects, of great import to Him, each of us, and indeed to all other personalities on my side of the veil.

"Without the Almighty Mind that ‘invented’ us in the first place, and without the Creator Sons that took up His orders to produce us, we would not exist, and, therefore, our existence is proof of our great personal value, unquestionably so. Yet what we do with our lives will amount to our extrinsic value, and we may some day add this to our innate worth, but we must do so in all humility.

"Here again, as with so many aspects of the personality’s characteristics, we must for ourselves estimate and determine, as well as "live", what is a good balance. We may well have pride in our work, as indeed I do, and yet this pride must be true and not false.

"Our ability to see ourselves, realistically for what we are worth, as mere little cogs in the giant clockwork that is all of creation, will guarantee our soul-felt happiness. Gradually, we will bring together more and more and more individuals of like mind. Gradually, more and more, will we begin to mirror the grand organizations of the Mansion Worlds and beyond that labor for the common good in His honor, in His service.

"Still on this earth, we deplore the sharp divisions between those of wealth and those who have not, those who dictate and those who slave—those divisions created in the past, and persisting in so many places. More than that, we bewail the religious and spiritual divisions amongst those who claim to serve Him, and cannot see their siblings in the eyes. But slowly, surely, a "common mind" is establishing itself through which many will play their parts in balanced pride and humility in doing their share for the common good.


"This is Samuel, reaching out to you and many others in Gratitude . . . and Pride in all Humility, this together with many other helpers in His service. Our love goes with you all in a true-felt, soul-felt happiness of being of service."

Session 2

September 15, 2004. Subject: "Rattling the Gates of Heaven."


Samuel: "…if your mortal minds could only conceive of the many flight plans that are lodged each day for the steadfast four-winged Transporters (Angels), and if only your eyes could perceive the takeoffs and landings of enseraphimed beings traveling to and from this planet!

"This very vista would make your mind spin, for so great are the numbers of takers that covet spending a little of their time on your planet. So great are the numbers of departing mortal souls alone! These (latter) account for quite a number of the scheduled daily flights, but these are not all.

"There is a constant skipping between worlds and there are frequent arrivals of entire classrooms of students, and ever so many individual arrivals from the highest of realms that come to be here to teach, to advise, to share experiences, to serve and to learn.

"By far the toughest lives that are lived are those of the short-lived mortals on planets like yours. Indeed, we do experience some unfortunate losses of souls from this small realm. However, it is all about the reduction of those losses why we, your teachers, your more spiritually advanced older brothers and sisters, feel drawn to "rattle the Gates of Heaven" to be allowed to save perhaps but one single soul, no effort spared.

George: "Rattling the Gates of Heaven. A curious metaphor. Good one!"

Samuel: "You are amused, also fatigued. We will take a break, and return to the precise subject of this lesson—Steadfastness. I leave you now. I am Samuel."


There were just two occasions in the mid-seventies when I observed such "classrooms" of celestial students. The first time there were about twelve students present. On a later occasion there were about fourteen students. Some were very tall, perhaps 7 foot or more, and others not much taller than 3 foot.

Both times they were there to observe an out-of-body healing, and somehow with the use of their minds they appeared to be assisting us with that work. Undoubtedly, they were not just watching us (the Midwayer and me).

Session 3

September 16, 2004. Teacher Samuel of PanoptiaSubject: "Steadfastness."


Samuel: "This is your Teacher Samuel, my dear brother in Christ. We return to the subject of our discussion, our important lesson about being steadfast in your endeavors of all kinds in the lives that you now lead.


"Think of the hardships that many of you have been able to endure during your lives. Think of the difficulties you have been able to overcome. Consider the successes that you all achieved. Although all are loved equally, it is your perseverance, persistence, your determination that in the character building you are about, will make you ‘more than equal’ in soul growth and personality improvement.

"Steadfastness acquired in the face of difficulties is a very much sought-after character trait, to ‘own’ in the realms you will occupy, and in the lives any ex-mortal will lead. And as long as you are prepared to continue to contemplate eternal life, as you must, let us talk on about what it will mean for you in your travels from here to Paradise by (having) the steadfastness you can here attain.

"Take note of my words that the improvements made to self by choice on this plane will count a hundred times compared to those achievements later acquired by obvious, clearly understood necessity.

"As I did on many occasions, you, too, will apply for a position as either a student to some series of Melchizedek lessons, or perhaps as a teacher to others that have come behind you to dwell on your sphere. Inevitably, in some instances, you will be found wanting, be disappointed, be deferred, and you will need every bit of your home-grown resolve to try harder, learn more, in order to qualify.

"The sincerity and professional determination of a long-serving Transporter Seraph is what it will take to prepare yourself for the demands that will be placed upon you—that you will place upon yourself in the furthering of time/space progress for all. Oftentimes your signed application will still not be accepted, but with determination the time will come when you will eminently qualify. Even then, you might need to whisper, ‘It’s my turn’, even say loudly, ‘What about me?’ Or perhaps "rattle the gates of Heaven."


"It is a delight, my dear friend and student, to find you in such a refreshed and jovial mood this morning. Our love and prayers go with you all. Always."