2004-10-04-A Lesson on Free Will

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Topic: A Lesson on Free Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



It is timely that we speak a few words on free will. Free will includes everything from the thoughts that arise in your mind, to the act of decision making. It begins with the thought-processes, and the more you can master your own mind, the better you can control your own thoughts. With that mastery, you have control over your life. Of course this also entails the control and mastery over unruly habits and addictions, which can make life very unpleasant indeed. People do not yet realize enough that they, themselves, are often the cause of their own misery, due to choices long ago made. Effect always follows cause, as sure as the sun comes up each morning. It is one of the laws of nature.

Every thought carries its own consequences. We are not speaking at this time about genetic inheritance, only what you do to yourself by habitual thinking. It would be extremely expedient for you to monitor your thoughts, and see where they are negative and fear-filled. You will live your life accordingly, and shall be heir to the many illnesses. Negative thoughts act like poison upon the physical system, which in turn loses its capability for self-healing due to these blocks placed upon it. All these can be nipped in the bud by practicing cleanliness and having positive thoughts, but above all, a secure connection to the All That Is.

It needs to be a strong personal connection, not a perfunctory ‘out-of-duty-must-pray’ connection. No, it is exercise of the free will on its highest level -- a spontaneous outburst of thankfulness to the omniscient Creator. A faith-filled happy heart can be the choice of every mortal on the planet. It is an allowing yourself the time to come and sit in My presence, to imbibe of My love and My nurturing, and to partake of My peace and soul-rest. All these and more are within the reach of each thinking mortal who exercises their power free of will correctly, and it works actively to establish and strengthen that inward connection, whilst showing that connection by their visible acts in loving service and tolerance towards all. It is an active building of a positive faith and trust, which are exercised in the experiences of daily life.

Life itself becomes so far more interesting when the heart is free of grudges and resentment, and is always ready to forgive. This is also an act of free will. When someone says, ‘I cannot forgive,’ they say in reality, ‘I am not willing to forgive,’ and then a change happens, and a block moves into place leading to disharmony somewhere in the physical system, which can only be unblocked by forgiveness and the free flow of love. The pain that you carry is the love that you withhold. Make it a habit to scrutinize your thoughts. Are they are positive or negative? This lies entirely within your will-power to change. Allow nothing to later haunt you in the form of various illnesses. It is entirely up to you to live well into a ripe old age and in good health, depending on your mastery over negative fearful habits. It is a free-will decision to live in trust, and to have faith in the Goodness of God.