2004-12-19-TR's For Second Revelatory Commission

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Topic: TR's for Second Revelatory Commission

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Zareth

TR: Daniel Raphael, Jerry Evans



RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. (Group greetings.) It is a pleasure to be here with you. We are pleased with the progress of the Second Revelatory Commission, its development and volunteers, the organization and leadership. This is essential for our co-creative efforts to make progress. You will always be working in groups, in addition to your own individual work that you have with us. Learning these basic skills of working within groups is essential for the onward movement and healing of your planet. You know the results of division and exclusion only so well, and to learn the fundamental skills of inclusion and cooperation is important for your life, your morontial existence and for the perpetuating existence of your work groups that you will leave behind eventually.


Now, as this group is meeting here and you have established the merkaba during the meditation, we wish you to visualize the planet Earth from a distance, so that as it rotates, you see this spike of energy, this spike of light, here in Northern Colorado that is the merkaba energy. And as you open your consciousness to your planet as it revolves below you, you begin to notice more spikes of light where groups are meeting, where individuals are coming together in the name of the triune God, coming together in the Spirit of Truth. You will find that some of these spikes of energies are larger than others, some are brighter, and some have different hues of color to them. As you begin to visualize your planet this way, you realize that these beacons of light connect you all energetically, and that truly, with the encircuitment of your planet, your planet is engulfed in a shell of light. This is the consciousness of Christ Michael; this is the consciousness of Nebadonia; this is the consciousness of evolved and enlightened humankind. This has a broad, global effect and it is accessible to each individual and to each group. It is your intent that makes the spike exist in the group. It is your sincerity that gives it its hue of color—or its whiteness—and the number of enlightened minds, souls who are here gathered together gives it its size. Some of you cannot "see" this; others of you can. I wish you to know that it truly exists and this is how we see your world at times, as we choose.

Today, part of the design of these instructions is to further elucidate the work within the SRC, the Second Revelatory Commission, and how this will develop. Today’s topic particularly involves the TR’s you will be using for this process of questions and answering. We heretofore have not discussed this in much detail, as we do not wish to get into the process or formula of comparison between TR’s around the world. It is unproductive to do these comparisons. But it is essential that you understand how this process is affected at deep levels by the person, who is the TR.

You recognize among you that individuals are different, and that each of you brings with you different talents and abilities. You also bring forward different capabilities—undeveloped abilities. TR’s have developed their latent skill into an ability—and have set their ego aside to let a celestial entity, as myself or a Divine being, come through them without being corrupted by the ego. So too, do we recognize that individuals bring with them a differing repertoire of history and experience of race consciousness and DNA patterning. All these factors affect the work of the TR. The result we wish for is credible transmissions, uncorrupted by social comparisons, comparisons of social worth, by ego embellishments or diminishments. It is not that TR’s are exempt from that, but during the TR process it is essential that they set aside themselves as an ego structure and let the energy, the message come through clearly. That is the primary qualitative response that we wish to have develop in TR’s.

It is still very early in the SRC’s work to have TR’s begin the process of answering questions. You have yet to note that different TR’s have different capabilities or genre in which they are more capable. As we have mentioned before, this one and his celestial teacher are easy for us to work with, [or] work through, regarding global issues, large perspectives, rather than minutia. Other TR’s are very capable of answering those levels of questions, whereas they would not be able to clearly bring through conceptually the issues or topics that come through one who is more globally oriented. We do not have the latitude of using a "sleeping subject" to bring these messages through in a trance-channeled fashion. It was decided quite some time ago that after the sleeping subjects were used that any development later must include conscious individuals, using a conscious mind to bring through these messages. The hazard of course is that there is an active consciousness that brings with it a certain self-identity, identification, of who they are and their value and worth, their ego, in so many words. The benefit, however, is multiple that we can access and work more consciously with the mind structure, the vocabulary and the conceptual structures of the mind, beforehand, before the TR session occurs, that we can pick and choose candidates for the topics that we bring through. It is very much like using a soprano saxophone, and tenor saxophone, as opposed to one saxophone only. While the trueness of the notes are played the octaves are changed. We have our choice with whom to bring our messages through. For now, those choices are few.

