2004-12-28-More Midwayers Make Contact


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Topic: More Midwayers Make Contact

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Angelique, Thuroc, Brusque, Lanart, Normandy, Ahmelia

TR: Rebecca, George Barnard, Mechelle, Helen Whitworth, Angela

Session 1


Angelique: "Good evening. I have been with you all day watching you work and play. I have seen the beautiful, orderly world in which you live—such a contrast to the suffering endured by much of the world, especially in these last days.


"It is like the play of light and dark, the shimmering of patterns of sunlight and leaf shadows across the face of the planet. Some live and some die, with no seeming reason to it, no rhyme or reason, as you say.

"The latest disaster is no different than any story of life and death, but it is accelerated, so it is more noticeable. Nonetheless, my brothers and sisters are busy tending to the sick, dying, and grieving ones left behind.

"I see you miss your children, and all the more when disasters strike. The tsunami was the cause of your foreboding for several days, and now it is done. You were convinced something terrible would happen, but it was nameless."

Rebecca: "I see you in a long white robe, ethereal, feminine, beautiful."

Angelique: "You see right, but to us our forms are considered to simply be aids in our work.

"While it is relatively peaceful in your office and in the building, you feel oppressed. On the grand scale it is not so bad. The problems are emotional, which is not to discount them. Pick your way carefully. I have been sent especially for you. I am "purpose made" one might even suggest.

"I will guide you on your way. Go where you are needed most and are most welcome. Let the energy flow, and it will inform you about which way to go. We will be with you, and you will find your way, as you have already been much advised.


"I send my greetings to all in your worldwide group. I leave you now, but I will constantly be near you.

"This is Angelique."


All our regular Midwayer contacts are in South Asia to do what they can in assisting the wounded, sick, dying and bereaved. Everyone in the 11:11 Progress Group has a recent Midwayer graduate from outside our planetary boundaries to look after them for a time. The old crew will return when the work is done.

Session 2

Atlanta, GA - December 29, 2004.


Rebecca: "Please answer the questions of the message board writer about the Midwayers, and the suffering in South Asia. Why did this happen? What is being done to heal the hurt and suffering?"


Angelique: "All the Angels, Midwayers, and other Celestials associated with the planet have rushed to the scene. Well, not all, but most all have. Some have to be left on duty at their posts, for we cannot simply abandon all posts. However all that can be spared have rushed to the scene.

"As you have sensed, it is like when there is a wound in the body, all the blood and specialized blood cells rush to that spot to promote healing, and fight off disease invaders. And sometimes the area gets inflamed and looks worse, in fact can look quite a mess before it starts to get better.

"Did we know ahead of time this would happen? You know from your foreboding that we did know something, though not perhaps every specific detail. We sent so many signs in the days before, and many of you received a vast deluge of prompts, and you were discussing amongst yourselves, saying, ‘What is going on? We are receiving so many prompts!’

"But could it have been avoided? This question is too profound and mysterious for us to answer at this time. It is beyond my ability to fathom and explain, and it will have to wait for more celestial help. I do apologize that I cannot answer this question. However, this event has to do with profound and deep trends of a kind that you cannot as yet conceptualize.

"What is now being done to heal the hurt and suffering? Having rushed to the scene, we, that is my midwayer brothers and sisters, are of course working around the clock, along with other celestials, in both concrete and spiritual ways to alleviate the pain. From applying healing hands, to finding some food or water, to reuniting lost loved ones, to holding up a crumbling house until the inhabitants can get out, to calming the wails of pain, fear, and grief.

"The prayers of all of you are much needed and are helpful. You can all help through your prayers, which together create an energy pull, and gather momentum to help us in our work.


"I will stay here at my post to bring you what messages I can. Please tell all members of the Progress list and message board to please continue to ask whatever questions you wish, and I will do my humble midwayer best to answer them as best I can.

"Leaving you all with much love.

"I am Angelique."

Session 3

Vancouver, US of A - December 28, 2004. Received by Mechelle.


Thuroc: "Hello dear one. I am Thuroc the Entertainer, and I greet you once again tonight with jubilee and excitement. To find you so inquisitive pleases me with the greatest avail.


