2004-09-20-Finding Peace, Honing Spirit Connecitons


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Topic: Finding Peace, Honing Spirit Connections

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "I Am Armesh. My time of working with mortals on this earth plane has been relatively short. Much of my time has been spent on other worlds, helping mortals such as you, as they have gone through periods of change and evolution within their own history. I have been sent here for this assignment in order to assist in the Correcting Times.


"As the Earth evolves alongside its inhabitants, my nature is that of a Guide, a teacher, who may assist and show the way. I am practiced at this, and welcomed the chance to spend more time working with other creatures, or those of creation within my own group.

"During my time here, I have worked with several groups, amongst them the Progress Platoon with which you are accustomed. As somewhat of a wanderer, I am more suited to fitting in with whichever group is working with me at the time. Through each individual I work directly with, I work with other entities. In this case through your receiver I frequently work with primary midwayer Zeen, who is another being of ancestry aside (not) from this Earth. I also work with some earth-based primary midwayers, when requested.

"The precise nature of my being is hard to explain. I perform a similar function to the midwayers, but I am of a mixed ancestry, the definitions of which are hard to state within your earth-based classifications. Know only that I am a personality with Spirit, and with experience. I am aware at all times of my connection to the Divine and I am able to manifest within many different dimensions of the universal spaces.

"In many ways I am a rover soul, carrying within me the imprint of many energy forms, but within that I have gro Subject: "Finding Peace." .

"With the movement of mountains the world changes her shape. The followings of time begin to make sense and the structure and the forms manifest themselves. At this point, these are the times you live within, as the very nature of the earth changes, and she evolves herself.

"It is a difficult time with many lessons to squeeze into a short lifetime, and the movements may be things you do not understand. Always remember, though, that you as a collective, and you as an individual, move inexorably towards the place of greater growth, great freedom and of great beauty.

"You will find in your hearts that (which) will last. You are opening to praise of the Divine and the sense of being and belonging. As the forms of nature change, so, too, change the shapes of society. Old habits cannot be supported and the dead wood is being removed.

Within this time of turmoil, find the place of the quiet, for the strength to move through these times can only be found within your soul, your heart. With your Spirit guiding you, and your heart willing, the place of peace can always be upon you, even amongst the loudest of storms and the biggest of waves.

At this time, many people fear the changes, and the fear of changes is what will make their ways difficult. But by opening up to, and embracing change with the love in your heart, you will find the easiest way.

Session 2

Armesh and Zeen Cheshire, UKd September 20, 2004.


Armesh: "We bid you welcome. Today’s lesson begins with us talking about the nature of Spirit. Spirit imbibes everything around you, every article, however big, however small. It maintains its own sense of self and its own connection to the divine wherever it is close within the order of all things.


"As humans you are blessed with the ability to move with your spirit and to evolve. Other aspects of material life also have this ability, though for them evolution is slow, and often without distinct personality. For a human to attempt to live without spirit is to become less than animal, for animals fulfill perfectly their own space, within the universe. Do not belittle though, their place within it.

"For a human to consciously evolve is a beautiful thing. But it can only be done with conscious work and effort, and by honing the spiritual life within, and by recognizing self as the Child that is of God.

"It is often difficult for humans to define what Spirit means. It is a part of you that is already divine, a part of you that ‘knows’. The part that carries within it all patterns and templates, all aspects of that which is needed to allow you to manifest through your mortal lives. The spirit links all your aspects, some of which have a permanent nature, others a more temporary one. Each of them however, is malleable, can be changed, can be honed, and can be carved to draw out the most beautiful sculpture hidden within the block of stone.

"The Spirit Self is already perfect. When you work on honing your spiritual side, do not try to hone your Spirit. Hone your connection to your Spirit, and in doing so you chisel away at your personality, at your ego, and at other aspects of human life, until they form the perfect picture. This picture cannot be perfect without the recognition and guidance of the Divine Spirit within you. Pay attention to Spirit, as it is needed. This is both, the easiest and the most difficult.

You spend years creating circumstances to allow yourselves to look the other way, distractions, because for some reason you have become afraid of your Spirit Self. When you allow the personality and the ego to be properly formed, then the Spirit can shine through, and can assist in the further sculpting of the personality and the ego. All that is needed is your willingness.

I say this again, since many of you believe you need intellectual rigor or hard study to know the divine you. Anyone who chooses to look for Spirit will find it, and so simply, by looking within themselves and finding the truth that occupies the core of their being.

"When you allow this to happen, then, truly, miracles can occur."