2005-01-20-A Lesson on Memory


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: A Lesson on Memory

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “This is an excellent day to test your memory to see what you remember of our previous lessons. We have discussed some essentially logical concepts, which have not yet been accepted into the thought-stream of consciousness on the planet, and yet the doors are wide open for the dissemination of these matters to begin to dispel the fears that are still running rampant. The first and foremost thing to remember is that the ultimate God in charge of creation is an unconditionally loving God. Humankind tends to ascribe human emotions to that God and that is why they fear Him. There is absolutely nothing to fear about this pure Being in whom everything exists. It is the vivid imagination of mortals, which can be a blessing, but at the same time a great curse. This is the reason why you have so many convoluted belief systems, while in reality you all pray to the same God, not realizing that you are kin at soul-level.

It is so terribly sad that this fear incites you to lord it over one another, and to go to war with each other. This is an eons old carry-over from the caveman memory that you had to defend yourself. I ask you now, in this day and age, defend against what? Search your memory and ponder why life was given to you and what it is that you are here to do while in the flesh. I have also told you that you are all here to spiritually progress, but unless you begin to accept this in your collective minds, this is not going to happen for a long time. The more people wake up to the idea that worldwide peace would be a wonderful thing to have, the sooner an age of prosperity and of mutual cooperation will arrive.

This is what God intends for the planet to become, so the time is now dawning that some urgent corrections take place, before this planet is blown to pieces by all the war machinery man has dreamed up, because of their fears. Even your media carries a great guilt in this respect. Horror stories are being fed as a daily diet of negative vitamins to the brain. Even young impressionable minds get to watch anything on your electronic equipment. Their minds are already filled with negative memories, and so the story continues to unfold. I desire for good people everywhere to wake up and make a stand against fabricated horror stories. Even the people, who portray those characters, have these experiences in their very memory genes. And this, sooner or later, has its repercussion with them.

Regret often follows, and some folks wake up to better and more hopeful ideas. It is what is instilled into the memory banks of humankind which will be recalled. Sometimes this happens at random, so unstable minds will go on a rampage, which could have been prevented had such nefarious things not seen the light of day. Let the people of this planet receive a wake-up call, so the collective memory of the world can begin to shift into a more wholesome and hopeful attitude. We see pockets here and there, which are beginning to shine their positive lights. This is a very hopeful sign, because you need the benign virus of love to infect this planet, and for people to become more caring towards one another and not let perceived negative memories stand in the way of so-called unresolved issues. That time is past, the future is beckoning. What do you project into the future by your behaviors today? It is all up to you. Please, make your decisions for peace, and peace will materialize.