"As mortals the planet over celebrated the birth of the Christ Child, so, too, do we Celestials glow with eternal love for the Father’s most cherished Treasure. It is a time for awakening, illuminating, and enlightening your souls, and spirit.

"As you become ready to welcome into your linear time another new year, do not be heavy trodden with regrets and remorse. Break free from old and fruitless habits. Instead, blazon unto the world fresh confidence, with bold, valiant and dynamic behavior. Raise your Higher Consciousness to the threshold of His Supremacy. Act as He does, think as He so guides you, walk in His steps, and be at One, with His infinite and ideal plan, purpose, and reason to the All that is Everything you are!

"Just as He bestowed His only Son unto you, His giving does not end. You must be able to receive, in due time, His utmost and immediate Presence, however and whenever He so chooses. Do not fight amongst yourselves, neither judge the glory and wonderment, nor the fashion in which His ways are to be proclaimed. There is positively, imminently, a new dawning ready to become visible on this very earth realm. Resolve within yourself that this is so, for it shall, and it will, be!

"Perpetuate the excitement, and connection to the Angels who sing on high. Their engaging melodies chime your Truth, enfold softly their endless love, envelope yourself within their continual rapture.

"The new ways of the Anointed One will so very soon be upon mortal life. Ready yourself, as it will be bigger and bolder than anyone has dreamt, or thought of. It will be downright Miraculous! What a glorious and superb time to be a mortal!


"I leave you with this tonight, my dear one. I am Thuroc, the Entertainer."


Thuroc is extremely ‘urgent’ tonight with this message. He also tells me Canada will be greatly involved when Monjoronson makes His presence known.

Further note: We did receive prior information indicating it will be quite less than two years until Monjoronson’s arrival.

Session 4

Illawarra District, Australia, December 29, 2004. Midwayer Brusque. Subject: "Calamities and Rethinking Your Actions." [Part transmission only]. Received by George Barnard.


Brusque: "My dear brother in Christ, as briskly as your long-time friend said Adieu, and count on our estimates of around 100,000 souls to be cared for, so did I arrive, ‘brusquement’ you might say. Voilà, you may call me Brusque, because my appearance is indeed sudden, and will be a relatively brisk visit, until your friends return to be with you, off and on, and guide you in the relatively more peaceful times to come.


"We who have a long term view of planetary living, are equally shocked by the untimely demise of so many as we are by the needless ending of a single life through careless drunken driving, as those that happen on a war front, through drug overdoses, suicides, as with those that happen in a routine childbirth process gone wrong.

"We are so much like you—capable of human emotions and feelings—that we must set aside our personal woes during such a task at hand, and prayerfully abreact this at a later time. And yet, many of you experienced the dreams, the warnings, the feelings of dread of being engulfed by tsunamis, but not yet have you risen to a level where you can heed our calls and sound the alarm.

"In the end, all are cared for and have the opportunity to carry on learning, progressing, and spiritizing, but more than that. This is a planet-wide wake up call for you all, to be more caring for your brothers and sisters, to fight each other no more, to despise each other no more, to hate each other no more, and with this ‘your Mother Earth’ will settle down, too, and feel the peace and love pervading Her sensitive being.

"Will you, citizens of this seemingly forsaken globe in space love and honor your Creator Father by respecting and embracing your brothers and sisters in all lands? At last, will you? Will you learn? There are no accidents anywhere in our universes, but for those calamities you collectively or individually create, so rethink your actions.


"You may call me Brusque, you may call me at any time, and you may even call me blunt, but know that I offer you my love, always, in all ways."

Session 5

Nottingham, UK, December 29, 2004. Midwayer Lanart. Subject: "Introduction Messages." Received by Helen Whitworth.


Lanart: "I begin by introducing myself as the midwayer handyman, Lanart, and I report to you for duty with a bow and a doff of my cap.


"I look forward to working with you over the coming months as your regular contacts are diverted to other areas of importance within this world of yours. I am, as are the other new recruits, not of this planet, but I have spent some time observing the situation here from afar, and I am delighted to have an opportunity to work more closely with the inhabitants of Mother Earth as they prepare themselves for such exciting times, and for the progress of humankind into greater and greater realities of consciousness.