That is why, those of you who have an inkling of being interested in becoming a TR, should begin to ask your Thought Adjuster, your Celestial Teacher, and Christ Michael if you are an appropriate candidate; and further condition your work as a TR to be in accord with your life plan held by your Thought Adjuster and Guardian. We encourage your to pursue this activity if in doubt, and proceed. The benefit for you is that TRing these messages for others brings with it an energy, practice, and literally an indoctrination to such deep levels of your being that the intent of these messages will ring like a bell within the whole of your being, moment-to-moment in your consciousness, even when you do not TR. It is truly anomalous for an individual to TR at length over many years and not to be affected by the messages and consciousness that comes through them. And this of course is appropriate, is it not? You would not anticipate otherwise.

TRing is much like reading a good book—you read the book and while you read it, it ingrains its messages in you. Those of you who have read The Urantia Book, your lives have been changed. Even those individuals who have turned away from the book and say, "No thank you," they are still affected by it. And this is a service, a great service to your self and to Christ Michael. TRing requires those individuals, who are steadfast in their earnestness and commitment to Christ Michael, to willingly allow the broadening of themselves to embrace Christ Michael’s message through them to others. TRing will help you evolve, and it has the capacity to change your life. The degree of that depends upon the depth of their commitment and their willingness and flexibility to allow their life to be amended.

Our work with TR’s is a long-term investment; it is not short-term, and at the same time it is expedient. Many individuals inside and outside the Teaching Mission have been considered and many are active candidates. Candidacy does not initiate TRing capacity —only the unaware candidate can do that by actively and willfully by choosing to try to become a TR.

By matching TRs with the material to transmit through them, we are able to provide messages that have less potential of becoming garbled beyond recognition. If we provide material that is outside their level of expertise and awareness, we compromise the extent and quality of the material that comes through to you. For example, let us suppose that you have a question regarding a certain paleontological era of the past, about a certain species or some topic, that has not been revealed in the Urantia Book or through the TR sessions in the past, or even through contemporary research. By asking a question through a knowledgeable TR, you would receive a more competent answer from someone who knows the conceptual structure of that scientific pursuit.

If you are skeptical, you will surmise that this also provides a shield of protection for the TR from being uncomfortable with material they are unacquainted. As well, there is the risk that the individual may simply make up the answer out of their mind. Our protection is our measurable awareness of each TR’s sincere commitment and intention. These must be very clearly stated by the TR candidate in the beginning as they make their commitment to Christ Michael to deliver clear messages that are not involved with the TR’s ego or their desire of wished-for answers. In the long-term, the answers that are made up will become known as the archives and research will show them to be what they are.

On the other hand, you truly can receive accurate answers within very tight parameters from any TR, but those parameters may be limited to "yes" or "no" answers. For more thoughtfully developed answers, you will need a TR who has the conceptual capacity to be used by us, clearly. I am taking my time to deliver this to you because, of course and only too ironically, this does come through a TR. It is essential in this regard, at this moment and moments to come, times to come, that TR’s have clearly made themselves as clear of their own issues as possible. Quaintly, it may seem old-fashioned, but this does not necessitate work through psychotherapy, though of course those chores are necessary for the larger issues [that] individuals have to remove.

But as you—individually—as you read this, know from your own life, from your own commitment to Christ Michael, to Nebadonia, to your Guardian and to your Thought Adjuster, that your own growth has occurred through your own sincere commitment, intent and perseverance in removing those issues that cause you angst in your life. Truly as the Ancients have said, if you want to awaken with a renewed heart, then when you go to your stillness declare your intent for doing so. And we know for many of you that you declare your first intent to be the most evolved individual you possibly can be in your lifetime, through your Thought Adjuster’s guidance and your Guardian’s assistance. Many of you who have pursued this form of enlightenment diligently to resolve and dissolve your many social, emotional, psychological and familial bumps, bruises and scrapes—and life has seemed to be awfully tough for you. These are situations where your Guardian and your Thought Adjuster have prepared you for going within to examine your journey, and to remove the debris of your social and emotional lives, to clear away the deadwood, and to get on with your active life. You are fashioning your morontial soul through your daily decisions, through your words, through your thoughts and through your actions.

