2004-12-29-Calamities and Rethinking Your Actions

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Topic: Calamities and Rethinking Your Actions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Brusque

TR: George Barnard



Brusque: “My dear brother in Christ, as briskly as your long-time friend said Adieu, and count on our estimates of around 100,000 souls to be cared for, so did I arrive, ‘brusquement’ you might say. Voilà, you may call me Brusque, because my appearance is indeed sudden, and will be a relatively brisk visit, until your friends return to be with you, off and on, and guide you in the relatively more peaceful times to come.

“We who have a long term view of planetary living, are equally shocked by the untimely demise of so many as we are by the needless ending of a single life through careless drunken driving, as those that happen on a war front, through drug overdoses, suicides, as with those that happen in a routine childbirth process gone wrong.

“We are so much like you—capable of human emotions and feelings—that we must set aside our personal woes during such a task at hand, and prayerfully abreact this at a later time. And yet, many of you experienced the dreams, the warnings, the feelings of dread of being engulfed by tsunamis, but not yet have you risen to a level where you can heed our calls and sound the alarm.

“In the end, all are cared for and have the opportunity to carry on learning, progressing, and spiritizing, but more than that. This is a planet-wide wake up call for you all, to be more caring for your brothers and sisters, to fight each other no more, to despise each other no more, to hate each other no more, and with this ‘your Mother Earth’ will settle down, too, and feel the peace and love pervading Her sensitive being.

“Will you, citizens of this seemingly forsaken globe in space love and honor your Creator Father by respecting and embracing your brothers and sisters in all lands? At last, will you? Will you learn? There are no accidents anywhere in our universes, but for those calamities you collectively or individually create, so rethink your actions.

“You may call me Brusque, you may call me at any time, and you may even call me blunt, but know that I offer you my love, always, in all ways.”