"I am well versed in much of what you are used to within your communications, and I have studied to ensure that we, from elsewhere, are fully equipped to work in collaboration with both humankind and the native midwayers of this place and time.

"Feeling the movement of energy through your body is, of course, of interest to me. Each creature in each world’s circuits are configured differently and whilst studying is of use, nothing compares to the awe-filled delight of experiencing such a circuit for oneself.

"In the middle you have a block, by the way, which you could do with working a little on, between your solar plexus and the lower chakra, the sacral. I can assist you with healing this later in the day if you will so allow.

"Let me spend a moment drinking in the joy of this connection and a new communication before I launch into some information that may be of use to you and your world."


"That is better. I feel more fully in contact with you now. Oh how I shall enjoy working with yourself in the next few weeks and hopefully longer. You have a lively mind that is curious and a few unusual configurations floating about in that there brain of yours, which makes me feel that you have experienced aspects of 'elsewhere', more, perhaps, than some of your kind. That is an area we can possibly explore further together."

Receiver’s note: I was shown color, a tunnel, and the implication that Lanart was discussing my propensity towards Out of Body and Astral Traveling.

Lanart: "Anyway, where was I? Time to be serious now for a moment.

"In the midst of the tumultuous events of the world there still is, and there always will be, light and hope. It is no coincidence that the quake in Asia that diverts so many of your celestial friends at this time came on the day known as Boxing Day. The day after you celebrate the birth of your Christ figure, of Michaels Bestowal. It is no coincidence either that an earthquake struck in Iran, too, on Boxing Day in the previous year.

The energies that are being grounded through the recently reconnected circuits are powerful energies, and as such there are occurring many manifestations as a result of these new energies being available to others—other people than used to be taught within those traditions of esoteric language and manipulation.

"Know that this is part of the universal changes, and truths, and indeed choices that have been made by greater swathes of humanity to assist in the general integration and learning of the new ways of working that are now available.

"Remember, humanity as a whole has free will, as well as on an individual level, but that most, if not all, are fully unaware of that process of free will choice by humanity being made.

"Many people awaken to compassion through seeing the suffering of others and are placing themselves within other human shoes. Many who are by nature still intolerant and racist put aside those divisions of race and color and creed when considering the huge loss of life and suffering in such catastrophes. Humanity in its mass learns lessons from these events, and the individuals that pass onto the morontial mansion worlds are happy to do so.

"Those, too, that are left behind now have a chance to make their lives different; more filled with all of them (selves), rather than all of others. The pain is necessary part of the grieving process that eventually allows new life and re-growth.

"Send your prayers to those in need, send them to those helping on the ground that they may physically be able to assist as much as they can. Also send prayers to those troubled by the suffering of others, that they may find their own peace, and send prayers unto yourself that you may find the light within through times of seeming darkness.

"This is the end of my message on the tragedy."

"Dearest Helen, Your Thought Adjuster and I will together look into what our teachings can next be for you, and through you for the progress of the group called Progress. We shall have fun together."


"I once again doff my cap and alight from your mind to leave you with the tiresome task of correcting our spelling mistakes.

"A big grin, and goodbye!"

Session 6

Vancouver, US of A, December 30, 2004. Secondary Midwayer, Amehlia. Subject: "I Bring To You A Renewal Of Hope." Received by Mechelle.


Amehlia: "Greetings of love and light to you, my sweet mortal student. I am newly arrived at your world, and to assist those of your realm. I have graduated from my immediate duties in the Celestial Universe, and in doing so; I now look forward to aiding, and befriending those who call on me. I am Amehlia.


"As you tangle through the mire and sludge of your immediate world, please try, as best you can, not to be sorrowful. Shower those who have gone Home before you a plethora of pure and gentle love, tender and adoring affections from your heart, and your deepest, most heartfelt meditations. Our Master hears your offerings, one and all. The Angels sing much louder for Him, as you gather in unison, sending a wealth of prayers for your precious soul brothers and sisters.

