2004-12-04-Sisterhood & Brotherhood Under One Creator


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Topic: Sisterhood & Brotherhood

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske, Helen Whitworth



Dear one, the keys to the Kingdom are; love, praise and gratitude. Never forget to give thanks for all blessings you daily receive. The greatest blessing is life itself, for without it you would not even exist.

Life is taken for granted, which is good, but on the other hand it behooves you to express your gratitude to the Creator and Giver of all life. Many a thought well up in the human mind, but not until a life-threatening illness or a calamity of some sort strikes does life become too precious to be squandered.

I ask you all, why wait until this must befall you, before humankind wakes up en masse, or is brought to its senses that all life on this planet needs to be respected?

All life is to be honored, and this is not being done, mainly because of the thoughtless acts of a few unthinking greedy ones. And what will they do when they grow old and look back upon their lives?

Will they be puffed up with their own self-importance and pride over their deeds, when they are called to judgment? No, indeed not, for they were unfaithful stewards on this garden planet, which was to serve as an oasis in the cosmos.

Think and see, and become aware of how this beautiful orb is suffering in the hands of a few greedy corporations. Where is the beauty, when her lovely face is seared with scars due to plunder and pilfering, which only benefits a few? This is the face she shows the Creator.

Please, remember that the Creator sees what is done to the least of earth’s creatures. Become more mindful, thoughtful and thankful for your life, and love and respect all other life forms. For then you will have evolved towards a true sisterhood and brotherhood under the One Creator.

Love, praise and gratitude are the keys thereto.

Session 2

The Goal of the Ages.


Dear one, to separate the end from the beginning requires an understanding that can only be acquired by the experience of having lived through life. Without much experience, it is impossible for a little mortal to achieve. A tiny ant does not know where the elephant is headed as it swings along on its long legs.

Likewise, you, too, cannot know where you are headed, although you might have some concept of the eventual destination. There exists not a human, who does not entertain some thoughts about the hereafter.

A popular notion is that you will be sitting on a cloud, and be entertained by an angel playing a harp. This, of course is totally erroneous and not in the least boring. Your text, the Urantia Book, explains some of this when after your resurrection, in the halls of Mansonia number One, you are re-united with Me, your Indweller. This reunion happens after your longer, or shorter, sleep of physical death, while your soul-self has been kept safe by your guardian angels.

There, your next stage in eternal life begins, as you slowly on remember all the worthwhile memories of your earth-life, while the dross is left behind.

The next stage is a further refining of your personal character. You will receive a greater capacity for understanding, the more you lend yourself to the reception of instructions, and so you will grow in stature.

I need to tell you that in the next stage of existence, you will carry on precisely where you left off with your mindal capacities. It is extremely important that you do not diminish these capacities with chemical addictions, although the mental aberrations will have been left behind.

And so you will progress further, from stage to stage, inward and upward in the cycle of eternity, growing and perfecting on the long journey Home, until one day in the far-distant future you will stand, in the Presence of the perfect Creator as a perfected being.

This is the goal of the ages for evolutionary beings such as you.

Session 3

Your Sincere and Dedicated Effort.


Dear one, the best way to grow in spirit is to always choose the better way—the way of truth, beauty and goodness. It is the spirit value that you must seek in everything, even in the ordinary humdrum of life. In doing so, you will be inspired and lifted up.

Life can indeed become a life of resurrection when you turn your mind away from the depressing and ‘fear-ridden tomb mentality’ into the sunlight of the risen Christed One, who overcame all manner of evil and injustice perpetrated against Him.

By steadfastly refusing to use His power as the Creator and Ruler of this mighty universe, and in His triumph, He showed once and for all that even death has no hold on Him. Even as the Son of Man, which name He earned during His life in the flesh as it was lived not even that long ago. And this is His gift to you, of life everlasting.

Great was His faithfulness to His Father in Heaven when He came to proclaim on earth the Love of the Father for all His offspring, to announce the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humankind, and to do the Will of God.

Then, after His ascension day, He sent His promised Helper, the Spirit of Truth, whilst at the same time the Father gave His Gifts, the Fragments of Himself, and Mother Spirit send Her Holy Spirit to indwell all mortals, then, and ever since that day.

Indeed, you have never been cosmic orphans. It is only human forgetfulness to think that everything is bleak and hopeless, when all you have to do is flex your faith-muscle and trust Me enough to come into the Stillness within yourself, were I am waiting to nurture and instruct you.

But in order for you to make spiritual progress, I need your sincere and dedicated effort. Can you not trust Me in this? Or will you not trust Me in this?

Even the feeblest attempt on your part shall be richly rewarded. All I ask of you is to never give up in your attempts to seek Me in the Silence of your heart.

Session 4

  • Cheshire, UK,
  • December 7, 2004.
  • Subject: "Attachment to Spiritual Events."
  • Received by Helen Whitworth.


Thought Adjuster: "We start today through discussing the mores of the world—the passions, the distractions, and the benefactions that distract you from your true purpose. These are numerous and both material, emotional and indeed spiritual, for it as easy to be distracted from union with God by holding onto moments of previous enlightenment and spiritual ecstasy as it is by attachment to articles of clothing, or to physical vanity.

"All of these are stages and are temporary, and whilst they are effects that sit within a linear time frame, then they are merely windows into reality. By grace, you can learn to move through those spiritual high moments and into the next learning situations of sorrow with equal amity.

"There is no better and no worse when you find true union, and it becomes as easy to remain freely aware at times of distress as at times of joy. Attachment to either is still an attachment, and should be avoided where this is possible.

"This is not to say you should not value those experiences, but experience and move on. Having seen part of where you will end up in the natural course of your evolution, do not dwell, remaining attached to that moment, for you shall miss the moments of the next nows and cloud yourself away from feeling and being with God once more."

Session 5

  • That Marvelous Instrument You Are Destined To Become.
  • A Thought Adjuster Speaks – # 266


Dear one, let gladness reign in your heart and joy spring up in your soul, for I know that it is your desire to freely give your will over to Me, so you can become more responsive to My leading.

Always remember, however, that nothing is ever forced onto you, and that I accept your heart when it is freely given. Mind you, even in deciding to give your all to Me, you have already given me your all, and you will experience a deep-felt joy.

It is then that the long stretch of training in self-discipline follows, as you live closer to Me. It is then that you will discover things about yourself that you really don’t like. This is how you will set about to overcome all manner of negative habits and peculiarities, which do not befit a life on the road to perfection and shall in due time be left behind, to never more be remembered.

It is in the overcoming of negative character traits, where the real training occurs. This training in self-discipline requires that you are totally honest with yourself without any excuses.

Oh, you will surely experience times of discouragement, but I promise to always spur you on into the better way, because I will never let you forget that you and I belong together. I will never let you forget that we are meant to become as one, for this is the sole purpose of My indwelling you.

So allow Me to tune you to become that marvelous instrument you are destined to become, so you will bring forth a joyful sound unto the Creator of all things, Who fashioned you from a speck of dust of the earth.

At the same time He gives you the capability to become perfect as you return as one with Me to Paradise, wherefrom I hail.