2005-01-25-A Lesson on Forgiveness


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Forgiveness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “We have spoken earlier on the subject of forgiveness, but I desire to take this a step further, as it is important for you humans to understand such a marvelous tool as forgiveness. On this planet there is not a person alive, who does not experience pain from time to time. The taking of pills drives this intractable pain still deeper into the system, since the cause is thereby masked and thereby lodged in the cellular level of the system. The cellular level carries all the thoughts ever thought, and all experiences ever experienced, and a lot of those thoughts and events carry a component of resentment and un-forgiveness about real or imagined hurts or slights.

It would be far better if you would cultivate the habit of coming into the Stillness before Me, and learn to listen, so you may gain insight into what ails you, and so you can look at it and deal with it. Even accidents of time are often so designed that they can wake you up to a deeper level of thinking and connecting to the Source of all life. This needs to be told time and time again for you to start realizing that heaven’s help is always available to you. When in doubt, check out these, My sayings, because you can not render an opinion on this until you have tried this proven method of releasing and receiving understanding, each of you in your own particular circumstances.

Take for instance an irregular heartbeat. This is something a majority of people will increasingly experience, and rather than running off to a medical person for an informed opinion, and be placed on medication, turn instead within into the Stillness, and likely discover that your discomfort is simply an inordinate amount of stress placed upon your heart. Then take the time in the Stillness to sit before Me, and listen to what I have to say on the matter -- on any matter at all. This is the important part; that you pay Me enough attention, and really sharpen your inward listening skills, so My Peace and My love may permeate you, and you may let all stress fall away, as relief enters your physical system. I may well give you the insight that forgiveness of self is in order.

This might sound strange to you, but much depends on the level of self-forgiveness about things of the past, which you may still feel guilty about, or carry resentment toward. You will then realize that your slate was not wiped clean, for to the degree of willingness that you can forgive your self, you will also forgive all others. At that point divine forgiveness can do its work, and set you free from past burdens and the malady, which bothered you before, will vanish from your life. Until you are ready and truly sincere about freeing up the heart from its stressful burden, it will remain irregular, and has to compensate for your hardness of heart towards self and others.


I hope that it is now clearer to you as to how important forgiveness actually is. It is the tool by which you can live a burden-free and anxiety-free life. You have now learned to use this most important instrument to gain a healthy and happy life.