"You must form a gilded bond with them who shall walk your path. Adore every single moment you blink, breathe, and bemuse! It is YOURS and it is NOW! In doing so, you rekindle with the Father Fragment, and that, too, with the essence of reality where there is only Truth and Heavenly serenity.

"Love is all around you, so rouse your wakefulness, and reconnect to it the perfect and balanced energies of Home. Resound, as bellows of ecstasy can be heard by those who listen close. It is the sweetest and most comforting melody, for it breathes life within your Divine soul.

"I bring to you a renewal of hope, promise and trust, as you are all so deeply and profoundly challenged within your realm. Understand, dearest mortal, we feel and worry and wonder, too, and see the earthly universe as a whirly tilted top gone astray on its current course. The collaborative efforts to increase Higher Awareness have skyrocketed within your last few mortal days.

"The empathy and compassion you freely grant from your caring hearts manifests that of His utmost desires. The rigorous and most trying of times has revealed your brutal strength and formidable force, of which each and every one of you is capable when massive human tragedy and darkest despair glues you all together, to form a human, worldwide rescue mission and safety net.


"I will leave you with love and light and a longing for all of you to glow in His love. Know that everything, and everyone, is as it should be.

"This is Amehlia. I will never be far away."

Receiver’s note: This pure and gentle midwayer, Amehlia, has an abundance of love, and protection all around her. She is positively gleaming in a long white gown, golden sash, and long flowing corn silk hair. I feel thoroughly bathed in love.

Session 6

Part 1

US of A, December 30, 2004. Secondary Midwayer, Normandy. Subject: "Simply Normandy." Received by Angela.


Normandy: "Hello, I’ve been trying to get you to sit down and listen to me all day! I know you knew that, too, but you were somewhat unwilling to take the break. I would like to introduce myself. I am Normandy. As you were informed, there are new midwayers ‘at the fronts’, you might say.


"You are pleasantly surprised, I can tell, to have me coming through so clearly. Well, you have been taught well, as have I, and I know you have wondered if I would come. I know you wondered if Aloway (previously assigned Midwayer), had to leave. And yes, he has been called away for a short time, but do not worry; he will soon be back by your side.

"My message to you this evening is simple: Although I am new here, I have gained much experience in the ways of this world. A great amount of responsibility has been placed on my shoulders. As a Midwayer, I have lived through much, and I have felt and experienced more than you could imagine. I say this because I want you to know that I understand the circumstances you find yourself in from day to day. We all know of the pain, the suffering, and as you felt today, the numbness, the boredom, the lack of motivation.

"We understand, and because of this we do not judge. This is an important message for all, because in hearing about us—the guides by your side—many immediately think, ‘they are watching as I do this, and that, and this and that again. Oh my, what must they think of me?’ And I want all of the people to know that we think only of how brave you are to ‘bring yourself through this journey’ of terrestrial life.

"Know we come through love, we watch through love, we help and guide through love. This is what my message is about tonight. I pray that you will send it on to those who need to hear it most. Those who are flooding to the message boards are new, with unsure hearts and souls, willing and aching to know and learn truth. Let them see that we are here to help, and not judge.

"I have come through this night. My name is simply Normandy."

Receiver’s note: After this transmitted message, Normandy was still there, and she asked if I had any questions. Below is part of the rest of our conversation.

Angela: "I wish to see you or any other of my guides. Is this possible? And if yes, what do I need to do?"

Normandy: "I will put it this way; you would see me if you needed it badly enough. Right at the moment it would be a shock for you, you would fear, even though you wish for it. It would be glimmer and glitter, but you would fear, and it would benefit neither you nor me. It is during your meditations when it would be most conducive for me to come visit you visually. This is because in meditation you place us both in a separate (different) state of reality, so it is not unusual for you to find me there.

Angela: "Does ‘9.07’ mean anything? I got into my car today at 9:07 am and the radio was also set on 9.07, when I don’t normally listen to that station. So I made a mental note of it, wondering what it meant."

