2005-01-22-A Lesson on Retrospective

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Topic: A Lesson on Retrospective

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “As mortals you have as yet little to keep in mind, and yet this life is the foundation of all others to follow on the Mansion Worlds. It is so very important for you to discover in eternity that even if you did not know it, you unwittingly did the Father’s will with every kind and loving thought, with every kind and loving word, and with every kind and loving action. These things can be so freely given and exert no effort on your part when, over time, they will have become part of your character. These are the things you can train yourself at. This is very important, because you train yourself not to think selfish thoughts about ‘me’ only. To have and lead a healthy life, it is vital to think about the needs of others, not your needs alone. In doing so, you will find much joy and satisfaction along the way through this earthly journey.

Your recollections begin when you start to remember the finer details of your earth life – details which you might think you had forgotten. However, these details will turn up in your memory, or alternatively your angels/teachers will help you remember, especially if there is still part of a lesson you need to learn and conclude satisfactorily. Don’t forget, that when you elected to become an immortal being, either sometimes during your life in the flesh, or just before the moment of the dissolution of your material body -- and yes, even the faintest flicker of light in the immature soul shall be enough for the Father in heaven to grand you the privilege to carry on into eternal life, even if you have miss-spent your life on earth -- as there is always the hope that you will see the Light, so the soul can carry on to become more mature in the celestial/spiritual realm.

I know that at this point in time not many people keep themselves independently busy to connect up with the All That Is. ‘In retrospection’ they will later find out how many chances they had to do so, if they had only known, and had become more independent thinkers. Important life changing moments, which could have been ‘growing spurts’ for the soul, but were not recognized as such, are lost forever until another window of opportunity shall present itself. This is exactly the reason why I reiterate to take the time to go into the stillness/meditation in your hearts. You will later discover and recollect how many valuable experiences you had when you felt that unconditional love and nurture and let that incredible peace saturate your very being-ness. It is like a thirsty plant being watered, and this Living Water is freely available to you if you be willing to take the time.

Every heart that comes into the silence to accept these blessings in sincerity and truth, without any expectations, and like a newborn infant accepts the loving care from its caretakers, so will they be showered with abundant love, and forever know that they are no longer cosmic orphans, but that they forever have an unbreakable bond with the Creator. Alike tiny infants, they will begin to recognize the ‘face’ of their Beloved within, and will begin to look forward to discover Me again and again, and so will that ability grow for them to hear and discern My voice and My leadings. These will be the most notable recollections of your life in the flesh, for these moments will have given you an enormous advantage for your life in the hereafter. These future recollections I desire for you to build up in the here and now. I have given you many lessons already to be put into practice, and these will help you to become more self-disciplined on the way to self-mastery and ultimate perfection. The choice is always yours, as this is the free will gift from the Creator.