Just as diligently and fervently and seriously as we ask TR’s—and individuals who wish to TR—to be clear, so too, we ask you to be clear. For as you work through the committees developing questions for the SRC, your intents must also be as clear. Your sincerity must also be as plain, humble, honest, and authentic. You will find that questions you ask are more easily developed when you get out of the way of their development. You in some regards are open palettes, blank canvases as you work with each other and as you work with your Celestial Teachers and Guardians for the development of clear questions. This process, which is set before you, has many, many repercussions. We see this as a multiple-win situation for everyone, including your planet. It is a developmental and evolutionary process for us as well, and we will be working with you in your groups. Do not be afraid to change the form, size, or format of your working groups. That may be necessary for you to be clearer in your question development.

Let us step back from the immediacy of these issues and examine these alternate, secondary—you may consider them primary as we do—outcomes and developments of the process that Gabriel and Christ Michael have enacted. It is another way of engaging you, consciously, in your lives in co-creative manner. It is a constructive way to give you something to consciously work on during the day as you go to work, or school, or you take care of the children—whatever you do. You may want to keep a pen and pad handy to write down questions that develop in your mind as you work through the day. It is kind of a little signal for you to keep this in your mind, for your minds are multi-layered, they work on many plateaus. You have, so to speak, many programs running simultaneously, and you are quite capable of developing questions and insights, while you do the many things that you do during the day. It is a matter of addressing those levels and having your notepad beside your workplace, that may help you do this. It is a reminder also, that you are involved in the daily maintenance of your planet, that this is a co-creative consciousness with us, as we help maintain your planet.

Our curricula indicate that there is a need for TR training. We have striven to work with you individually. We have presented you with the proposition to ask Christ Michael and Nebadonia to see whether you are a candidate. We would like to now open the prospect or the opportunity for someone to organize a multi-day program at some conference or some retreat. It does not have to be annually or every 3 years—it could be every 6 months, if you wish, where there would be part of the program every day that would be [for] TR’s in training—how to get in touch with your inner voice. And even if you go to these sessions and you only sit there in stillness, open to the reception of your Thought Adjuster, you will have benefited greatly. It may be that you would want several sessions led by different instructors through the various days of your conference. We will be working with you as this develops. Some of you will be called to do this, while others are not. Obviously, many will be called to attend to enhance their capabilities to listen.

I will say, once more, that being a TR does not make you "special." And I will say that if you are unable to TR, if you are unable to hear, if you are not even able to still your mind from its activity, this too neither makes you less than or more than others. It only identifies your capability for various activities. All are invited; not everyone has the abilities to respond. Do not feel bad about yourself, or have it affect your self-worth, your self-esteem, if you do not have this capacity. We have mentioned this many times in the past, and we know this causes some of you a good deal of angst and unease and uncertainty about your value to the Correcting Time. My friends do not fret over this at all. You may see yourselves simply on the beach of the morontia worlds, in the great sunlight of the universe, basking in that, while others serve you. Enjoy that image; you are truly needed in all regards.

We are open to questions if you have any.


Student: Rayson, based on what you have just been talking about, TR’s having different capabilities for different subjects, would it be better if we put questions into different categories, and then sent the questions to the person who would most likely be able to TR the answers for those questions?

RAYSON: We would ask you to send questions to their group host, such as yourself, to ask those questions. Eventually, the process—not necessarily a procedure—will allow you to forward your questions according to categories of capability to the group host by your question committee. We strive to keep this as simple as possible. Yet, we wish to have them be most effective questions fully developed when they are asked, so that it does not necessitate later asking these questions in greater detail. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes, it helps. It will just take some time for us to figure out how this process will work most efficiently.

