2004-12-31-Akashic Construct, Healing A Small Child


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Topic: Akashic Construct: Healing a Child

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Phineas, the Monk

TR: George Barnard



Participant: My intention of going into the AC this time was to ask for a victim of the tsunami that devastated the coasts of South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other places) on December 26th, leaving more than 150,000 people dead, countless more homeless and grieving for lost loved ones.

When the elevator arrived, a tall, bald male figure wearing monk's robes appeared. He was carrying a small child wrapped in a blanket. I welcomed him, and he entered the library, carrying the child over to the exam table. Fortunately, this time, I remembered to ask his name, and he told me it was Phineas.

He unwrapped the child, a little girl of around 2 years of age. She was either asleep or unconscious, and she had short black curly hair, and long black eyelashes. She was wearing brown sandals and a pair of shorts, but no shirt. Her body was covered with cuts and bruises. I helped Phineas wash her, then put some type of liquid medication on her wounds (which were healed by the time it was ready for her to go).

At this time, there were voices and a lot of noise outside my bedroom door. I started to fade out of the AC, but managed to quiet my mind again, and stay in the Construct. I apologized to Phineas, who smiled and told me not to worry. He would take care of the child, if I had to leave. He was extremely kind, and very gentle, with a warm smile. I felt such love around him.

He told me she had an internal injury that he would heal, and I could work on her emotional healing. I sat behind her, and placed my hands on her head, sending her love and trying to soothe the emotional trauma she suffered.

I watched as Phineas’ hands went through her abdomen, on her left side, and as he worked on repairing the internal damage. I couldn’t tell what he was doing, and didn’t think of asking, since I wanted to concentrate on the task I was given.

When we were done, the girl’s skin color changed from the pale color it had been, to its natural tan color, and she opened her beautiful dark eyes, and smiled. Phineas wrapped her again in the blanket, and lifted her into his arms. He shook his head wearily, saying there was still much work left to be done. I felt that he was thanking me for asking for one of the victims, and that he hoped other healers would also ask.

I felt so insignificant. It was only one child, and there are so many others!

This is the second time, I found myself moved to tears in the AC. I said goodbye to Phineas, and he and the sweet little bundle in the blanket disappeared.


The entity, Phineas, was not previously known to any of us. He cannot be a Midwayer, as they are all mature, do not age, and look no older than 28 or 30 at most. This is an OBE with a difference, but the copybook healing showing such results, and almost in the immediate, is typical of every AC healing task. It is well to remember that we, each of us, are co-creators with a Fragment of the Creator of All, and He ‘thrives’ on us helping to perform His miracles.

[To All..... The 11:11 Progress Group has in its files some 500 plus transmissions that have not ever been sent out to our lists. Often this is because they might well boggle a great many minds. Generally we are warned that the information will be "unlikely to be accepted", or "too far out" for too many subscribers. Sometimes mere human minds decide not to post them, as is the case with this six-months-old transmission about "Earth Changes" -- an advance-info transmit that could perhaps be seen as relating to the recent quake and tidal wave].