Normandy: "I sent you that prompt, as you suspected. For you, this is my ‘calling card’. This is simply to let you know when I am around, that I’m watching. It’s my ‘hello’ to you. When you notice it, please take a moment and see if I need to let you know anything. If not, just know I’m watching, here to guide you.


"My name is simply Normandy. I am a female midwayer, and I just recently graduated from what you would consider my college. We live life very much parallel to the way you do, although we have no famine, or war. Life is much more pleasing to us, I would have to admit from my vantage point of being a midwayer, and although I cannot judge, this is simply my opinion.

This has been your new midwayer friend, Normandy.

Part 2

US of A, December 30, 2004. Secondary Midwayer, Normandy. Subject: "Simply Normandy."


Normandy: "There are many of this planet that are suffering, many in tears and pain from the loss of loved ones, or simply from witnessing the pain and strife of others. "Why is this happening," many will and do ask. I must say that it is a very natural response, and understandable. But I need to say, as well, that it is very natural for this event to have occurred. Look at the state of your planet and its people. From there, you will be able to understand why the earth has reacted the way in which she has. Give love and you get it back. The energy field surrounding the earth has not been that of love for many generations. This has finally taken its toll, and will continue to do so until change occurs, and it will.

"Know that my message is not meant to cause fear to any of its readers. Simply take in these words, internalize them, think this matter over, and ask yourself, ‘what can I do to help?’ This is when my message becomes most promising, and very clear. Amidst all of this tragedy and the fear of similar events in the future, I offer you this word of encouragement; there is MUCH you can do. Whether you are one of the people physically burying the dead or feeding the hungry, or many miles away, sending out a prayer, there is so much you have to offer.

"Every individual in this world holds a light, and if each of you were to ignite these flames, this planet would shine and radiate. Offer what you can, and simply know that you have contributed. No matter what you do, know you have contributed and continue to strive for the peace we all need.


"This is Normandy. Sleep in peace tonight."

Session 7

Vancouver, US of A, December 31, 2004. Secondary Midwayer, Amehlia. Subject: "In The Midnight Hour." Received by Mechelle.


Amehlia: "Warm greetings to you from the Celestial Realm, dearest one. I am Amehlia, and I am by your side this evening to tell you of the abundant love in which we wish to immerse the entire mortal world.


"In the midnight hour, I come to you with delicate and tender whispers of encouragement and devotion. The entire Celestial Realm is positively beaming with pride for our human counterparts. Imagine if you will, the sheer elation one experiences as the precise moment of ultimate harmony is upon you. This, my dear human friend, is how euphoric we are about your accomplishments, of so very many arduous tasks at hand.

"In the midnight hour, I come to you to bequeath upon your earth, with chaste and precious love, chasing away the lower energies from the mortal body, swaddling you tight in a cocoon of protection. Egos are lost as vulnerability sheds a new light of hope and acceptance.

"In the midnight hour, I come to you with powerful praise and hearty congratulations! In a world where suffering and depression are commonplace, you overcome staggering odds of defeat! Overwrought frailty has finally vacated. Valiant, brave, and courageous mortals restore Faith once more. Strong and unabashed tenacity exemplifies raw and powerful control!

"We celestials cannot make you understand, in your three-dimensional and time-limited world, the bottomless depth or abundance of the overflowing, infinite love we have for you! Look up into the Heavens, and let your eyes catch the twinkliest of stars. That is us, and it is our way of saying ‘Thank you, precious mortals, we do so appreciate all that you endure, and we are so proud of each and every one of you!

"When you need a gentle hug, or need to feel valued, or needed, call out my name, as I am here for one and all! I love you so very dearly; I will always be near.


"This is Amehlia. I will be with you often."


[Note from George Barnard: To All... The regular crew of Midwayer contacts of the 11:11 Progress Group have all disappeared to South Asia, as we were swiftly warned they would be following news of the earthquake and the tsunami. All 11:11 receivers are now dealing with newly graduated Midwayers from other planets in the sector. We know the "adopted" names of five of them so far—Angelique, Amehlia, Lanart, Normandy, and Brusque (like brusquement)—all rather French sounding names, and just as 11:11 Progress purchased a new name for a French language web site. Coincidence? ]