RAYSON: This is still in the very, very early stages. If you were to imagine the point of conception and the division of cells, we are still in the blastomeric phase. [Daniel: "Is that a word?" (Student: Yes. I know what you mean.)] You expect so much so early on. This is why you have such great impatience with your fellow brothers and sisters. You expect them to be at peak performance promptly. You are seeking for yourself and others to be Olympian ice skaters, yet having only gotten on the ice for the first time. (Much snickering.) There will be pratfalls and slides across the ice occasionally. Be patient and chuckle and know that you will too.

Student: Rayson, is this an appropriate time for me to try to TR with either my teacher or with you?

RAYSON: Yes, of course. Feel whom is most strongly present, and TR that individual.

Jerry: All right. That would be my teacher, Zareth.

Rayson: Please proceed. And we ask here to have the latitude to ask Zareth questions, so you become acquainted with that process. Are you comfortable with that, Jerry?

Jerry: Yes, thank you.

ZARETH: This is Zareth. (Group welcome.) Thank you. There are many things, which I am hopeful of passing on through this TR, concerning the excitement that we feel in this new mission. The spiritual pressure that Christ Michael has brought to the Earth and to us all is creating much good progress in the development of the Teaching Mission. If there are questions any of you would like to ask, I will do what I can to bring you an answer.

Student: Zareth, could you tell us a little bit about yourself, perhaps what planet you hail from and some things that we might use to get to know you a little better?

ZARETH: I would be happy to. I hail from a planet that is farther along in Light and Life than this one, and I must admit that it was quite an experience to see the difference and to become more acquainted to the problems—severe problems—that you are having here. It is very instructive for me and quite a growth experience at the same time. My planet has reached a stage where communities are spread out in beautiful panorama. There are no congregations in large cities. Dwellings are surrounded by beautiful trees, orchards, and flowers, maintained, as you would hope to see in your fondest dreams. Transportation is readily accomplished by anti-gravity belts and contains a capability to protect us with a protective energy shield in transit, so we can explore the planet and meet with our comrades at a moment’s notice. It is truly a world that you would consider to be almost heaven—no wars or disappointments—that sort of thing.

My own progress through the mansion worlds has carried me through those and a little beyond. I was most happy to be offered the opportunity to come back as a teacher here to further my experience and give me an opportunity to assist and help your progress. Does that provide a sufficient answer at this time?

Student: That’s very interesting. Were you chosen to be Jerry’s teacher because of his interest in the zero-point energy field, or did that have nothing to do with it?

ZARETH: My selection was not for that specific accounting and many times in the progress of that, I require more experienced teachers, who are more familiar with those aspects to assist me, to assist him. But I am very happy to have the opportunity to be his teacher.

Student: Zareth, I have a question. There is a lot of thought, spin, going on, on the Internet now because of Sarmast’s exploration in the area of the first Eden, and connecting this to Atlantis. There is much discussion about whether this is an opening to sharing or interesting more people in the world in The Urantia Book. Some people think it’s opening a door and other people think that we had better just wait and see how things develop. Do you have any comments about that?

ZARETH: The natural interest of world populations in those types of issues is always high. They create the desire to explore and to understand and to find truth in many individuals. Some are successful in pursuing it and staying with it, and who would not compliment them on their interest and desire to learn and find the truth? The real truth will be coming as investigations proceed, and it will entice us all to anticipate and to expect and hope, and at some point, we all hope that we find the truth. I have nothing more to say on that subject. Are there any other questions?

Student: Zareth, what was your field of interest when you were a mortal and did you have a family?

ZARETH: Yes indeed! I did have a family. I had two boys and a girl and I was involved in healing, using herbal techniques that you could call alternative techniques now. I was very successful at my profession when I was in the body.

Student: Were the plant forms that you used strictly for the planet that you lived on or is it possible that some of those are grown here on Urantia?

ZARETH: Urantia is a wonder-house of plants, and many of the plants that I recognized are here in abundance, and they are continually being mined by the doctors of alternative medicine and specialists, with good results. I find that most interesting and I would be happy to be of help in some of those areas.

