2004-11-14-Celestial Activities Organized


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Topic: Celestial Activities Organized

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, Elyon

TR: Ginny, Jonathan



The Teachers

unidentified (Ginny TR): Good morning. We are here as a new group of teachers who have been offered this chance of practicing our skills in connecting with you mortals in your fantastic voyage that you are on. We have come here in a group and, as you, to practice our skills in communicating with you, and we are ready and willing to partake in this grand adventure. We have been waiting here in the wings, and this TR has been sensing them and has finally opened her mouth. We thank you for doing so, and we will take our turn in getting used to each other and introducing ourselves to each other as you have done so in the past with your already familiar teachers.

There are many, many beings lined up ready for action as the time draws nearer. As you spoke of before, it is going to require of you a great deal of trust and faith that we are very well trained, very well ready, to help you. There will be many more teachers coming aboard, and we hope that there will be many more TR's becoming available to us. My purpose today is to make you aware of my presence and the presence of my group. We would hope that in the future we can continue this communication and be serious about staying with it and staying open and comfortable that what is occurring is well planned and well monitored. This is all I have to say to you today as I observe the group and hope that we can communicate again. Good day.

Jonathan: May I ask a question of this teacher and group?

unidentified: Yes, please.

Jonathan: From where do you hail?

unidentified: We are very near you in our ascension, at least not too far away from you. We are unable to answer further any questions.

Jonathan: Thank you for making contact, and thank you, Ginny, for stepping out to bring the introduction.


Spirit, Coordination

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I welcome our associates to this classroom. I enjoyed having the enthusiasm and energy with us. It will extend into your range of notice. Much goes on on our side that is greatly orchestrated. We of course are not restricted in our actions under such orchestration, but, nonetheless, our actions are planned and promoted with harmony and balance. You are as yet terrestrial beings and have therefore much attention placed towards things contactable by your senses, and spirit seems undetectable or lightly detectable. It is on a rare occasion when a world receives visible form, even an incarnation which testifies to the reality of the spirit realm. Those who work upon your world are dependent upon your ministry, upon your promulgation of truth through living. This condition does hold even for one like myself, for, at my level of being, I too have a range that is tangible within which I function. Higher up the scale -- which I have yet to ascend -- I must also realize through faith. I too only lightly discern the higher spirit beings and the realms they inhabit.

Spirit is power; it is force, pressure, and volume, energy. It takes shape through you as sound takes form through a horn. Each one of you is like a different instrument, configured in a unique shape, constructed to focus spirit force into a tangible form that can be heard by those around you. Some of you are like trumpets, others saxophones, and others flutes. It is the same spirit that speaks through you; it is your personal configuration that gives it the timbre, the tonality, the delicacy, depth, and richness. You are truly in cooperation with spirit. Be not concerned that your alteration leads to displeasure by a higher being, for the spirit circuit line of communication relishes each opportunity to manifest from one dimension to another through willing souls as yourselves.

Collectively you are an orchestra harmonized under the conductorship of Michael. Such orchestration is not militaristic; it is a willing cooperation and coordination of all freewill creatures. When you apply yourself consciously to this dynamic you more greatly tune yourself to the greater song, and you contribute beauty in such harmony. Stillness is the placing of your attention at the mouthpiece of your instrument whereby spirit may enter. Service is the other end of your instrument where spirit leaves to minister, to contact another. I am told of beings so close to our Father on Paradise that they recognize us through the light of the Father's Fragment. Beings like myself also recognize levels below us through sound, through the spirit harmony that is made by each of you willingly cooperating with the will of the Father. That sound is truth and beauty and goodness. When it is amplified through will, when it is applied consciously, you create music.

When a world is in chaos and not seeking the guidance of spirit we detect noise. You are in the orchestra of the Correcting Time. Our assignment is to transform the sound on this world from a honk to a song. Trust spirit receptivity. Accept the tonality of your personal configuration and express spirit to others. Let the song of God be heard as you each draw together in worship and reach to one another in service. I can take your questions if you have them. Thank you.


Evelyn: I am curious about the new teachers. Can you tell us what distinguishes this group from previous? Perhaps the name of the one who spoke?

Elyon: This group is emerging and as yet the parameters of their mission are only being formed. You received once the name of Hogan. He is aligned in this new class of instructors. More will unfold as you draw closer to the full enactment of the Magisterial Mission.

Ginny: I had the feeling when I was transmitting that the teacher was very young. Is that correct?

Elyon: Relatively speaking it is a lad. However, that is from my perspective, one who has been around for many eons. It is beneficial that this world receive instructors much closer to your status as spirit ascension creatures, for you will readily befriend them due to commonality. Yes, you may refer to them as a youth group.


Evelyn: My question might seem a little political. Our country now has this political voice that is representing the current Christian religion. In Europe organized religions have been there and done that and are now weakened. Culturally it seems to me Europe is progressing toward Light and Life very nicely. What do the celestials, you teachers, think of European progress compared to ours?

Elyon: We have master seraphim who monitor such developments. The reports are favorable in both regards, for it is valuable that civilizations be motivated strongly, fervently, in a religious sense, for it does prioritize the manner of living in each individual. However, it is of equal importance that there be upon each world a segment that is willing to set aside norm and to risk the dangers of uncertainty in seeking new cultural perspectives and manners of living. It will be the intermixing of these two conditions that will bring a greater international spirituality, a more planetary based religious perspective. At any location, at any point in time, both orientations have advantages and disadvantages. But it is good that they both are present, for one without the other lacks the balance.