2004-11-21-Takes Retraining To Let Go of Fear


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Topic: Takes Retraining to Let Go of Fear

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Minearsia

TR: Virginia, Nancy, Simeon, Bob S.



KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Father, Mother, Michael, we come to you as grateful children who have noted the paths of each one that has shared, and realize that the paths of their unseen teachers are certainly as diverse. Yet we, the unseen teachers, and they, the students, have come together for You to share with Your other brothers and sisters, Your other children, their brothers and sisters, that which we know to be true about You, that You are loving, You are kind, You are generous, You are totally accepting of each of us, and we thank You. Amen

DANIEL (Nancy): My dear friends, my joy tonight is abundant, is over-flowing. I smile with great delight upon each of you. I am your teacher, friend, companion, and colleague; I am Daniel, opening this time of interaction.

We are aware that the evening is already progressed, and we feel that there was healthy learning in the exchange that opened your group, as well as in the review of the lesson. So we are here not to sermonize, but to acknowledge you and offer our service.

However, before I open the floor to such interaction, it is my extreme pleasure, Barbara, to welcome you with warm, open, loving arms. We have anticipated your presence here with us. We know you as a sincere seeker of light, and we hope that our lessons and guidance can provide the illumination you seek. Welcome dear friend.

Barbara: Thank you.

DANIEL: I am not the only teacher present, as you are well aware. Minearsia is here of course. Your personal teachers are here, and we have many guests.

You have been given the image before, of being at the bottom of an open—stadium style seating. There are, yes, throngs of us participating in enjoying your energy. We use your sincerity and bright light to magnify and enhance this light that you offer with your grouping.

And so dear friends, the floor is open to ask your questions. There are other teachers and other TRs available for response.


Ron: Good evening Daniel. (Good evening) This could be for any of the teachers. It is kind of a personal question I’d like to ask. At least what I know within myself, desire to know – to be like the Father, more than anything in my entire life. I don’t understand everything yet, and know it’s a growth period. There are times when I lose it and I say things--actually like the animal primitive part of me just comes out, and it actually makes me sick. If there is any advice, wisdom from any of the teachers, I would so much appreciate it.

DANIEL: I am Daniel. Yes, my son, my friend, I will respond. Others too may wish to add. Both Minearsia and I, in talking with you have discussed the significance of all peoples past, in understanding how they behave and react in the present. My dear friend, that you recognize these issues and desires so strongly, to change them, is of course the first step, so give yourself gold stars for making progress in that direction.

I will refer you to the early lessons from this group, and recommend them as intellectual fodder, as well as "hands on" assignment to assist in making these changes. Lessons in the first couple of years include lessons on forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of self. Later on in the years Minearsia introduced a sequence that focused on the development of the ego, the role that the ego plays in human life, and the need to love and nurture that aspect to calm it. This sequence too, I would refer for your reading. Then, I would offer my services to you personally in a private session. I am sure one of the TR’s would be! willing to arrange such a time so that we could delve into these matters more.

Dear friend, let the sickness go. There are reasons why you react how you react, and although these reactions need no longer be appropriate to the current circumstances you find yourself in, they developed for a purpose, very often self-protection. So, if you think back you may find that that which you so dislike in yourself today helped you to survive at other times, and was necessary for the protection, physical or mental of a small vulnerable being. And as one finds those vulnerabilities, it can attach and relate to them, and then can healing take place that can transform the hurt protective aspects, so they no longer feel compelled to do their duty.

  • Ego

I am providing PamElla the image of the German Shepard dog. The German Shepard is a dog who loves to please, is very, very intelligent and with its desire to please and its great intelligence, it can be trained for many purposes. To help blind individuals find their way through busy cities, or to fiercely guard someone’s property. The ego is like this German Shepard, and the ego desires to do its duty like the Shepard, and if it’s original duty was protection, you can see the fangs, the curled lip, the raised hair on the back, then it will do this. But the ego can be retrained for other purposes, once it understands that the job it was trained to do is no longer! necessary.

The how of retraining is another question. It begins with daily stillness. It begins with time, seeking those personal vulnerabilities and loving them, offering solace, offering the perspective of a loving adult to a small child, rather than repeating the criticisms and irrational demands that are so ingrained. These are the first steps in retraining ones thinking so that the ego can become that guide dog rather than that guard dog.

Does this assist you as a starting place?

Ron: Yes Daniel.

DANIEL: I look forward to further discussions in a private session, if you so desire, my son.

Ron: I desire, my friend.

DANIEL: This is Daniel continuing, does anyone else wish to share an observation, probe a question? (pause) I cannot believe your plates are full.

Virginia: Well Daniel, what I thought of, as soon as you said that, is how much more I know about each one of the people present here tonight. Things that I certainly did not know even about those I knew longer than Barbara, so it’s very nice. I guess there are things to think about.

DANIEL: Thank you Virginia.

Ron: Daniel, Thursday I was at a TR practice and the question I’d like to ask - and I know you’ll tell me frankly -- I was getting two different names. I don’t know if they are teachers, I don’t know if one could be my personal teacher, but the names I was getting, the first one was Tobias, and the second one later on was Jedidiah.

DANIEL: My friend, you are going to hear the party line, the same what your fellow students have heard when they have made similar questions in the past. Both of these names have meaning for you, yes, meaning that is exciting. But we desire that you work with this longer. There is great benefit that comes from struggling with these name issues, that is hard to perceive or believe initially. You will understand the meaning of both relatively soon. Good work my friend.

Ron: Thank you. I don’t know what I did but that was good. Thank you.

DANIEL: That too you will come to understand.

Minearsia (Bob D.): Greetings to you all, I am Minearsia. Indeed, we see that your minds have been filled with insights, both human and divine, this evening. Your personal discussions can be rewarding and insightful at a level that our dialogue cannot always reach.

  • Relationship

You have, most of you, heard it said that relationships are an end in and of themselves. As you seek to apply your learning in the world, to provide ministry, however large or small, do not overlook the importance of nurturing relationships as the primary practice of incorporating one’s self into the ascension scheme of the cosmic family.

As you have recognized new information about your brothers and sisters, you find that knowledge is the key for unlocking the potential love inherent in interaction. You can only love someone honestly and thoroughly by having knowledge and understanding of that person. Though we love our interaction with you, and we see ourselves in relationship to you, we are still, as yet, limited in our ability to apply the full range of options that develop deep and lasting personal relationships with you.

Remember that your primary goal is the relationship with the Father, and out of this consistent connection, the blossoming of a desire to do good to others will occur. Nurture both sides of this coin. Know that your present potentials are based more in how you grow comfortable with being real and honest in the presence of others, and seek to understand and know the real and the true in them.

We have a universe age of getting to know each other left before us. Seek now in your lives to apply the shadows of your relationships to us toward making substantive relationships in your existence now. For it is in this that you identify as a child of God, and a growing member in the fellowship of all beings.


At this time, let us close this meeting. Please rise. I bid you good night as one of my fellows will close in prayer.

Heclechora (Bob S.): Let us pray

As we, your children, reach out to the Infinite, our Mothers and Fathers on High, we do so with hope, and trust, and a certain amount of abiding anticipation as our lack of spiritual reflection determines for each of us. Yet, the Father loves each of us perfectly in spite of our imperfections. Go now my friends and seek to develop that perfect love that the Master set before us two thousand years ago, as we seek to be worthy of God’s love in each of us. Amen