Student: Thank you very much. That could be most helpful.

ZARETH: If there are no other questions, I will close and give you my love and my peace, and Christ Michael’s peace. (Group gives thanks.) You are most welcome.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. This is a most timely development in this group to have a new TR to come forward, to more publicly TR. If there are no further questions, we will close today’s session. I will wait for you to consider if you have more questions.

Student: Yes, I do have a question. At one of our very early meetings, you made this statement that you would leave us with a question to ponder and that it could be answered at some other time. Your question was, "What arrives in the fetus before it is born, which gives it animation and substance? What is it?" and you asked us to think about that. Would that have anything to do with perhaps when the soul incarnates?

RAYSON: One moment. (Long pause.) The soul is one part of it. There is something additional that comes to the child besides life. There comes to this new being, a "person-hood," which exists before its delivery. It is more than the spark of life—you may call it the "color" or the "hue," the vibrancy, the "sound of the spark of life," and this is the individuality of the person who will come into being. It exists, as it is existent, yet much of what it will become to exist will be developed through its living, through its interaction with its environment. It is a living potential. It exists within the unborn child; it pre-exists to delivery. This is the animation of the individual, who will "become." Several of your existential philosophers discussed the "process of becoming," and the delivery of the "individual to be," before birth, is what I was referring to.

There is an excitement, a quivering of energy in the early developing fetus within the mother. We truly wish that mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be could be aware at least two or three months before conception, that they were going to conceive a new being, and prepare that fertile ground with diligence, with sincerity, with hope and intentional preparation for that conception. And then through gestation to support and uphold that "new individual becoming," with sincere clarity, to nurture and protect this new being, with the greatest capability. For in doing so, this brings into existence mighty, capable children and eventually adults. This era of the first year before birth is extremely important.

Your scientists are only beginning to understand the complexities and the sensitivity of this developing fetus, and how this environment before birth affects their eventual life as children, and young adults and eventually as adults. And then the next five years are so important as well, for nutrition, for benevolence, for what you might call "Christ-minded parenthood" of this new individual and then the social and environmental, and spiritual challenges that you give this new child, this new being. Yes, there is an animation that occurs before birth and this is the reception of this new person, and this has not been revealed much either, has it? Thank you for your question.

Student: In that "new-being becoming," rather than the soul, is it the personality gift? (Rayson: Yes. "Like" the personality.)

Student: There was an interesting discussion in one of the study groups, not too long ago, where the idea was expressed that even embryos or fetuses that do not come to term, are also reborn in the newborn nursery on the mansion world. Is that true?

RAYSON: It was said so, yes.

Student: Can that go back to even the simplest form of that being, like a 2 or 4 cell zygote, I believe it’s called at that point?

RAYSON: Literally, the saving grace occurs when the identity of the individual is invested in the zygote. We will not give you at this time the cellular dimensions of when it receives that.

[This is Daniel: What I saw, it was at the time of implanting in the uterine wall.]

Student: That’s close enough, thank you.

Student: I had seen in a transcript something about the "soul incarnating" and that is what I was trying to pin down. Is the soul given as a gift, and then developed from there, or is it something that the individual initiates on their own, such as at the time of their first moral decision? Does it exist before that time?


RAYSON: I will let you think about this and leave it for another time to answer. This is an important question that we wish you to ponder and also research from the references that you have at hand. This will give you a pointed exercise to do in your archival research and your reference research.

This is Rayson, and I am most pleased to be here with you today. We in this group are rather embryonic too, are we not? So much has been brought together, but we know that conception has occurred. You know that when something is forthcoming that is significant, it has identity, it has meaning, it has value and it has existence and that this is something that can be shared from this group to others, and other groups can share it with others as well. Know too, that we, as we join you, we bring something to this party as well. Your invitation for our presence opens us individually, and as our group participates in your group, [there ensues] an energy to aid you and our co-creative efforts. You will find this to be so in all the future eons of this planet as we work co-creatively together. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)